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whiskey river take my mind

Who: Joel and Evie
Where: The bar
When: Immediately following this thread
Rating: Joel
Summary: Joel tries valiantly, once again, to remove his foot from his mouth where Evie is concerned.
The Story:

[ Joel's not a big drinker, at least not to the point where it negatively impacts his life. Maybe it had been some subtle, unconscious knowledge that if he let himself fall into a bottle after Sarah's death, he'd never crawl back out again. Maybe it had been Tommy, keeping him from the brink. But for whatever reason, alcohol had never been his poison of choice.

But some occasions require a drink, and learning of the existence of his Mirror, discovering just what he'd done to Ellie, is one of those times. By the time Evie arrives at the bar, Joel's already got a good head start on her, having pregamed, so to speak, back in his own room before he'd addressed the network.

He still remembers "their" meeting on the other side of the mirror, her particular brand of scotch, and he nods when she arrives, pushing an already-poured glass in front of the stool next to his. ]

Glenlivet. Jus' twelve year, I'm afraid.
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[Evelyn is not a fount of infinite forgiveness and Joel is a continuous source of frustration, so sooner or later something is going to have to give. Until then she can accept a thoughtless (in the sense that she does not think he considered it before offering it) invitation to "have a drink," in the parlance of the times, with a man seemingly incapable of conducting conversation like a normal person.

Even so, it is with absolute confidence that she can state she has heard worse appeals than his. At least this "apology" is in-person.

She raises an eyebrow as soon as he hastens to explain his selection of liquor, as she is more than surprised to see a familiar bottle. It's an unsatisfactory introduction - Evelyn assumes he asked someone who knows her, or how else could he be aware of the nostalgia she holds for it? - but she doesn't ask questions.

Only twelve? Well. That's disappointing. [Sliding onto the stool next to him coolly, Evelyn nudges him with her elbow.] ...I'm joking. Don't look like such a sourpuss.
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I imagine there are probably some- what, potato...stills? In bathtubs? Or in mortuaries, if those are still around?

[Evelyn remembers hearing about the banning abroad, not from anyone she knew well - Europe was a little too attached to its wine and whiskey to let a bunch of angry old biddies force religious abstention down their throats - but on her first dig the Americans were profoundly attached to their bourbon. She didn't entirely understand why until Jonathan pointed out to her that they couldn't get it back home thanks to the Women's Christian Temperance Union.

When folk couldn't put their hands on the real thing they would turn to Bevo, or the speakeasies with shelves of home-distilled liquor, the drinks cut with preserving alcohol from funeral homes. As far she's aware, some of the more vile coffin varnishes drove imbibers blind.

I wasn't in the States during the Prohibition, of course, but I heard about the drys and the sorts of spirits people would turn to, if they got desperate enough.

[She looks down at her beverage, contemplating quietly.]

You don't really strike me as a drinker.
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[She watches him, more preoccupied with the insular, reserved body language than she is with her drink. Joel wouldn't have invited her here just to sit about, as he is aware she isn't that sort of person. Nor can she imagine he was truly enraptured with the idea of being in her company, when he has found it so objectionable before.

No, she is of a mind that perhaps he required her singular brand of nudging and simply doesn't know it. Elbow on the counter, chin resting in one of her hands she flicks his shoulder with the other.

Stop making that face, it'll stick.

[Before he can swing a retort Evelyn is already barreling forward.]

I met a handful of Texans on my first expedition, [she states blithely,] Do people still dress like cowboys there?
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