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[CLOSED] It's never too late to teach an old - nevermind.

Who: Henry and Regina Mills
Where: Regina's living room because she's less likely to destroy it in frustration
When: Nowish?
Rating: G, honestly
Summary: Henry is teaching his mom how to play Mario Kart WHAT COULD GO WRONG
The Story:

[ Honestly, Henry's thought about trying to teach his mom how to play something for a while. He just wasn't sure what platform he should use. He thinks a Wii controller would...not go well and could wind up through the TV. So he goes for two 3DS (XL, thanks closets for free things) platforms they can link up and race together. But he can also give her control over her own game while he teaches her.

He bides his time and waits for her to finish coffee and breakfast before grabbing her hand and leading her to sit on the living room couch. ]

You've been teaching me how to do magic, so now? I'm teaching you something. How to play a family friendly video game. No saying no, We're definitely doing this.
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[Regina is definitely not expecting Henry to forcibly drag her to the couch. She goes easily enough, more out of confusion than anything.]

Henry -- [Wait. What. He wants her to do what.] But --

[She knows that look. She taught him that look.]

... Alright.
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[Regina is... oddly enthralled with the demos. Then again, considering the giant stacks of comics scattered around their house, is it really odd?]

And that's all? You just race?

[... Yes, that is a massive scowl on her face that deepens every time one of the Princesses shows up.]
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[Regina does her best to listen, nodding along and occasionally looking at her own to get a better feel for the game.]

A banana peel. And here I thought Storybrooke could get cartoonish.

[Storybrooke is still worse tbh.

But she starts it up herself, deciding on a character from way out in left field (it's Wario) and trying the easiest difficulty. She plays it very intently, until....]

...That mushroom looks like the one that gave us Merlin's answering machine.
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You aren't wrong. If only we could've turned the Black Fairy off somewhere around her third big evil speech.

[But it all worked out in the end.]

It's more fun than I thought it would be. I'm starting to see why --

[And then Regina gets hit with a blue shell.]
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[She's so close to burning everything in the room because what the fuck was that. The Mushroom Kingdom will burn.]

It's okay. I'm okay. It's just a game.

[Henry's advice is filed away, but then as she starts to speed up again...

Princess Peach passes her.]

I will destroy you, Peach.
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[Regina is too busy with her rage and drive to win to really notice Henry laughing, so she ends up in first place while he falls behind. But the second, he says that...]

If it hits me, you're grounded until you're thirty.
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[Let her have this.]

Fine. But if it hits me...

[The threat hangs in the air as Regina follows through, dropping back into second place.]