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tonight we're taking over

Who: Regina Mills & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th - 17th
Rating: PG+ for... zombies and violence against them.
Summary: Regina finally gets to experience Michonne's world. It goes as horribly as you'd think.
The Story:

Day 1 & Day 2 »

[The first thing Regina does is make sure her family is okay -- Henry, Zelena, Michonne -- because Wonderland turning into anything besides itself is cause enough for alarm. When she gets the explanation from Michonne, it's impossibly hard to keep her panic on the inside. They've talked about this possibility before, have talked about Michonne's world time and time again... Regina had always hoped Wonderland would skip it.

The second thing she does is check her magic. This is a Land Without Magic, she knows that, but it's Wonderland's version, so she has hopes. Sure, she's walking down the street trying to conjure fire in her hand, but hey.

Once she has her fire back under control, albeit in its weakened form, she works on protecting the house they're in with more spells. It's... not exactly going well, and she's easily frustrated. This continues well into the second day, with Regina getting angrier and angrier now that walkers have been sighted at the gates.]

Day 3 »

[The horde breaks through and everything goes to hell. More than it already was, anyway. It would be fine if it happened while she was behind one of the protection spells, but no. Things are never quite that easy, especially in Wonderland.

With a sword in one hand -- she might not look it, but she spent a very long time learning how to use it -- and occasionally a (smaller than usual) fireball in the other, Regina cuts her way through the horde with one thing on her mind. She has to find her son. And her sister, she guesses but Henry is the priority.]

Day 4 »

[It's over. It's over and nobody Regina cares about has died. ... That she knows of.

Regina spends the final hours of the event alternating between being glued to Henry's side and trying to get zombie guts out of her hair and clothes. This is her personal hell, honestly.]
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Day 3

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[ This has honestly been not great. The irony that her first Wonderland experience was a full blown zombie event isn't lost on her, and she's not amused. She can't turn into what she already is, though, and these zombies don't see to be interested in her at all. Which is a relief, but probably makes her suspect in some way. Hopefully, everyone's too busy fighting to really notice, and Liv has an ax, going to town on the undead.

When she sees one on the ground, going for a woman's leg, Liv jumps into action, yelling. ]

Behind you!

[ She swings her ax, it comes down and splits the zombie's head in two, effectively getting all over Liv, but all that matters is the very alive woman in front of her. ]

Did it bite you?

[ No time, she grabs the woman's arm to pull her back from hands that can scratch. ]
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[ Liv's first instinct is to make something up, joke around because she already knows what's happening here, but also there are zombies and not the good kind happening, so. No time. ]

You're Henry's mom, right? I'm Liv. I met Henry the day I got here. Nice kid. Really knows his fairy tales.

[ And apparently this is confirmation that the kid's not all about tall tales, not of his mom really did think she was a jealous fairy from a children's story. ]

Come on, we shouldn't stand out in the open like this.
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[ Liv sees that little spark of hope go out, and all she can do is smile a little apologetically. Then, she follows Regina's lead. The dead seem to be slowing down, and now it's just a matter of stepping over bodies. ]

He gave me a lot of advice. And some details about Peter Pan I was good not knowing.

[ All in the context of giving her more information on Tinkerbell. ]

The person whose face I have, did she try to murder Wendy Darling in a fit of jealousy, too?
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Your kid left that part out, but we tentatively agreed to meet later. Do you know where he is in all of...this?

[ She can't imagine being a parent separated from her kid right now, so she's ready and willing to volunteer to help Regina get wherever she needs to go. ]
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Day 4

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[ Michonne's out with her katana, sticking it through the head of any walker still moving but incapable of getting up from the ground. Some of them are familiar, a lot of them aren't. She finds herself stopping outside of the house Regina's been staying in and just drops to the front steps, closing her eyes and just breathing for a few minutes. She's so damn tired. But she's somewhere she knows, even if she doesn't want to bother Regina right now in the aftermath, letting her be with her kid.

So basically she's just out here lurking on your porch, Regina. ]
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Are you okay? Henry, your sister?

[ It's the first thing on her mind, ever since she and Regina split up after taking down a swath together, sword and magic combined. In reflection, that's pretty awesome, but in the moment it'd only been about survival.

She'll talk about it, but priorities first. Is the family okay? It's all that matters. ]
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[ Michonne's quiet for a second, looking out at the bodies still on the street, at the fence being put back into place. ]

I've lived it before, I knew what it would be. But there's something different this time. When it happened the first time Carl got shot. Right in the face.

[ Carl is her Henry, her adopted son, hers for all intents and purposes, and she knows Regina knows that. He was in Wonderland just long enough. ]

He pulled through. He didn't mean to, but he became a...symbol. Of hope or resilience, of not giving up.

[ The point of that story finally makes itself known. ]

Imagine if you woke up and everything that made your family yours was still there; clothes, toys, even the way they smell. But they were gone.

[ She's so close to having her family in Wonderland with this event, and at the same time, not close at all. ]

[ So, she's probably fine. ]
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[ Neither of them are big huggers, Michonne knows it. But when it comes to family there are always exceptions. And she needs this, more than she would know how to say or ask for. So, she hugs back, pressing her forehead down against Regina's shoulder and closing her eyes, taking a few deep breaths that only betray her emotions by being a little shaky. ]

I'm sorry you had to see this. No one should have to. Henry shouldn't have to.

[ No one who doesn't have to live it should be exposed to it. She hates this, for all of them who'd never seen it, to know what it looks like to shoot someone in the head, to see decay and death up close. Her voice is muffled against Regina as she speaks, and her hands cling to her back a little tighter. Mostly, she's sorry about Henry. ]
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We don't even know.

[ When she says that, she sounds so damn tired. ]

Maybe it's a disease from somewhere remote. Maybe it was the government. Who the hell knows.

[ Pulling back, Michonne rubs at her face, then looks at Regina again. ]

How'd your magic hold up? Heard people's powers were limited.
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Maybe that just means there's someone out there in my world with magic, livin' a good fuckin' life because they have magic.

[ Normally, that would have come out with a more humorous edge to it, but now it just comes out sounding tired. ]

It's not too long after this that I get the shit beaten out of me.

[ She points to a house with a balcony across the street. ]

Right up there.
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[ For a second, Michonne just thinks it over, and then, suddenly, she's laughing and standing up. ]

Why the fuck not? Someone else already blew up a house.

[ God, she wishes she could murder Negan a few times while she was here, on that note. ]
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We definitely shall.

[ Michonne leads the way to the house, then points up at the balcony. ]

I did throw the woman who beat the hell out of me off of there, though. That was satisfying.