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Who: Kay and Souji [personal profile] eatsyourscience
Where: The Diner
When: 6/8
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Kay returns to Wonderland with a serious wound. Luckily, Souji is there to help.
The Story:

The Diner
[Between one blink and the next, Kay goes from sitting in a train to sitting in a diner.]

[Wonderland, his memories inform him, but Kay doesn't waste time dwelling on it. He's no longer in the train, which means he can get medical assistance. He needs that as quickly as he can. He's loosing blood from the wound in his abdomen and he can taste it in his mouth as well. Breathing hurts. Talking, he knows from experience, will as well. He can talk despite the pain, but if he tries to shout, he'll end up coughing instead.]

[The table has items on it. Kay sweeps them off the table so that they clatter loudly to the floor. That should catch the attention of anyone nearby. In case there isn't anyone nearby, he starts reaching for the phone in his pocket to send a message on the network.]

[He growls at the phone when it slips from his blood-coated fingers.]

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