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Who: Liv Moore and you!
Where: Just inside the mansion
When: July 10th
Rating: G-PG?
Summary: Your typical dead girl arrival in Wonderland.
The Story:

[ Being a tabloid cover girl in the most unflattering photo ever isn't fair. It's like when someone judges Britney Spears by her 2008 hair shaving incident even today when she's mostly just judging singing competition shows. One moment of being pissed off in a zombie rage doesn't define Liv or the entire zombie population. But try telling anyone that and you'll probably get a gun waved in your face.

Still, it's a crappy picture and she has to worry about someone recognizing her because of it. Wearing a bathrobe, she leans over in her bedroom to wrap her freshly dyed (a more natural blonde) hair in a towel, only to stand up straight again and come face to face with...

...not her bedroom wall, that's for sure. It's a door, an outside door, because she's standing on the porch of a giant mansion where her apartment building used to be. ]


[ She's naked. Well, practically naked, outside, and steps inside quickly, closing the door behind her. Did she fall? Hit her head? Is this some kind of weird, new and enhanced memory that she actually becomes a part of once she eats brains? ]


[ Is she like Scrooge in that one Christmas story where no one else can see or hear her because she's dead? ]

Can anyone hear me? Or see me? Preferably both?

[ There's a brochure, so she picks it up. Wonderland. Wonderland? She has to just. ]


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