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[Closed] Jettisoned to the center of the storm

Who: Billy Kaplan, Teddy Altman, Peter Parker, MJ Watson
Where: Alexandria
When: Day 3 of the event
Rating: ZG for zombie guts and gore?
Summary: Billy and Teddy look for their friends to protect but someone might not as in need of protection as they think.
The Story:

Zombies. Why was it always zombies?

He wasn't surprised when two days after their "warning" he woke up in a strange house in a strange town with his bed. Ok, that might have been a surprise. And awkward. Awkward surprise.

It seemed fine at first but the closets only gave them weapons. He's stockpiled enough food to last a few days at least. Three years here had taught him a lot about survival.

Then Michonne's transmission came through...then eventually Steve's- of course. Zombies.

He really hated zombies.

At least they still had their powers.

It was Teddy's first event, and he might have been acting a little overprotective but really, he didn't think anyone could blame him. He's seen what these events could do.

He's checked in with friends, and he's made sure the people he knows are safe and know to contact him if they need anything. But his friends can hold their own- still this isn't an event anyone wants to be caught alone in. He wants to find Peter, and Teddy wants to check on his new friend MJ so they leave the relative safety of their house armed with a baseball bat for Billy and what Teddy proclaimed to be a "sweetass pipe".

The horde has broken through the barrier and is slowly making its way through the town, they are being quiet and careful and so far they haven't come upon anything....undead.

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