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[closed] Searching places to find

Who: Cullen Rutherford & Garrett Hawke
Where: Lake Lizard
When: Sunday, July 2nd
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Lake date.
The Story:
The sun sets before his work for the day is done. The grounds are dark when he leaves the mansion, but the water in the distance reflects the night sky in a bright shimmer. He follows it like a beacon to the quiet waters of the lake. Calm before the storm, a voice at the back of his mind growls dutifully. In truth Cullen always breathes a little easier near the lake.

He spots the mabari first, piled underneath a tree both. Hears them first, when one gives a loud snore. At least they thoroughly enjoy the warm summer air outside. Cullen tries not to wake them when he walks past, down to the silhouette by the shore. He glances back at the dogs as he places a hand on Garrett's shoulder.

"You wore them out."
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The idea hadn't occurred to him immediately upon the lake's appearance in Wonderland, but idle thought gave way to something and well. If there's one universal truth, it's that once Hawke gets an idea, no matter how bad, it will happen.

Okay so maybe he didn't tell Cullen when asking him to meet him by the water after dark, but details.

To pass the time, he'd taken the mabari and spent the entire afternoon alternately wrestling them and letting them play in the water. He had plans for this evening, and while he could've shut the dogs in their room, that just seemed mean. Then he'd been able to set up the picnic.

A warm hand lands on his shoulder, and he grins up at Cullen.

"Had to. Didn't want them to interrupt us."
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"The most important."

His grin never falters, and he reaches out to tug Cullen down to join him on the blanket. The thought of what happened last time he tried something like this doesn't even cross his mind and not even because he repressed it. It happened, they moved past it and now he can surprise Cullen like this and not have it blow up in his face.

"I thought we could enjoy the lake, and then have a nice meal together."

He's working up to 'let's swim naked,' okay.
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Garrett grins, his cheeks turning a little pink because Cullen being so open with affection always gets to him a little. Blame the state of things before they got together.

"No occasion. Just thought it'd be nice."

He kisses Cullen then, cutting himself off and hoping he'll be too distracted to really think about what comes next.

"And I thought, perhaps, we could take a swim. Privately."
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Garrett almost leans closer to put his head on Cullen's shoulder, but decides against it because this is just as nice. He settles for tangling their fingers together and stroking the back of Cullen's hand with his thumb.

"One day, maybe."

Because he refuses to believe that they'll be separated in the end, not when there's so many other bad things waiting. Surely they can have this one thing.

"Oh come on. The water's fine, I'll prove it to you.
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The literal second Cullen says 'fine,' Garrett is on his feet and pulling his robes over his head. He's naked in record time, doing a few cursory stretches. He even goes as far as flexing a few times for Cullen's benefit.

"I promise. I'll be fine."

Before he dives into the water, he gives Cullen another show -- from the back, this time. A few moments later, he's in the water and shivering from the slight chill.

"See? Now come join me!"
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Going in, Garrett knew he was going to have his work cut out for him if he wanted Cullen to throw caution to the wind and join him. Fortunately, he's long since been prepared for situations like this, and how best to ease Cullen into them. He continues to tread water, slowly getting used to the water's temperature.

"We're far enough away that they can't see us clearly," he starts, glancing towards the mansion before settling back on Cullen. "And it's late enough that most people won't bother coming out here."

Just because they are, doesn't mean anybody else will. He's counting on that.

"How about a deal? If you join me, I'll do anything you want next time."
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Hawke continues to tread water as he waits for Cullen to fight that internal battle that prevents him from simply jumping in and having fun. He knows there's a chance Cullen will give him a final 'no' and he's prepared for that; just as he's prepared to wait him out so he gives in.

"A little bit."

A moment passes and he gives a sheepish grin.

"Okay, it was the entire point. I just thought it might be fun, that's all."

He beckons to Cullen once more, a final attempt to get him to say yes.
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As if he knows exactly what Cullen is thinking, Garrett smiles widely. One of the things he loves most about Cullen is how much they simply get each other. Even if that means Cullen knew he planned this whole thing, down to the swimming.

"You suppose...?"

His breath catches when Cullen approaches the water, his smile growing wider because is he? Garrett watches eagerly, enjoying the way Cullen's skin is slowly revealed and taking in the sight. A quick head shake when he folds his clothes, and baited breath when he finally removes the last cloth barrier.

He laments the lack of a show.

Cullen dives in, and Garrett laughs. He did it, he thinks, immensely proud of both himself and Cullen. Slinging an arm around Cullen's shoulder, he pulls him closer so he can press a quick kiss to his lips.

"I know you will," because he's counting on it. "Thank you for giving it a try."