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Wynonna Earp ([personal profile] guncocked) wrote in [community profile] entrancelogs2017-07-15 12:35 am

I Need A Fix Because I'm Going Down

Who: Wynonna Earp and Doc Holliday
Where: Alexandria
When: During the Event
Rating: PG-13 mostly, will change if it does
Summary: killing zombies and flirting about it, probably
The Story:

Thank god she has something to kill.

That probably isn't the attitude most people are having to the event. It's probably not the right attitude to have about a zombie apolocaplyse, but Wynonna sometimes gets what Doc once explained to her as the Itch, the urge to look down the barrel of Peacemaker and end a life, any life. Not that she would ever actually take that out on someone who didn't deserve it but needless to say she's glad for the zombies to kill.

You know, if she could get a shot in.

Doc has been mowing them down right and left, so fast that she can't get a shot in half the time.

"You know a gentleman leaves something for the lady to kill too."

Yes, that's exactly what gentlemen do, Wynonna.

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