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( open ) three steps back

Who: Gideon + Ray Palmer / Gideon + OPEN
Where: Various locations
When: July 3
Rating: PG
Summary: New arrival makes bad life choices
The Story:
ray palmer
    ( SPLASH.

    The sight might not, at first, be that strange of a sight, not if you were used so seeing fully clothed women just dropping into the pool.

    It's the surprise that first throws Gideon, then the water, then the fact that she's in the water. All of these physical things, and sensations that Gideon has never experienced before throw her even more. If it wasn't for the fact that she was currently sinking in the pool then perhaps she'd have more time to process it, but as it is she's struggling to stay afloat, and that's probably the strangest thing about this display.

    Help? )
the vendors
    ( Gideon had come across them whilst she'd been looking around outside. The entire place was so large that she didn't know where to begin, and she'd ended up walking without really thinking about it.

    Seeing the stalls when she'd stopped, half-wondering how she'd gotten there, had brought curiosity, and she'd started walking again, though this time slower. Though she wasn't stopping, nor stepping too close to them, she was looking -- analysing. Some of it was the human movement, or interactions. No, lack of interactions. Gideon found that strange, with how she'd gotten used to such a busy and loud crew.

    Her hair and clothes are still wet from her 'swim' earlier, though it's almost as if Gideon doesn't notice the inconvenience, her attention focused on the vendors. It might even become apparent that what's at their stalls isn't catching her attention either )

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