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Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name

Who: Rip Hunter and Leonard Snart
Where: Damon's bar
When: June 30
Rating: PG13 max probably?
Summary: One brainwashed former timeship captain and one memory-wiped antihero walk into a bar...
The Story:

While Rip has avoided certain areas where he might have once been frequently found--the second floor and the roof in particular--he's not actively hiding his presence in the mansion. Though he's got little desire to run into any of the more self-righteous members of his former crew, he refuses to be any more of a prisoner than he already is simply by being in this place.

Which is how he ends up in the fourth floor bar, savoring glass of wished-up well-aged whiskey. Unsurprisingly on his own, Rip keeps an eye on room around him. Obvious reasons aside, the bar still has the popularity and unpredictability that come with being new. It's likely as close as one might get to entertainment in this wretched little place.

And things do take a turn for the interesting indeed. Rip steals another sip, turns his eyes towards the door, and sees a rather familiar face walk in. Now, he could go for the gun tucked away at this side, but--Leonard isn't like Ray, or even Sara.

No, at one point in his life, he'd even been convinced to stand on the same side Rip does now.

"Mr. Snart." He greets the man, turning slightly on his stool to better face him. It's equally a question: yes, Rip is here, and he doesn't intend to leave--so what will Leonard do about it?
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"Yo." Perhaps not the expected response, but Leonard has never been much one for the expected. On the other hand, Rip is also better than most at knowing what to expect. He also knows a little bit more than everyone else, at least where Leonard's personal history is concerned.

So Leonard doesn't go for his own gun either, instead he simply sits down near him, reaching for his flask, in spite of being at a bar. He holds it out for Rip. "Do you want some? Might as well. It's yours."

Rip has good taste in alcohol, what can he say?
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After opening the flask and taking a sip, clearly in no hurry to answer, Leonard settles for a slight shrug at first, considering Rip before finally talking again. "I'm not a big joiner."

His team playing has always been very dependent on circumstances and at the moment? The circumstances are confusing, as per usual in Wonderland. "Besides, you don't have an issue with me. Whatever you are after, here or back there, ain't as if I'm about to stand in your way."

He lifts a hand running his index finger across his throat. He's dead. But that's not all there is to that and they've talked about it before, not that long ago. Rip has changed. "For all I know, you're closer to being on my side than you've ever been before."
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"Yeah, I ain't sure what to make of that. I've always had a good memory." Numbers, blueprints, all sorts of things that had come in handy, first for Lewis and later on, on a much more successful scale, for Leonard himself. The thought of an erased memory was unsettling for many reasons. He was used to trusting his mind. This was why he'd talked to Rip about it in the first place, before this new development. It didn't really matter, logically, whether he had already experienced what Eobard had told him or not. But the thought of not knowing was unsettling.

"Only so many ways to keep the timeline from collapsing, after the plan failed." Because this much he knew from Eobard. He'd failed. Which also meant... "So, what do you think, Rip? Are you going to influence how things will go from here?"
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"Eh." Leonard lifts his shoulders in a halfhearted shrug, evidently still not inclined to even do so much as to threaten Rip. It seems to be an equal sort of truce of perhaps simple disinterest for the moment. "I was never a huge believer in not doing whatever I wanted."

Which doesn't mean that he doesn't have a code. It just also means that he's always wanted to keep to that code and when he hadn't, it merely had to be adapted. The joy of free will.

"What is your goal anyway? I'm not sure anyone ever really explained your motivations to me. Evil Rip. I'm a bit behind the times, you understand." Literally.