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Who: The Courier/Dan Palmer & OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July
Rating: PG
Summary: Open log for July
The Story:

Indoors; Library
[Even when he isn't spending time with Evelyn, it's never hard to track Dan down to the library. Since learning to read he's been all but devouring books of increasing difficulty (though the ending of Great Expectations is still yet to be reached) and spends at least an hour every other day picking through the shelves and scouting out the next thing to be attempted.

Regular patrons might see him occasionally teasing the librarian, tapping at the back of her skirt with a long ruler when she's up a ladder or picking up books to reach one shelf higher than she can from the ground. Anything to make her huff at him while he grins playfully at her.

He will take up one of the couches or a seat at a table to read, and tends towards sounding difficult words out aloud when he comes to them. It would not be unusual to hear a quiet voice muttering 'verisimilitude' or 'effluvium' from between the bookshelves. While he's present a dog can often be seen wandering around the library (though never leaving). Despite its startling appearance, it's friendly enough.

While in the library, he's always quiet, save for when he's whistling for his dog when he's about to leave. He tends towards encouraging others to do the same, reminding them of just where they are if they start to be too loud.

Outdoors; Shooting Range
[A few times a week, Dan is at the shooting range near the beach. He's never laid his hand on a bow, but always seems to have a different gun in his hands as he sends of aggressive volleys towards the targets without even blinking. At least one day he has a gauss rifle, though no one will ever see him use it unless they press for a demonstration. Good thing, too, since the weapon is more than capable of outright destroying the targets.

There is something cathartic about firing a weapon, he finds, and he rarely stops until he can hear his ears ringing. In small breaks, he might pause to have a cup of coffee from a thermos brought out with him, and he's finished, he sits down for an hour or so to take his weapon apart and clean it. Most of them appear new - from the closets, no doubt - but there are two, a .44 Magnum revolver and a .308 hunting rifle, which show far more severe signs of wear. The revolver is scuffed and scratched, and the hunting rifle patched together with haphazard materials and duct tape. Yet, he cleans these with as much diligence as anything else.

He seems focused, but he'll acknowledge anyone close by and even offer some of his coffee if they pause for long enough. Want to know what he's doing with all those gun parts? He can tell you that, too.

Outdoors; Beach
[Early each morning and late each evening, Dan jogs a length of the beach. Sometimes he has his dog with him and sometimes not, but when he does, he takes some time off the sand to make sure that all the grains and all the salt water is washed off his faithful pet's metal legs and paws. The very last thing he wants to happen is the poor animal starting to rust up when he isn't sure that there is anyone in this place who might be able to help.

When he's alone he takes longer, pausing when he's as far from the mansion as he can get without knowing he won't make it back (which can sometimes be miles, with the journey from the mansion included). He never expects to see anyone when he gets that far, even knowing that others have similar habits. There, he might sit and enjoy the sunrise, or walk through the surf with bare feet, or skim small pebbles into the waves. He might even pause to sit in one of the available deck chairs on his way back.

There's a certain kind of agitation in it, though. No matter how large a cage, or how safe it seems, it is still a cage.
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[It's a special occasion, even though Evelyn never would have held Dan to doing anything or organising a party, because that's never the point. She dresses up for it assuming that their usual outdoorsy activities would be something a little more sedate and she is happy to learn her assumption was true when she makes her way to the patterned hills overlooking Wonderland: a heavy blanket, food, simple things.

She wouldn't really want it any other way.


[She says softly, demurely, slipping a hand over his elbow when he closes the distance, leaning up to kiss him when he's near enough to reach. In her other hand is a small package, held tightly.]

You know you didn't have to do anything.
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[She hums against his mouth, warm in the fading light more pleasantly so in his proximity. Evelyn tugs him closer with a finger in his belt, less suggestive than it is determined to savour the moment.]

So what are we having for dinner, Mr. Palmer?
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That makes two of us,

[she laughs, gingerly allowing him to tug her down to another level, one of comfortable familiarity - one of privacy. Even out here in the open the hills are fairly desolate, a unpopular destination for those looking to enjoy their summer.

Evelyn accepts her glass primly and watches him work the cork free before pouring her a drink. His standards for alcohol are vastly different and it is therefore extremely funny to her when he fills the thing up nearly to the top.

As if she wouldn't completely lose her wits with that much in her.

But I don't mind. You shaved for me.

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[Mikan often goes to the library for studying and research. She'd been intending to just grab some books and go, but... that's... a dog? She's pretty sure that's a dog, odd attachments nonetheless. Another one? Lately, Mikan feels there are dogs everywhere! But this is definitely the weirdest looking one. As a result, her anxious nerves skyrocket.]

N-N-Nice... doggy...?
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[Oh...oh... okay. Mikan's nerves ease - as much her nerves possibly can - now that there's an actual person here.]

I-I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made such an assumption! I-I'm sure he's a very nice dog! ... H-He is a dog, isn't he...?
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[hesitation. but then. she slowly. slowly. s-l-o-w-l-y reaches her hand out to touch the dog's nose.]

Um... n-nice to meet you, Oscar.

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[Newt enjoys the landscape of Wonderland, the things they have to explore and how well it holds together between the events. Even in spite of the events. The magic of it alone delights him, wishing he could explore more of it but that would mean finding out who and what was behind it all.

So instead he explores it on his won, which was when he saw a dog on the beach. That alone delights him, glad he's not got Andy with him who might well harass the poor thing. It isn't until a few more steps closer that the dog's true details come into focus.

Newt comes to a stop, fingertips pressing to his lips a moment as he stares.]

Oh my. Oh. Aren't you just truly unique.

[Speaking to the dog though the owner is right there.]
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[Taking the dog's wagging tail and the owner's words into account, Newt moves a few steps closer and then sinks down to one knee, grinning widely.]

Well, some people can't respect the differences in species, and our worlds. I assume then he's made this way by science? I can't imagine he'd be born that way. A bit painful.

[Glancing up at the other man, smiling and not at all bothered it would seem.] Is he from your world or something you found here in Wonderland?
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[Newt considers that, leaning slightly to look the dog over.]

A mixture of biological canine and the mechanics involved must make caring for him difficult, and not easy for those that made him this way.

[He glances up.]

Does it cause him pain?

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[ Nora's taken to running around the lake more often than not, but she heads down to the beach this morning for a change of scene. She's found she's getting increasingly restless the longer she stays in the mansion, finding herself missing the space to roam in the Commonwealth. Dan and the dog grow in size as she gets closer, and she stops running just short of them, leaning forward with her hands on her thighs as she tries to get her breath back. ]

Hey, there.
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Wasn't expecting to be out here. [ She takes a few deep breaths, the smell of the sea filling her lungs and making her nostalgic for Massachusetts Bay. ] Nice to see I'm not the only one out here, though.
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I reckon I'll carry on a little way, once I've gotten my breath back.

[ Which might take a moment, especially as she's leaning on a nearby large rock now. ]

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