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( open ) three steps back

Who: Gideon + Ray Palmer / Gideon + OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July 3
Rating: PG
Summary: New arrival makes bad life choices
The Story:
ray palmer
    ( SPLASH.

    The sight might not, at first, be that strange of a sight, not if you were used so seeing fully clothed women just dropping into the pool.

    It's the surprise that first throws Gideon, then the water, then the fact that she's in the water. All of these physical things, and sensations that Gideon has never experienced before throw her even more. If it wasn't for the fact that she was currently sinking in the pool then perhaps she'd have more time to process it, but as it is she's struggling to stay afloat, and that's probably the strangest thing about this display.

    Help? )
the vendors
    ( Gideon had come across them whilst she'd been looking around outside. The entire place was so large that she didn't know where to begin, and she'd ended up walking without really thinking about it.

    Seeing the stalls when she'd stopped, half-wondering how she'd gotten there, had brought curiosity, and she'd started walking again, though this time slower. Though she wasn't stopping, nor stepping too close to them, she was looking -- analysing. Some of it was the human movement, or interactions. No, lack of interactions. Gideon found that strange, with how she'd gotten used to such a busy and loud crew.

    Her hair and clothes are still wet from her 'swim' earlier, though it's almost as if Gideon doesn't notice the inconvenience, her attention focused on the vendors. It might even become apparent that what's at their stalls isn't catching her attention either )
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[ he's mid-lap when suddenly there's splashing and a body in his way and this is why he comes down to work out this early, people!

it takes a few moments for ray to fumble in the water and he pops up to the surface to wait and see whether it's someone messing with him or simply someone not paying attention.

but they're still splashing around like a jerk, so he reaches forward to grip them by the arm, and gives it a shake.

Hey. Hey! Quit it, would you? I'll be done in fifteen, and then the pool's all yours, OK?
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[ oh hey she knows his name.

oh hey he knows that voice.

in shock, ray doesn't just let go of gideon, but pushes back away from as if his hands just got burned.
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[ he's too self-absorbed to realize he's pretty much drowning a woman until the splashing starts back up. his instinct to help regardless of the sense of the situation kicks in, and he reaches forward frantically. ]

No, no-- crap!

[ he disappears under the water and reaches for her opposite wrist, pulling to wrap his arms around her chest in a hug. it's not so difficult to get her up above the water again, but keeping her up as he moves them to the side of the pool takes some effort. the movies make it look so much more glamorous than it is.

then again it's not every day some asshole who calls himself a legend gets to drag his timeship out of a pool...
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[ after she's out of the water, ray remains in it. his voice is faint, and to anyone else it might simply seem that he's out of breath from exertion. ]

You're ... welcome.

[ but gideon has spent years now listening to ray ramble on and on to himself; to her; to the team. she's heard him argue and tell terrible jokes. heard him simmer with rage at tyrants and make deals with evil geniuses.

he shakes his head hard against the thoughts racing through it.

Sorry. You just sound like-- what were you doing in the pool if you can't swim?
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[ all signs keep pointing to gideon, and ray doesn't want to look at them anymore. he shoves his wrists against his scrunched eyes, sinking a bit and drifting away from the ledge again. ]

This form. [ nor and data and dr palmer. ] This form?

[ he presses his eyes harder. ]
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[ he groans, and sinks into the water purposely, bubbles roiling up until he hits the bottom and pushes back up to the surface. ]

OK, but how? And why? And also-- how?

[ uh bud you're supposed to be telling her... ]
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[ can he

drown himself

right now


[ he yells, and splashes to the side to make sure no one else is coming in to hear about his recurring very personal and only happened once ever dreams--

ray's voice lowers to a frantic hiss:

You told me you wouldn't tell anyone about that and now I believe you're you and also you know that's not what I meant.
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[ Nate is wandering and not really paying attention or he would have avoided this area. He doesn't like the vendors with their creepy masks and their general creepy air. But he wasn't paying attention and there he is. He spots Gideon staring at them and walks up to her. ]

They're creepy right?
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[ there might be a raised eyebrow there because she seems to be implying that he can learn from it and he doesn't think he knows her....though her voice is really familiar. ]

I'm sorry...have we met?
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[ He squints at her, because he knows that voice, but not that face. But if he's never actually seen her but they've met....

he's hesitant when he speaks next because no, it can't be. but it is Wonderland and...

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[ well..color him shocked. ]

Wait, what? How?
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[ Well thats...not what he was looking for but informative. ]

I fell into the garden. I guess this place just likes to drop us in here. But, how do you have a body.

[ Yes, as soon as he says it he realizes the answer is going to be Wonderland. ] Nevermind, I think I can guess.
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My guess would just be Wonderland. It tends to do the impossible?

[ This coming from a guy who can turn into steel. ]

What, Advanced Ai's showing up with bodies? I don't think so? If it is I don't actually know any of them? [ Gideon you might be special. ]

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