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tomorrow is the day when we maun ride away [open]

Who: Jamie Fraser & you!
Where: Gardens
When: 1 July, mid-morning
Rating: PG-13 (some mention of war/violence)
Summary: Jamie arrives in Wonderland
Notes: Will match brackets or prose in spite of my prose post!
The Story:

Sending Claire through the stones is the hardest thing Jamie's ever done in his life and while he's young yet, he feels an old man watching the woman he loves disappear into thin air. As quickly as she's come to him she's gone, just like that, and it's almost as if she's a faerie meant to come and go as she pleases. Claire's always been some kind of magic that way and he's always found himself incapable of focus when she's around. His world is consumed and focused solely on her and without her, it feels like a piece of his heart's been torn away.

She's safe now.

He knows he's sent her and their child back to Frank Randall and he doesna want to think about the fact that his son is going to be raised by another man. Worse still, the man allegedly has the face of Black Jack and that burns him in a way little else does. The anger rises up in his throat and drives him to be a savage, thrust his bayonet in every English soldier he comes across. Battle is a messy and cruel thing. Anyone who says there's honor in being a soldier's clearly never fought in a war and Jamie's spattered in blood, mud and sweat before an hour's passed. His hands run red with the blood of English and Scottish and in spite of all their differences, they both bleed the same.

He's got no mercy for them. He's fair, normally, but driven by grief and pain he's out to do what he can to protect his clansmen and fight for justice and for life. He wants to think that some way, somehow, Claire can return to him through the stones and he's not going to let her return and find him mouldering on some field at Culloden. He's not going to let her find nothing of him save a cairn and some bones. It's not going to be that way. Not for them. They'd found each other once and they'll find one another again.

There's a break in the battle come evening and while Jamie doesn't think it's going to be a Scottish victory (both due to Claire's words on the matter and his own sinking feeling that the battle's not gone well and casualties are so damned heavy) he wants to keep himself alive and his head on his shoulders. He makes his way to an old faerie spring, strips of white cloth tied to the trees in a form of prayer much older than praying to Mary, Mother of God. He dips his hands in it and watches as the water runs off in rust-colored rivulets and leans down to clean his face.

...and he goes tumbling down, down, down and when he finally feels as though he's finished falling, he finds himself in a thrice-damned pond. It's broad daylight, not the twinkling twilight he'd left behind in Scotland and fish swim among his bare legs. There'd been no fish in the faerie spring and he wades out of the pond, boots squelching and plaid a dripping, sopping mess.

"I dinna ken what this place is," Jamie says, looking around. The gardens look trimmed and immaculate like Versailles, actually, and he has no idea why he'd fall through a well in Scotland and wind up back in France. "But I ken that someone's goin' ta tell me how I got here."
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The gardens and greenhouse have become Claire's main territory as she tries to make a toehold in Wonderland. She wants to help those who don't know magic, the people who are relying too heavily on the closets and aren't prepared for eventual disaster. This is what she can do, her usual work as a nurse, as a healer, someone to come to in all manner of situations.

What she isn't expecting as she clears the hedges, is to see an impossibly tall red-head man. She has no need to see his face. She knows. The basket in her hand comes tumbling free, the mason jars shattering and breaking the silence against a stepping stone. She knew people could arrive anytime, but to see him here after others have explained being stuck for years alone makes her at once feel both extreme relief and trepidation. What's the damned catch? She can't help wondering it as her fingers cover her mouth.

In contrast to her husband, dirty, bloody, so clearly war-torn, she's in fresh skirts, hair perfectly pinned, skin clean. But she's still wearing clothes from home, their home.

"Are you really here? With me?"

When she speaks, her voice is shaky; it's Claire, but it's lacking surety. There are so many things Wonderland can do to haunt a person, and she's afraid he'll disappear in font of her.
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The blood, the mud, the sweat, none of it matters. Her arms wrap just as tightly around her husband, eyes closing tightly while one hand finds a home tangled in the hair at the back of his head.

"I didn't go through, Jamie. I turned back. I came back for you. I couldn't leave. But then I was here."

She has no idea that he's from another time at the stones, a time that's seen so many terrible moments pass between them.
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Confusion clouds Claire's features, and she pulls back to look at him, her hand cradling either side of his face, and what feels like a pit begins to open in her stomach, one of her hands making her way through his hair. She's heard of this, she suspects what's happened, but she doesn't want to believe it, that there's a time in her future when she will truly leave him.

"Jamie, listen to me. This place, it's not unlike the stones. It pulls you here from wherever time you were, only there's no way to leave. Not like Craigh na Dun. When I left Scotland, Jamie, you were taking me to Lallybroch. We haven't even made it yet. You took me to the stones first but I couldn't. I couldn't go back."

But she does, eventually, and knowing it breaks her heart. She doesn't want that to be true, though she knows her husband wouldn't lie to her.
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What he's saying means nothing to her, and it shows on her face even as she reaches up to cradle his cheek in her hand.

"Jamie, I haven't lived through that, yet." Her voice is soft and gentle as she tries to soothe enough to get him to walk inside the mansion with her. "I've been here, for just short of a month. Inside," she says, gesturing to the mansion, "I have my own place to live. Come with me, I can clean you up, take a look at you."

Claire has so many questions; why did they go to France? And what's happening to him now? He must be in the midst of the war, which means whatever they were trying to do with the Prince couldn't have worked. Already, her heart is sinking, but she'll save all of her questions for when he's tucked away with her behind a closed door. Extending her hand to him, she holds his gaze. "We're together here, now, in this time. That's all that matters right now. Everything else will come."

She's ready to kiss him, to hold him, but she's trying to do things in order. Get to her room, get him clean, explain just how in hell the magic closets work to the best of her ability, and then. Then she'll kiss him until she can't.
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It's breaking her heart to not know what he's talking about. She wants to know more than anything so they can share this, so that she can comfort him through what's happened without her since she's clearly gone back through the stones. But it's clear as he cups her face, there's nothing, even as her hands wrap around his wrists.

"Jamie, the last thing that happened to me was the trial you saved me from as I was being whipped. I told you everything about the stones and you took me there but I couldn't. I couldn't leave. I turned around to go back to you and then I was here. As inexplicably as you are now."

But God, he's here, and she can't be upset about it, despite the time separating them - at least it isn't physical distance. She can't help it when her arms wrap around him tightly again, and she presses her face into his neck, not caring even a little about blood and sweat and mud. It doesn't matter, it will never matter as long as he's right here with her.
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Right now, they need each other, and Claire nods, running her hand down his arm until she finds his hand, lacing their finger together. Turning him toward the mansion, she begins to walk, explaining. "We all live in that building. We have food, water, and clothing. Practically anything we could ever need or want." She pauses, then looks up at him. "I've been here a month."

And over a year has passed since then, for him. Somehow, in a year's time, he'll send her back to the stones. She can't stomach it, swallowing back bile. When they arrive in the mansion, it's probably as grand inside as anything Jamie's ever seen, but she leads him straight to her room - their room now - and turns on the light. "Things are different here. The technology in my world I've told you of, running water, lights that you can turn on and off? We have that here. And we're going to get you cleaned up before anything else."
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There is a small, brief smile on her lips at his question. "Yes. Including you, now." With her hand still in his, she leads him through her apartment which is sparse by modern standards and probably familiar by Jamie's. She has more candles than she needs and her overhead lighting is dim. After living without electricity long enough, the electricity is harsh and glaring, but the candlelight felt more like home. Her bed is reminiscent of their marital bed, and in fact, mostly replicates any generic chambers of home. She'd always thought maybe she'd put a foot back into the 20th century, but now she'll be more slow to get there.

There are some things, however, that she'll never trade again and one of them is hot water. Reaching into her shower, she turns it on, and within seconds, steam is rising from the spray.

"This is the shower. Nothing like the finite water of home that's barely enough." Then, she moves to the toilet, showing him how it works. "Just like your chamber pot only you flush, and it all goes away. I think there are some things you might find are improved."

Again, there's a slight smirk on her lips, but then she hesitates at the door. "Should I stay, or would you like privacy?" The question sounds so formal coming out of her mouth, and she hates it, but what he needs right now takes priority over what she wants.
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Kissing him is like having air again despite the breathlessness of their kiss. Jamie is home, he's her heart, and without worry to her clothing, she winds her arms around him, kissing him back just as fiercely.

When they part, with the steam of the water rising above them, she looks up at him, her voice wavering. "I knew you would find me again."

Doesn't know, can't know what those words mean to him now, not in a time when she hasn't gone back through the stones. But he's here with her now, and she knows he'll always find her, somehow. With just a slight step back, Claire begins undressing herself, looking at her husband with the sole intention of joining him in the shower. If he won't take his eyes off of her, then she's holding him to it.
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Claire can't help the soft laugh that makes it past her lips. "Modern living isn't so bad, then?" So far, so good in any case, and she lathers her hands with shampoo before reaching up to wash his hair. Her fingers are gentle, and she explains what this soap is used for specifically as her hands move, then directs him to rinse.

Her hands follow suit, using a bar of soap that's strictly clean smelling to wash his body; doing it for him because she needs to, not because she doesn't think he's capable. As long as she can feel him, tangible under her fingertips, then he's really here with her. Looking down, she watches dirt and blood swirl down her drain, leaving her husband clean in its wake. Pressing her lips to his chest, she closes her eyes.

"This place is full of magic and things so modern they're beyond what I even know. But it will always be the place that brought you to me." She knows, just as easily, that it can also take him away. For now, she'll be glad for this, to know he's fighting and still alive at this moment.
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The instant she processes what Jamie's saying, Claire's stomach drops, and she closes her eyes, bracing one hand against his chest to keep from swaying with the knowledge.

"I suppose you wouldn't have sent me back through the stones if we'd been successful," she replies quietly, opening her eyes again to look up at him. One hand reaches up to cradle his now clean face, eyes already begging to know the answer to a question that takes a moment to make it past her lips.

"Did you live through the battle? Please, tell me if you lived or died."

She shouldn't ask; with the state he was in when he arrived, the answer could fall either way. But she needs to know and has resisted the library with its expansive knowledge for weeks to try and keep herself from finding out information she might not want to know.
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Claire shuts her eyes again, her forehead pressing against his chest while her hands rest on his hips. The water pours over them, washing away clean now but it might as well be freezing cold for the way she feels now. It's not Jamie's fault, she asked, and she reaches to turn the water off, stepping out and holding a towel out for him to step into before getting her own and wrapping it around her body. She does all of this silently, her thoughts a mess before new a question forms.

"Why did I go back? I wouldn't have left, Jamie. I would never want to leave you."

She knows this as sure as she knows anything. Leaving him would leave a hole that would never be filled.
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At first, his words simply carry the weight of knowing it was Jamie's choice, that he was afraid for her life. But then he continues and her head rises from its place against his chest to look at him in utter shock, her hands holding onto his forearms as she stares at him. He has no reason to ever say something like it that wasn't true, and her heart tightens in her chest.

"Jamie..." His name comes, but what she meant to say after that, she has no clue. The realization that not only did she go, but she was pregnant when she left makes her feel so many things at once, but only one thought is clear: She left him in the 18th century, and she'll have their baby in the 20th.

"Oh, Jamie." He knows; she knows he does, so she doesn't say it, just wraps her arms tightly around his neck. A part of her wonders if she should be angry, upset that he pushed her to go through the stones, but she knows in her bones it had to break something in him to send her, which meant it was truly a situation that wasn't going to get better.
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Newt was often out in the gardens, seeking changes in Wonderland as events went by. Especially holding to the idea that perhaps new creatures would appear in Wonderland. New creatures he could examine and explore as much as he explored so much else in this place.

The splash of something in the pond is what catches his attention though. Spinning about from where he's been exploring bark of a tree for any signs of infestation, he frowns to see someone making their way out of the pond.

Taking a step closer, he frowns, feeling for the bloke. "You alright? Not hurt, are you?"

If he was, Newt will do his best to help. Not that he's really capable of doing much to help but he will always do his best.
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Newt winces at the man's words, realizing that he must certainly be new here and not just having tripped into the water which was what he thought at first had happened. The accent though reminds him a bit of his time at Hogwarts, some there with that accent. It is a welcome sound for Newt, not thinking about how his accent might make others feel. None except the American soldier.

"Oh well, yes. I can understand why you might think that. I'm going to assume this place seems nothing like anything you knew before?" He is taking in the man's clothes, sodden as they are, and he offers a sad smile. "You're in a place the call Wonderland. I'm going to guess it isn't where you were before?"
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"That... is fairly common. We can get you to the house and some dry clothes, if you like. Sadly, you're likely to be here for some time," he notes, hating to break that news to another person. "We've yet to find a voluntary way back to our own worlds, though eventually some do get sent back to where they came from."

Which isn't comforting, and Newt well knows it from the soft way he tries to offer those words.

"Except the landing in the pond," he says, nearly smiling. "I'll warn you that it's not entirely like Heaven in the end."
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Newt has seen this time and again. He's seen how many face this moment, a place they don't know and things as they shouldn't be. It's never easy, and nothing he can say will make it easier. That will not stop him from trying to help. Any time he can.

"Well, that's a twofold question. I came to Wonderland about six months ago by time here. At the time I came here though it was nineteen twenty-six, which is a bit off from many who are already here. What year was it for you?"
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"I see." Trying not to sound as shocked as he feels. He knows some are "older" than he is, but he isn't expecting to hear a date that far back from his own. "The shock of this place, it may be hard to deal with," he notes, though it's something Jamie is likely already considering on his own.
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"Well, we can certainly get you inside and some dry clothes, perhaps something to eat. The house at least provides that for those of us stuck here." At least trying to help though given what he's learned now, Newt suspects much of Wonderland's conveniences might be a bit troubling.

Though he takes pause then, head canting and considering that. "I don't believe I have, though there's many here I've only seen in passing and wouldn't know their names." Oh how he hoped she was here for this man's sake. "You could, well you see, when you arrive you're provided with..."

He dips his hand into a pocket, pulling out the device. "Haven't happened to have seen one of these about you, have you?"
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"They provide them to everyone who comes to the island," he says, knowing that will not give them enough. "They help you communicate between others on the island. Though it's nothing like anything you've likely to have seen before. I know I hadn't, but I've worked on becoming more skilled with them. They allow you to communicate with others on the island, and therefor seek out whomever you're looking for.

Not that he suspects it is anything like the man knows, but he is willing to help if he can.