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Who: Wynonna Earp and Sarah Weller
Where: Damon's Bar
When: backdated to 8/12
Rating: pg-13
The Story: to my alcoholic friends )

( open )

Aug. 17th, 2017 12:42 pm
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Who: Open to all!
Where: Anywhere. Nowhere? Let's get weird.
When: 17-Aug
Rating: G
Summary: “Carbonated Candy” was originally invented in 1956 by William A. Mitchell, a chemist at the General Foods company looking for a way to make instant carbonated soda (think Coke) by somehow trapping carbon dioxide into candy tablets. But when the instant soda experiment didn’t turn out, the formula was forgotten and put away. Twenty years later, another chemist came across the formula, reworked it a little, and turned it into POP ROCKS®.
The Story: The Planet's #1 Selling Popping Candy. )
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Who: Mick and Riley
Where: Mick's room because she brought him cookies.
When: August 15th
Rating: I'm gonna say PG-13 because Mick
Summary: Mick and Riley work it out
The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Jane and you!
Where: Tattoo Parlor, gardens, and around the mansion with cookies.
When: Week of Aug 14th.
Rating: G
Summary: Jane learned how to make gingerbread cookies (WHO NEEDS CHRISTMAS) and wants to give them away. Plus an option for tattoo shenanigans and artsy fartsy things.
The Story: Sunbathing on the moon )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and Klaus Mikaelson
Where: Deux Lux
When: Sometime in August???
Rating: Pretty tame, for them.
Summary: Lucifer is really, really bad at feelings. Klaus ain't so great at it either. Girls are hard.
The Story: tell me that i'm not crazy )
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Who: Elizabeth ([personal profile] uncaging) and Crowley ([personal profile] saunteredvaguelydownwards)
Where: Crowley's room
When: Backdated to just after the zombie event
Rating: G for now
Summary: Elizabeth needs some closure after things in Alexandria
The Story: 'Why are you so set on convincing yourself you're not?' )
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Who: Lapis and Peridot
Where: Their room and beyond
When: 8/9, i.e. after the event
Rating: Still can't imagine why this would go over PG
Summary: Just the barn girls hanging out.
The Story: the good old days never say goodbye if you keep this in your mind )
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Who: Clem, Jay, and Tim
Where: Movie theater
When: 8/12
Rating: PG probably?
Summary: Clem saved their butts and Tim promised her a bad movie night and oh my god Clem i am so sorry
The Story: escape is what i need )
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Who: Helena + open
Where: The library
When: August 11
Rating: PG
Summary: After the event Helena's trying to make herself feel better with some good reading
The Story: when you're lost )
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Who: Elena Gilbert & Lucifer Morningstar.
Where: The penthouse.
When: Waves hand vaguely.
Rating: Nothing outrageous.
Summary: Lucifer is really bad at feelings.
The Story: a few people just trying, one way or another, to survive. ... mostly, I want to be kind. )


Aug. 9th, 2017 08:45 pm
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Who: R and you~
Where: Outside around the grounds
When: 9/8
Rating: PG-13 (will edit if needed)
Summary: The zombie is exploring his surroundings properly, after his second event in Wonderland. Will match format. Please no headshots.
The Story: Read more... )
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Who: Sarah Weller and you!
Where: Outside around the grounds, inside briefly
When: Post-event
Rating: G? Will edit if needed
Summary: Sarah is using Ray's suit to fly and shrink herself. Fun happens.
The Story: Any happy little thought? )
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Who: Leo Fitz and OPEN (log is for all, some closed starters in comments)
Where: Checkerboard Hills
When: August 9th, just past midnight
Rating: PG+
Summary: Man returns to Wonderland after two months at home under heavy stress. Man throws toddler-level tantrum in public space. As adults are wont to do.
The Story: Nothing I wouldn't do )
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Who: Maggie and open!
Where: Republican National Convention
When: during the event
Rating: PG, probably?
Summary: Garcia heiress wanders the convention; Auntie Maggie feeds the After the End Times staff; horror movies in a hotel suite
The Story: ...this prayer our prison. )
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Who: Shaun Mason and OPEN
Where: All over the Wonderland Convention Center
When: Early event. Pre-paranoia. Well... pre- increased paranoia
Rating: PG, maybe PG-13 if people use salty language
Summary: Sanitized convention centers aren't exactly the best places for a bunch of bored Irwins, and most news teams have at least one. Shaun decides to offer a distraction before Rocket people start setting things on fire
The Story: You're welcome! )
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Who: Cullen Rutherford & YOU
Where: Convention, Hotel, Online
When: August 4th to August 8th
Rating: PG-13 (will update if necessary)
Summary: An average day in the life of a post-Rising security guard.
The Story: Longing for you to come home )
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Who: Lucifer Morningstar and YOU
Where: The Republic National Convention
When: Throughout the Event
Rating: Nothing too crazy.
Summary: Lucifer Morninstar is running for President, of course.
The Story: oh, i'll need to flash a smile )
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Who: some nerds (akechi and akira)
Where: the republican convention; coffee shop
When: august 5
Rating: pg-13
Summary: coffee and leaking information and all the cliches
Story: it's all fine

an intern and a blogger.... )
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Who: Rip Hunter and You?
Where: The Republican Convention
When: August 4-8
Rating: PG/PG-13 max probably.
Summary: Politics and bloggers and security, oh my! Rip--really doesn't care so much. He's just there to get a job done.
The Story: And the coal dust lies heavy on your lungs )
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Who: Mikan Tsumiki & You!
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: Throughout the Event
Rating: TBD, will edit when needed.
Summary: Time for blood tests! What could go wrong?
The Story: Get Down With The Sickness )
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Who: Cisco & YOU!
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: August 4-8
Rating: C for Conspiracy? TBD will edit as needed
Summary: Cisco is a paranoid conspiracy blogger and the best place to get a scandal scoop is a political convention. Come talk craziness with him!
The Story: Truth is more valuable and much harder to come by. )
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Who: Wendy and Open
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: Throughout the convention
Rating: PG for bad journalism?
Summary: Catch the latest clickbait headlines and pictures from Stanfeed
The Story: Stories beneath the cut, starters available. Assume all pictures are photoshopped

Batboy immune to Kellis Amberlee but he can infect you! Click to find the whole story )
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Who: Wheatley the intern and YOU!
Where: The Republican Convention
When: During the event
Rating: PG at most.
Summary: Alan Wheatley is here for all your intern needs. What could possibly go wrong?
The Story: You'd be over the moon, they said. )

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Aug. 4th, 2017 09:56 pm
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Who: Nora and OPEN
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: August 5
Rating: idk, G for now
Summary: Nora runs for President!
The Story: Starters in the comments
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Who: Rick Sanchez and YOU
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: August 4 - 8
Rating: PG-13 for Rick
Summary: Rick Sanchez is your average virologist of middling renown, and he's ostensibly been invited to the convention to speak on his expertise. There's like dozens of other scientists here as well, though, most of them affiliated with the CDC. Rick is just some schmo who operates a private lab where he does research that other, better people have already done before. OR IS HE?!?!
The Story: and for several hundred years it just kept sending folks to heaven )
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Who: Sans and YOU
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: August 4 - 8
Rating: PG, PG-13
Summary: Sans T. Bones is a street food salesman, a dying breed in this Post-Rising world. He's here at the convention hoping to prove that street food can still be a safe, legitimate business, even when run by a sickly guy like him. If you want some vegetarian hotdogs instead of whatever crap the convention is providing, he's your guy.
The Story: this is all i really need to get by )
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Who: Rocket, Peridot, and Mabel Pines AND YOU.
Where: The Republican National Convention
When: All through the event
Rating: PG-13 for Rocket
Summary: An overzealous and belligerent Irwin, a high school senior Fictional on a quest for promotion, and a teenage baby blogger here with her family do the convention shuffle.
The Story: and you thought the lions were bad )
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Who: Georgia Mason, the crew of After the End Times, and YOU
Where: Republican National Convention
When: the year 2040. But also all through the event.
Rating: idk PG-13, will update if it gets higher.
Summary: Georgia Mason, head of After the End Times and well-known Newsie, is here at the Republican National Convention ready to make some NEWS.
The Story: don't bother she don't live here anymore )
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Who: Seth and Richie, Seth and You
Where: Around the Mansion and grounds
When: The month of August
Rating: PG - updated if needed. Language and possible violence
Summary: Seth is working on getting past his drunken time since the ski lodge event
The Story:

Like sun that will keep on burning )


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