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( open ) but all the while

Who: Leliana + OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July
Rating: PG
Summary: Open log for all of July
The Story:
the forest
    ( There's a round piece of wood acting as a target hanging between two trees, arrows flying towards it in quick succession. Each one hits and close to the one previously sent out. Leliana likes to practice, to keep her skills sharp should she ever need them. That hasn't been the case yet, but given the quick succession of events, and their unpredictability, she isn't letting herself become lax now.

    It's as Leliana aims again that she stops, bow raised as she turns in response to a noise in the distance. It's likely just another walking through the forest but she's always alert, and doesn't often find people in the forest. She'd been warned away from it, at least from venturing too far, and she expects that others had too )
the chapel
    ( Leliana comes here to think, to reflect. It's a place that helps quieten Leliana's mind, letting her reflect easier on the events that have occurred in this place. It's been a few months now and she's started to understand even more what people really meant after she'd arrived. It hadn't taken her long to find some of the good that was here, with Robyn being the first instance of that, but then the bad had slowly started making itself known.

    Leliana had learned about her mirror, and the other mirrors, when they'd last crossed over, with her mirror making the jump. The information had come from Robyn, and her mirror's actions had left her angered. It also made her a little afraid, to realise what she could have become had the people that had helped her not been in her life.

    Leliana sits for a time, later walking around the chapel to make sure everything is as it should be. Robyn had told her about the state of it after the mirrors had come by, and with another event having just ended she wants to make sure that nothing's been changed, or ruined again )
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Alistair used to come here. I think it was a haven, of sorts, for him.

[ Robyn steps through the trees, accompanied by Oren, to no one's surprise. The Warden smiles at her friend, then glances around at the clearing. ]

It's nice to get away from the mansion every once in a while. [ She murmurs. ] The fresh air is... welcome.
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We did. [ Her heart aches to remember them, now. ] You must get very fresh air in the Frostbacks, these days.

[ Cold air, too. ]
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[ Again, her heart sinks, and the smile she offers next is touched by that grief. ]

A corpse is no leader. [ The joke lacks conviction. ] If your Inquisitor is anything like Brennan, then I am glad you found them to aid your cause.
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[ The Warden watches as her friend moves, trying to picture what this Inquisitor, apparently so different from the one she had met, was like. ]

If you don't mind. [ Robyn says. ] And I certainly have the time.
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[ Robyn doesn't speak. She takes Leliana's hand as they begin to move, Oren trotting at their heels.

She isn't jealous, but there's certainly a kind of loneliness in hearing about the future that her friend will describe and the people who are in it. They're able to know Leliana as she learns and grows, to remain in her company and in her friendship, and... maybe she is a little jealous of that.

Even so, she says nothing. This is the other woman's time to talk about her life since the Blight, and Robyn is content - if not happy - to listen. ]
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I think Brennan asserted the same. [ She scrunches up her nose a little, trying to remember what her friend had once told her. ] I think he said that... it had something to do with the Divine? Or a spirit...?

[ The Divine had allegedly by murdered, after all. ]

What did happen?
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So it was a spirit, though whether the Divine's, or... something else is still unclear.

[ Whatever it was, it had aided their cause and their leader. Maybe the Maker was behind them after all. ]

That she survived the explosion is - a miracle.
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Andraste had a hand in things after all. ... So to speak.

[ No hand puns intended. ]
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From what I heard of the Inquisition's... missions, it sounds as if it would be difficult to pull through without at least some of the Maker's aid.

[ They survived a crazy amount of stuff, okay. ]
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[Like a certain Warden, Hawke is accompanied by Dog when he stumbles upon Leliana. Dog had decided that instead of their usual run along the beach, he wanted to tear off into the forest, so all Hawke could do was follow.]


[He hadn't known anybody was out here. Hawke stops a distance away, Dog approaching her slowly.]

We're not interrupting you, are we?
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Still something that can be interrupted.

[He's just saying.]

About anything in particular?
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I'd be happy to join you, and I know Dog would too.

[But Dog loves company, period, so.]

Have you settled in okay?
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There are good people here. It makes the experience easier, that's for sure.

[And from space!! He's never been more excited than the time he and Cullen got to go on a date in space.]

You never really get used to that, I think. Getting close to two years and...

[He shakes his head.]
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I'm still finding new things every day. There's so much that most people are used to that we don't have in Thedas.

[The diner, for example. It kind of scares him because it's so... not Thedas.]
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[The sound that Leliana hears is perhaps generated by the incautious run of a certain dog, which comes wandering through between two trees and wags its tail as it sees her. Close behind there is a man following, a rifle slung over his shoulder, who pauses mid-step when he sees her and leans down to place a hand on the back of the dog's neck.]

Easy, boy. [He murmurs softly, knowing his pet's tendency towards enthusiastic greetings. While he's not sensing immediate danger, he has no desire to be shot.]

Don't mind us, just passin' through.
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Don't come through here too often. Usually prefer the beach.

[He takes his hand off the dog's neck once he's sure there's no danger, and it sits down by his side. The only indication that it would like to be doing something else is the fierce wagging of its tail rustling at the grass and leaves.

Dan is relieved. Fighting is not high on his to do list right now.

Wandered as much of this place as I can, but I'd swear the paths ain't always the same.
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Too many if y' ask me.

[The dog's curiosity overrides his will to do what his master tells him and he stands up again, taking a few steps towards the woman, wagging his tail. This time, Dan doesn't stop him. He's assured himself that there's no immediate danger here.]

Y' lookin' fer somethin' in particular?
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