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Who: Sam Winchester and the Duchess
Where: The ballroom
When: September 16th, late
Rating: PG-13 to be safe??
Summary: Sam has a magical, Wonderland spool of thread, and knows someone who could use from a few stitches...
The Story: and that's a fact )
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Who: Tim Wright and oh god not another event log
Where: Anywhere
When: September 18th - 22nd
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Between a trip to the Mirrorside and a visit to the Core, Wonderland was playing havoc.
The Story: when we lost what made us whole )
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Who: Raymond Reddington and You!
Where: Anywhere
When: During the event
Rating: PG
Summary: What if Raymond Reddington came home on Christmas Eve, stayed with his family and lived a normal life?
The Story: I once had a relatively normal life– bills to pay, playdates, family, some friends, people to care about. )
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Who: Darcy and CR
Where: All over the mansion
When: Backdated to before the event
Rating: PG-13 to be safe? IDK, will update as needed
Summary: Darcy's leaving at the end of the month after three long years and there are a few people that deserve a goodbye.

The Story: ...Don't forget to remember me. )
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Who: Asriel and open
Where: A random hallway
When: 9/21, the second half of the event
Rating: G
Summary: Asriel finds a rip! It turns him into a Digimon
The Story: don't touch weird glowing rips in time and space )
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Who: TEAM MIRROR EXPEDITION: aka Georgia, Shaun, Jay, Tim, Alphys, Minato, Kayo, Satoru, the Cheshire Cat.... maybe some special guest stars?? we just don't know.
When: 9/20
Rating: PG-13 maybe?? Probably some swearing, probably some horrors, we'll see.
Summary: Jay's got a map to the core. Kayo and Satoru have a compass that leads to the rabbit hole. Time to see what answers can be found.
The Story: they say she got tangled and torn in the lies that became her )
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Who: Steve Rogers & Elizabeth Comstock
Where: The grounds
When: 09/17
Rating: PG
Summary: Steve is trying to figure out what his "gift" from RQ does. Its rightful owner comes across him.
The Story: in the cold morning light )
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Who: Ryuji Sakamoto ([personal profile] nomorules) and a scooby gang of intrepid explorers, aka: Kimberly Hart ([personal profile] meanestgirl) and Zack Foster ([personal profile] zackthekiller).
Where: Around the mansion, and into the caves.
When: Backdated to Sept. 17th.
Rating: PG-13? Will adjust accordingly.
Summary: Ryuji received a peculiar item that only works in the caves and it takes putting some heads together to figure out.
The Story:

» infiltration log )
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Who: Maya Hart and Riley Matthews
Where: In a ripspace that's taken from the Coraline event
When: September 19th
Rating: These kids are pretty G usually
Summary: At the height of homesickness, two ninth graders get a sweet trip home. Sort of.
The Story: I've been waiting for a day like this )
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Who: Bill Cipher, a Magical book, and some hapless victims!
Where: ANYWHERE a single floating potentially possessed piece of literature can reach
When: All throughout the event
Rating: PG I am sure
Summary: Bill receives a rather intriguing gift and can't resist bringing it everywhere with him
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Who: Newt and YOU!
Where: Anywhere. Newt is running about touching rifts to try and get himself back to Wonderland each time it passes.
When: Duration of the event
Rating: PG will update if anything changes
Summary: The moment Newt finds himself in one moment of Hogwarts, even Hogwarts future, he will keep working to get there again. This leaves openings for so many moments in Hogwarts - as well as any other event you want to throw at him! Open for anything.
The Story: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus )
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Who: Jason Scott and Billy Kaplan
Where: Some room but it doesn't matter because there's a rip and it's HOGWARTS now.
When: September 20th
Rating: G? PG? something clean
Summary: Jason can't stay on the Quiddich team without getting better at magic and it just so happens that Billy's really good at magic stuff. Look my inner 10 year old just wants a magic power ranger okay.
The Story: barging in on a broomstick )
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Who: Max and OTA
Where: 3rd floor hallway (in front of The Second Gallery)
When: September 20, Wednesday (mod event)
Rating: I mean it's probably G unless you guys are crazy somehow
Summary: Every aspiring detective needs more film noir
The Story: Everything's a mystery waiting to be solved )
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Who: Leo Fitz and YOU? (since there's area-wide effects I'm also happy if people just mess around without me if they want to D: )
Where: varying places around the mansion, around different rips
When: 9/19-9/22
Rating: Will note in the subject line if anything goes above PG13 (there's a chance for R+ in at least one planned thread)
Summary: Fitz is trying to work his way through a literal chess piece puzzle in some public places, but the rips create event whiplash and a general inability to get things done. (Starters are mostly placeholders - these are the events I'm interested in exploring if anyone wanted the full deets)
The Story: {{ OOC note: starters are quick and dirty; you're welcome to disregard them and throw me whatever if you're so inclined }}

kitchen | event-free interacting )but what if Dementors )it's just mermaids this is fine )portal | look at me still talking when there's Science to do )genosha | sudden au )
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Who: Sarah Weller and Tweedledee (!!)
Where: Her room
When: Sep 19th.
Rating: PG???
Summary: Sarah's gonna shake rattle and roll
The Story: like literally she got a rattle, here we go. )
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Who: Anyone. Anyone at all.
Where: A rip in the kitchen
When: Sometime at night on Sept. 19th
Rating: G/PG? Unless something goes wrong here?
Summary: Bogged down with confusing event stuff? Why not figure it out over a grand slam?
The Story: It's like the meme, only with funny outfits. )


Sep. 18th, 2017 09:49 pm
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Who: Nageki Fujishiro and Chloe Decker
Where: The Library
When: 9/19
Rating: G - PG-13
Summary: Chloe has a topaz that belongs to Nageki.
The Story: But come ye back when summer's in the meadow. )
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Who: Fiddleford McGucket, and possibly YOU??
Where: Around the mansion
When: Throughout the week of 9/16 until 9/22??
Rating: PG? I'll change it if something comes up
Summary: Fiddleford has obtained a journal, but more important than that, other people have obtained his things. One of which would not be good to have in the wrong hands.
The Story: that if you talk enough sense, then you'll lose your mind )
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Who: Jamie Fraser and You
Where: Library
When: 18 September
Rating: G rated for now
Summary: Jamie works on his Spanish and is also a central place to trade items back and forth; he doesn't have anything from anyone else but he's happy to babysit your stuff
The Story: caminante, no hay puentes, se hace puentes al andar )
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Who: Angus and... someone
Where: Angus' room
When: The night of 9/16
Rating: PG probably? I have no idea where this is going to go honestly. Warning for mentions of puking.
Summary: Angus' gift of a claw has been tormenting him since he received it, and now he's going to find out its secret.
The Story: monthly, yearly, sweetly, dearly )
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Who: Jane + anyone who has a thing for sketching I guess!
Where: Out in the main foyer area
When: Sep 17
Rating: G
Summary: Jane is inspired by some poems that are astoundingly deep. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHAT THIS IS.
The Story: Sorry for the weight you carry )
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Who: Jay, Tim, Georgia, Shaun and eventually Alphys
Where: The Network
When: September 16 September 17, because chaos! anarchy! maps!
Rating: PG
Summary: Jay puts together a locked group chat with Tim, Shaun, and George to talk about the map he received. Master Hacker Alphys McSciencelizard crashes the party. For science.

The Story:
to lead us to a hidden box that's all locked up with locks (with locks!) and buried deep away )
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Who: Beatrice + Wirt
Where: Wirt and Beatrice's room
When: September 17
Rating: PG
Summary: Beatrice gets a banjo and is incredibly frustrated/angry.

The Story:
[Beatrice is not always the best at taking a joke, and this one is really pretty mean. What kind of jerk thought it would be funny to leave a tiny bird a banjo? And the cryptic note- Beatrice just doesn't know what to make of this.

She shouts loud enough that she makes Wirt jump.]

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Who: Kimberly Hart + Sam Winchester
Where: Fifth Floor Bar
When: September 17
Rating: PG
Summary: Kimberly's gotta gun ... that doesn't belong to her and she wants to give it back.
The Story: a special gun )
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Who: Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Tweedledee and Tweedledum!
Where: Ishimaru's room
When: The morning of the 16th!
Rating: Unless it ends up being an especially disturbing fortune, probably just G
Summary: Ishimaru gets his Wonderland gift, and he accidentally uses it right away.
The Story: See the world spinning round )
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Who: Team Alice (Mabel, Dipper, Alphys, Sam, and Peter) w/ special intermission/break from Mary Jane Watson
Where: Alice's room (Room 865, first floor)
When: sometime during the event
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Summary: People have very important items, and they think they'll be able to use them to restore Alice's eyes to her.

The Story: does she remember? )
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Who: Wynonna, Doc, Damon, and Elena (maybe others too??? we will see)
Where: Damon's Bar
When: 9/16
Rating: PG-13 at least, Wynonna has a potty mouth :(
Summary: Wynonna got a teddy bear she didn't ask for and instead of addressing it to the network she brings it to the bar with her. Like you do.

The Story: more drinking equals more fun )
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Who: Georgia Mason and YOU
Where: Around Wonderland
When: throughout the week of 9/16
Rating: PG-13 probably for Georgia's foul mouth
Summary: Wonderland gave Georgia a plank. Great. Time to figure out why.
The Story: and leave them in our wake )
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Who: Mikan & Clementine
Where: Inside the Mansion
When: Early afternoon.
Rating: PG, if not G?
Summary: Clementine has no hat. Mikan has a hat. Let us reunite the hat with its owner.
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Who: Commander Shepard and the Queen of Hearts
Where: Shepard's bedroom, Fifth floor, room 107
When: September 16th, midmorning
Rating: PG to PG-13? Shepard will probably use the word "fuck".
Summary: When you wake up with a new mirror in Wonderland, after a year and a half of your mirror never making contact, you write on it and see who writes back. This is... strongly not who she expected to respond.
The Story: you get paid, don't need any respect / senses fading, she's no lady )


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