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[CLOSED] Won't you tell me what you're thinking of;

Who: Teddy Altman & Billy Kaplan
Where: Billy's room, and wherever their evening takes them.
When: 6/30
Rating: PG
Summary: After Teddy's recent re-arrival in Wonderland, he and Billy have decided to get reacquainted with one another.
The Story:
[Their first date had been so long ago, but Teddy still remembers it with almost perfect clarity. Even so, he feels like he might be even more nervous about this one-- a second 'first date' of sorts, a way for them to to put themselves back together after their experiences had left them feeling so disjointed. He must have changed his clothes at least three times before he shows up outside Billy's door, five minutes earlier than he'd promised, flowers in hand.

Sucking in a sharp breath, he raises his fist and knocks lightly, like any good date should. Billy's parents aren't here for him to impress, but he's never considered manners to be optional.]
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[ Teddy had texted him a time and Billy had proceeded to spend the next few hours quietly freaking out. He had texted Elena but gotten no response, which got him even more concerned because if she was gone...well she was still in his phone so she should be back, but that didn't help the state of his nerves.

Or help him figure out what he was going to wear. He lost count of how many times he changed, it occurred to him that this was Teddy and he really didn't need to impress him, not with his clothing. On the other hand this just felt really important. Like it was another chance for them, a chance to start something new, something better- and he didn't want to start that wearing five day old clothes. So he's in black skinny jeans, and a graphic tee, and a pair of vans when he opens the door for Teddy.

And a tiny dog goes barreling passed his legs to greet Teddy as well.
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[ Billy can't help but smile back, his hand going up to run the back of his head nervously. ]

Yeah, sorry, he's an excitable pain in the ass whose lucky he's cute. The cat isn't hyper active. [ But he says it fondly because he does love the dog who bardged into his life three years ago. His forever puppy. ]

Rufus, leave Teddy alone he doesn't want to play with you.
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Yeah. [ He can feel himself blush slightly because yes, that's the reason he's named Rufus, Billy missed Teddy when he first arrived here. ] He showed up during my first event, he kinda stuck around since.

And no, no excellent adventures. [ He smirks at Teddy. ] I guess we need to fix that.
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Well, I guess I'm sort of attached to him too. [ He looks down at the dog fondly as he realizes petting is over and wanders back into the room.

He had noticed the flowers but now that Teddy is handing them to him he's blushing just a little and he can't wipe the grin off his face, even when he teases him in response.

Romantic sap. [ But he loves it and would never deny it. He smells them and then sends them off into his room, letting them land in the kitchen, he'll find something to put them in later. ]
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Right. [ And this would have been the part where he leaned in and kissed him, but...he wasn't sure if he could do that now.

So he changed the subject.

So, what's the plan then, for this date? Well, besides dinner and a movie, but dinner where, what movie?
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[ There's a smirk in Billy's face when Teddy suggests the tea room, mostly because he's having flashbacks to reading Harry Potter and the tea shop disaster date. But really he does want a quiet place to sit and talk to Teddy. ] That sounds good, so long as you haven't decorated it with hearts.

[ He steps out of the room towards Teddy whose still standing in the hall and closes the door behind him. ]

The movie theater huh? What kind of snooping did you do?
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Well thank the gods for that.

[ Of course he knows exactly what Billy is talking about, because they are perfect for each other. It turns Billy's smirk into a smile because he missed Teddy (people in general) understanding his references.

And Teddy continues to speak and Billy feels like his heart just warms.

I like that idea.

[ He reaches out hesitantly for a second before making the decision to catch Teddy's hand in his, link their fingers together. ]

Of course I magic'd it up. Magic and some Stark tech.

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Yeah. Tony was here for a while. Not our Tony, alternate universe Tony. Same universe as Steve. Have you met Steve yet? Anyway, Tony helped me do a Jurassic Park movie night and he made the whole theater into this hologram dinosaur park. It was awesome. Nothing better than watching Hawkeye try to punch a hologram Raptor in the face. [ He grins at the memory of how many people fell for that Raptor and how many incidents it caused. ]

Once he left I got someone else to help me with it and we did Indiana Jones night. That was pretty cool too.

[ This place wasn't all bad, and Billy had definitely come to enjoy a lot of aspects of Wonderland. A lot of good happened to him here too. Not just bad. ]
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I wanna say you get used to it, but....yeah its still cool. Even if he's a good friend. I try not to call him Cap though, he's got a weird thing about it lately. They went through their own "civil war" [ He gives it quotes because as bad as it was for Steve and co,
Billy and Teddy lived through a worse one.
] and he gave up the mantle.

Yeah, thats the way of Wonderland. No one is here long...except the few that are. [ Like him. ]

His name is Cisco. I sorta accidentally attacked him with a holographic raptor. He's good with tech, he wired somethings for me.
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No one died. [ That probably sums a lot up. ] Nor were they abducted and tortured or imprisioned in the negative zone. [ Which as far as Billy is concerned means they got off easy. Still that was years ago, he's mostly over it. ]

I can show it to you if you want.
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[ Raptors are a better subject to latch onto than their civil war, especially on a date. So Billy lets Teddy steer the conversation away from it happily. ]

Of course I still have it. Like I would get rid of a holographic raptor? [ really, Teddy you should know better. ] It's still set up in the thewater, I can turn it on later when we get there. Also the closets gave me a Jurassic Park movie I've never heard of when I was planning movie night. I haven't watched it yet, if you want to. Unless you had something else in mind.
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[ Billy can't help the grin that spreads across his face. He squeezes Teddy's hand as they walk. He couldn't imagine watching a new Jurassic Park movie without Teddy...he wonders if that's the reason he had put it off for so long. ]

So uh, how are...things? Here I mean. How are you adjusting?
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[ Billy nods. ] Yeah. People are pretty cool here for the most part. We're all stuck in the same boat so... [ They all try to get along usually. ] I want to say you get used to this place but...well somethings you do some you don't.

[ He blushes at Teddy's words, looking down. ] Not that it's probably hard for you to get a date.

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