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[CLOSED] so I sit and wait and wonder, "does anyone else feel like me?"

Who: Alphys and Mirror Toriel
Where: Real side, 2nd floor hallway
When: 7/3, midday
Rating: PG/PG-13? It shouldn't be graphic, though if individual sensitive subjects come up this will be edited.
Summary: Mirror Toriel misses helping her subjects, and chooses someone she thinks miiiight be willing to hear her out.
The Story:

[Alphys is always the type that's careful about her presence around mirrors; especially since her more recent run-in with Mettaton's, and everything that happened with Sans and her mirror, she needs to be cognizant about people trying to contact her- and who's watching. While she can mirror-proof her room and her lab to the best of her ability, the rest of the Mansion can't always be ducked around, and she needs to stay alert.

On the other hand, Alphys has also made a number of promises. Swearing to Sans she'd keep a better eye on her mirror so he doesn't get taken. Promises to make sure Mirror Mettaton knows she's not forgotten him, not willing to back down like he demanded. So she checks out of the corner of her eyes for mirror writing as she moves through the hall on her way downstairs.

Of course, today, there's going to be someone completely different trying to get her attention.]
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[It's been a while now, since that event. Since people from the real side crossed over to her side. Since she met people who weren't just corrupted shadows. Since she was able to help them out, offer a form of protection.

Since then, she's gone back to her usual routine. Keep to herself. Occasionally watch the other side, on the off chance that there'll be some kind of opportunity to accomplish her goals and avenge her people. And... well, that's it, really.

The whole thing... it's managed to put into stark relief, what she's been missing since she arrived here- was created here. She supposes she never actually really did the things she misses, but the feelings are real all the same. Talking to her people. Helping them. Guiding them. Ensuring their prosperity, both Underground and on the Surface. Everything she's done, she's done for them.

And she misses it. She misses spending time with her people. Now that she's experienced it again, even if one of them wasn't actually a monster... she's not sure how she didn't really notice before, how... empty, her time here was.

So, she finds herself watching the other side more and more. Watching the monsters going about their lives, and feeling a sense of longing. A desire to be more than just an outside observer. So, when today, Alphys's eyes happen to linger on a mirror that Toriel just happened to be watching through- she takes her opportunity.]

Do not be afraid.
I am here to help.
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Empress Toriel, Protector of Monsters.

[She decides to leave off the 'Scourge of Humanity' part for now. She is, after all, trying to gain Alphys's trust here, and the monsters of that timeline are fonder of humans than the monsters of her's, for whatever unfathomable reason.]

I do not want anything of you, except to be able to continue fulfilling that role however I can.
I have no interest in the monsters of this side. They are corrupted shadows. Cruel imitations which possess none of the traits of monsterkind.

You, Alphys, are the kind of monster which I have sworn my life to protect.
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[Toriel expected a bit of shock. A strange mirror contacting her out of nowhere, with what must seem like a very suspicious offer... How else would she react?]

I avoid interacting with them as much as I can.

[She hates it over here, really.]

I simply wished to inform you; you have a friend on this side.
If there is anything I can offer to aid you or the other monsters of your side, then I freely offer it.
You may ask Mettaton, if you doubt my words. Which of course, you have every reason to do.
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I do not expect you to trust me easily.
In fact, I would not be surprised if you never trusted me.
After all, I am among a group that has already thoroughly shown how hateful and cruel they are.
That alone will likely forever color your perception of me.

Really, I am certain I would be considered no different from them, by some.

[Even back in her (non-existent) home, there were plenty of monsters that disagreed with her methods.]

However, whatever you think, I will still help you.
You do not owe me anything in turn. You do not have to trust or even like me.
You are one of my people, Alphys.
That is all that matters.
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After we were sealed Underground, I did not believe that Asgore had the strength or conviction necessary to lead our people.
I chose to usurp him, and he stepped down peacefully.
I declared myself Empress, and I have ruled ever since.

We were never married, and I never knew him that well, before or after the War. As I understand it, he lived as a farmer, and then a gardener when things had settled and been established enough to allow the more specialized position.

[Which, given her Reals memories, isn't all that surprising. She has a much more intimate knowledge of the man from those, then she ever had from her own fake memories.]
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I have not had any family since the War.
My rule was a solitary one.

[Everyone that she had called her family- everyone that she had been even remotely close to, had all been slaughtered. She's never really gotten remotely close to anyone since then, on any kind of personal level.

Even when a human child had literally fallen into her care, there was... never any real warmth, between them. Her heart had long since been closed off and hardened.

And due to the end result of those events... there was never any need to appoint Alphys to such a position.]

Are there any other questions I must answer?
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Do not apologize.

[Seriously, Alphys stop. This is a bit much- and it's reminding Toriel how she really doesn't have much fondness for weak people that let others walk all over them.]

The question was not posed with any sort of resentment. I understand that that might be difficult to convey over simply writing like this.
I know far more about you than you know about me, and you have every reason to distrust me.
The burden of proving that I am trustworthy rests on my shoulders.

That said, I do not wish to draw attention to myself or my desire to help you on this side, and so I do not wish to be caught standing here for too long. It may arouse suspicions.
So please, do not waste our time with needless apologies.
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[Disappointing... but ultimately, not unexpected.]

I understand.
I cannot force you to trust me. You may ask Mettaton for confirmation that I gave him safe haven, if that would sway your opinion.
However, ultimately, my desire to protect my people does not require your trust. If another event should happen where our sides cross over, or any other opportunity should present itself, then I shall do my best to ensure that no harm comes to you.

I came here to deliver a message; and whether you choose to believe it or not, it has been delivered.
You have an ally.

[The words linger for a moment longer, long enough to be sure that Alphys has read them, before Toriel wipes them away, before she waits for Alphys's response this time, signifying that she's said her piece, and is done now.

...At least for a moment, anyway. Despite her fondness for dramatic, final exits, she does figure she should leave her with a bit more info.]

If however, you do decide to take me up on my offer, or find yourself desperate with no one else to turn to, then go to your Toriel's room.
She keeps her mirror covered, of course, but it should still be there in one piece.
Nobody comes to that room's opposite but me- so if you have a message for me, and only me, then I will see it there.
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