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Who: Regis & OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July
Rating: PG
Summary: Open log for July
The Story:

Indoors; Music Room
[It was only a matter of time before Regis found his way into the music room of the mansion. It's somewhere on the first floor, though he couldn't give directions to it if he tried, and the first time he finds it is entirely by accident.

Not to say that every time after is not also an accident, when the room drifts around like it does.

If you happen to hear the quiet playing of a piano, or a bow being drawn across strings, you might find your way to the room that the vampire occupies. He has never been a proficient musician, but one does not live so long without picking up some skills here and there, and he is capable of following music at the very least.

While there he stokes the fire, and offers a small, friendly smile and a glass of wine to anyone who might come in, be it through curiosity or their own will to seek the place out. He favours the piano and violin, but other more interesting instruments occasionally catch his eye...

Outdoors; Forest
[The forest is not unlovely... but Regis doesn't enter it. Getting too close makes the hairs on the back of his neck prickle up, and he doesn't question why the animals in Wonderland avoid going in.

What Regis finds there is far more interesting than actually going inside the forest, in any case. Anyone happening upon him while walking along the edge of the trees would discover him crouched by a tree, speaking quietly to a raven that appears to be so keenly fixed on him that it could not be doing anything but listening. The bird perches on a stump while Regis crouches down, and even allows him to touch it - a gentle stroke of two fingers down the back of its head - before it leaves.

If spotted, Regis comments easily that birds always have more to say than people would expect, but it isn't always useful.

Outdoors; Gardens
[Much of the vampire's time, be it day or night, is spent in the gardens. In the day he takes time to read, or draw - though his drawings are more technical than aesthetic - or write lines in small, spidery shorthand in a notebook that he keeps in a small satchel carried over one shoulder. Often, he walks about the gardens and orchards and picks the occasional flower or leaf, tucking them between slips of brown paper and into the same notebook he uses to write in.

The gardens are usually more densely populated than his usual haunts, particularly during the day, and he isn't one to be shy of conversation... or of asking what might be wrong if you look like you have something on your mind. At night, while he watches the patterns of fireflies, he is far more likely to enquire what might be keeping you out of bed at that kind of hour.

It may become evident, to some, that Regis doesn't sleep. It's just as well that he isn't particularly guarded about the fact.
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[ This is actually coming at the perfect time. She needs a distraction so she doesn't necessarily have to keep thinking about the possibility Ray may die, sooner rather than later. Maybe he won't, maybe she should be positive.

(She's positive he's gonna die, and she hates it so much. If he doesn't, she'll apologize every way she knows how.)

Sarah's a good listener, soaking up the explanation from Regis, then takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly when it's her turn. ]

There are tournaments for kids and adults. I mean, genius kids, not run of the mill kids.

[ She finally makes a move after a minute or two, trying to keep in mind everything he's taught her so far. ]
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You'd think it'd be the other way around. With kings needing to go be...royal and...stuff. I guess? I always imagined kings were busy people. Maybe I watch too much tv.

[ Game of Thrones has her thinking it's all war and meetings to steal kingdoms. ]

I guess this is something I wouldn't have minded learning even as a kid, if I'd had someone to teach me.
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[ Sarah's quiet for a while, possibly contemplating her next move as she thinks. ]

For a while. My brother and I had a best friend named Taylor. We played all the time, we were the same age.

[ Sarah makes her move, still staring at the board as she speaks. ]

We played until she disappeared and was never found. She was five. I don't remember playing a lot after that. My brother tried, but it was never anything much.
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music room

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[Ever since Mettaton suggested Mikan try to 'perform', she's been trying to get up to enter this room and make some attempts. Today she finally got up the nerve and - someone's already here!! she can't bother them!!! But... what pretty music. She stays in the doorway, too nervous to enter.]

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Oh, no no no no!

[She flails, even though the answer was technically yes.]

I'm sorry to interrupt you, that was very rude of me!
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Um, I, ah, er...

[She keeps fidgeting in place, but then slooowwwlllly comes over to sit.]

Th-thank you.
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N-No, I just got here, really! I-I... I'm not even sure what I'm doing.
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Instruction? Oh, n-no, that's too generous! I don't deserve it!
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I... Um... Uh...

[Her anxiety goes into overdrive. It'd be rude to refuse, but rude to take it too. But thankfully time in Wonderland has told her it's okay to be a little bit selfish.]

If... you really think it's okay, then... I'd be very grateful.