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[Open] Let the bodies hit the floor

Who: Zack and YOU
Where: Alexandria
When: During the event
Rating: R for zombie gore, violence, and murder implications.
Summary: Catch-all for an event where Zack gets to stab his heart out!
The Story:

Day One

[Zack fell asleep with his scythe by his side and woke up in a strange house.]

[The first thing he does is check his hands... No, no claws or weird clothing or anything. Just a quiet house with not much going on.]

[Then he sees Michonne's video.]

... Zombies? We're gonna be dealing with fucking zombies?

[He'll be wandering around town for a bit after that, his weapon slung over his shoulder. He... Hadn't thought of stockpiling food, but it's not like he hasn't dealt with a shortage of food before. In fact, he might be wandering over to someone who looks like they have some to spare.]

Day Two

[A zombie has managed to wander in. It's kind of sickening, now that he has a good look at it. The deadness of Ray's expression doesn't even compare to this rotting thing. Is it even physically capable of smiling anymore?]

[Whatever, it's lurching towards him and he needs to kill it. He swings his blade at the zombie and manages to decapitate it.]

What the... It's still...

[Yes, the head is still twitching. In a bout of rage, he slams his blade into the zombie's head. Multiple times. Until the face isn't even recognizable anymore.]


[He looks up from his kill, pulling his scythe out of the zombie's skull.]

There's gotta be more of these around soon, right?

Day Three

[On one hand, Zack shouldn't have jinxed it.]

[On the other hand, he's helping to clear the zombies. One after the other, his blade strikes a random zombie and knocks it away. He doesn't seem to be paying much attention, but he's aiming for the head.]

[Actually, he seems a bit too enthusiastic about this. There's a wild grin on his face, he's laughing like a madman, and he seems to be enjoying the carnage. If you're lucky, he may even take out that zombie that's about to attack you, just because it happened to be in his way.]

[Someone should keep an eye on him before he hurts himself. Or someone else.]

Day Four

[Well, it was fun while it lasted.]

[Of course, now Zack and his scythe are covered in Zombie blood, and there are dead bodies rotting everywhere. Why did he not realize this was gonna be so gross?]

[Whatever, he can bathe whenever this event ends. The previous day actually wore him out for once. So many zombies, so little time. If anyone needs him, he'll be lying down on the first porch he sees. It might be your porch. He will probably track blood everywhere.]