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( CLOSED ) ; don't call it a fight when you know it's a war

Who: Wanda Maximoff & Cisco Ramon. ( [personal profile] divaricate & [personal profile] thisismadfreaky )
Where: Wherever she finds Cisco.
When: Backdated to yesterday (July 10th).
Rating: At most, PG-13.
Summary: Wanda comes back from a canon update. Her first stop is Cisco.
The Story:

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The past several weeks have been...a lot of adjustment for Cisco. Things that should have been easy and natural to slide back into weren't. Though, he realizes, it could have been worse. So much worse. He could have been stuck on the wrong side of the mirrors a lot longer, and he shudders to think where that might have landed him, mentally, emotionally, nevermind the physical side of it. So he tries to focus on the fact that the Mirrors didn't get to keep him long and instead focus on the way his friends have gone out of their ways to help him.

He's been doing better, recently, with not keeping himself entirely isolated. He keeps it mostly to openly public spaces, like the coffee shop and the library. Places he can be alone, without really being alone. But he still spends a good amount of time in his room.

Which is fortunate for Wanda, and makes finding him pretty easy.

He isn't expecting anyone, but maybe it's Jesse coming by with some food or other she's cooked up. She does that a lot lately, to make sure he eats. But when he opens the door and finds someone unexpected on the other side, the surprise registers easily on his face. "Wanda? Uh- hi."

They hadn't actually...seen each other socially, so this was unexpected on several levels and he was a little confused by the sudden visit.
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"Uh, yeah, sure," The nervous urgency rolling off of her has him stepping aside to offer her entrance into his room. This seems easier than going anywhere else, honestly. He's not really comfortable enough in any of the labs yet to bother there.

"What's-- going on?" He feels kind of bad for not even realizing she'd been gone, but then that's kind of ridiculous, they weren't exactly close or anything. But had anyone mentioned...? He wouldn't know, he's avoided things too much until the last week or so.
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Cisco isn't entirely sure what he was expecting, but that wasn't it and it's obvious in the look that spills across his face. Internally, the reaction is practically visceral, and everything in him is screaming. And a part of him is yelling no. No, this is bad, it's wrong, and he can't help her because that's not what he should do, that would lead to trouble and trouble means being punished and being punished means--

Absently and in a way that he isn't really at all conscious of, he reaches up and rubs a hand across the back of his neck. "Uh- y- yeah." He nods a little. "Probably. Uh--" Think, Cisco. Use words. He spins on his heel to go grab the toolbox he keeps around at all times. "Can you tell me anything else about it? Is it-- rigged to do something if it's broken or anything?" Amazing how he can speak suddenly, when he's not staring at that thing around her neck. "You said you were...at home?" Because he would have assumed Mirror Side, if he'd been asked.
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He comes back a few moments later with the tools he'd been searching for. He might have purposely taken a little longer than necessary to find them, just to give himself those few seconds more to collect himself. Now that he knew about the collar, he was prepared to deal with it.

"Underwater?" He shakes his head a little, that sounded awful. Based on things he's heard from various people, it seems like as bad as Wonderland ever is, a trip home is almost always worse. "People are... often afraid of things they don't understand, but...it doesn't make you terrible or irredeemable, just because they're scared."

He talks while he fusses with the collar, brushing her hair to one side to get a better look at the mechanism.
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"People like you?" He echoes, frowning a little. "People they slap a danger label on?" He hates the way the world works in ways like that. Maybe she had done something to deserve it, maybe she'd done nothing at all; but treating people like caged animals instead of people who need to be seen and heard and feel valued, tends to backfire pretty massively.

"It is, it's a huge obstacle and an unfair one to need to work around. But it's unfortunately how the world works." He pause and grabs something from his toolbox before setting back to work. "Accidents shouldn't be held against you that way, either. People just like to feel they're in control, and when you add abilities like ours into that mix, they let the fear guide their actions." In some ways, it's surprising there hasn't been more of an issue with metas back home.

With a soft click, the collar separates and he unhooks it from her neck. "There."