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Who: Crowley & OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July
Rating: PG
Summary: Open log for July
The Story:

Indoors; Stairs/Hallways
[Either day or night, you might just hear footsteps passing repeatedly by your door. Not with any particular pattern - he might take five, ten, or even fifteen minutes to come by again - but there is undoubtedly a single person walking by the room you are in, and doing it repeatedly.

That person is one Anthony Crowley, who has been growing more and more restless since the last event made him look far more visibly like a demon than he ever really tried to look (whoever invented Dungeons and Dragons needed to be shot, as far as he was concerned, and then strung up next to whoever inserted tieflings into the franchise).

At the moment, he's working out that restlessness by pacing up and down stairs, through corridors, and refusing to vent his irritation on the network after someone informed him that he was apparently quite vocal on it in a previous visit. That just sounded too much like him for him to be entirely okay with it. He's still not okay with way too many things about this place.

Indoors; Bar - Deux Lux
[When he's not restlessly stalking the halls, Crowley might just be found in the Deux Lux. It took some concentration and thought to get over his (entirely rational) aversion to Lucifer, but now he can even stand to nod a greeting to him without feeling bile rise in the back of his throat.

He quite possibly should not drink as much as he should, but no matter how much he imbibes, he never actually seems to get drunk.

Approach the sullen-looking demon occupying the corner booth? Go on. You know you want to.

Outdoors; Checkerboard Hills
[Everyone needs to take some time to themselves, to calm down and settle their thoughts. The demon has never been a 'country sort', but there is something about being able to get away from the sometimes claustrophobic atmosphere of the mansion and out into the relatively fresh air of the nearby hills. He notices almost immediately that the name is apt - checkerboards indeed - and often chooses the very centre of one of the dark green patches to stretch out, smoke a cigarette, and watch the clouds move overhead.

Two or three times, he ventures close to the oddly shaped patch of ground where the grass is steadfastly refusing to grow. Once, he almost touches his fingers to it, but something in the back of his mind tells him that it isn't a good idea. Crowley doesn't listen to that little voice too often - because too often it sounds like Aziraphale - but this time he thinks it might be right.

But he asks the first person he sees who comes near enough that he doesn't have to chase after them for answers - 'what's that ominous black spot all about?'
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[ The insomniac? Sure, he hadn't been sleeping much, but is it really that obvious? He almost lifts a hand to his face before he stops himself. It's not because he looks like crap. Let's ignore the dark circles and the eye bags. It's because he made that network post a little while back. He remembers now.

Peter guesses this must be one of the fellas he'd texted with that night.

Or demon. That demon. He's not really sure.

I'm actually getting used to it. [ He drops his bag to the ground, deciding to stop for a chat because why not? ] Smoking kills. [ Of course he'd say that. He's a nurse. Or well, he was a nurse. But mostly, he's thinking if this is the demon, he or it will likely say something like: I breathe and live in smoke and hellfire? Or: I have no lungs? ]
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[Okay she's counted - that's five times those feet have gone by her room. Is it an event? Is there someone dangerous out there??? With an empty needle in one hand, she very... very... s l o w l y opens her door to peek out.]

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Opens it back a smidgen a few seconds later.

Is... is everything okay?
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... Y-You're being sarcastic.

[She felt she had to say it.]
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... M-May I ask what happened?

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checkerboard hills

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[Dipper was summoned by the siren call of exposition being needed. He looks down at the spot then back at Crowley.]

That's where the Queen of Hearts struck down the Jabberwocky.
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[Dipper raises an eyebrow and looks back towards the mansion, then at Crowley.]


[Where do you think?]
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I was just walking, man.

[He wasn't really making an effort to be sneaky or anything.]

It's been a while since I came up here. I like to check in regularly in case something changes.
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Probably not. [But he gives it a slightly alarmed look now, just in case.] But if it ever does change, like if it grows or shrinks or starts to get better or something.... I want to know.

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[Whoever they were had come by once. Then they came by again. Maybe it wasn't the same person but it was late, and they just kept coming by. So Wendy stood by the door, waiting, and then stepped out behind them to follow.]

Hi! Are you like looking for someone or something?
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Just curious why you're pacing the hallway, that's all. Kind of creepy this time of night.

[A time of night when she is also awake.]

Can't sleep?
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I say skip that part. I mean, I'm still up, right? Not like I should be saying much about the insomnia thing. It's more the stalking the hall thing.

[Not mincing words with him over this.]

Are you hoping to accidentally run into someone?
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Because that's what I would be doing if I was hoping to run into someone.

[She made air quotes with her hands when she said run into.]

How else do you accidentally run into someone?

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