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tonight we're taking over

Who: Regina Mills & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th - 17th
Rating: PG+ for... zombies and violence against them.
Summary: Regina finally gets to experience Michonne's world. It goes as horribly as you'd think.
The Story:

Day 1 & Day 2 »

[The first thing Regina does is make sure her family is okay -- Henry, Zelena, Michonne -- because Wonderland turning into anything besides itself is cause enough for alarm. When she gets the explanation from Michonne, it's impossibly hard to keep her panic on the inside. They've talked about this possibility before, have talked about Michonne's world time and time again... Regina had always hoped Wonderland would skip it.

The second thing she does is check her magic. This is a Land Without Magic, she knows that, but it's Wonderland's version, so she has hopes. Sure, she's walking down the street trying to conjure fire in her hand, but hey.

Once she has her fire back under control, albeit in its weakened form, she works on protecting the house they're in with more spells. It's... not exactly going well, and she's easily frustrated. This continues well into the second day, with Regina getting angrier and angrier now that walkers have been sighted at the gates.]

Day 3 »

[The horde breaks through and everything goes to hell. More than it already was, anyway. It would be fine if it happened while she was behind one of the protection spells, but no. Things are never quite that easy, especially in Wonderland.

With a sword in one hand -- she might not look it, but she spent a very long time learning how to use it -- and occasionally a (smaller than usual) fireball in the other, Regina cuts her way through the horde with one thing on her mind. She has to find her son. And her sister, she guesses but Henry is the priority.]

Day 4 »

[It's over. It's over and nobody Regina cares about has died. ... That she knows of.

Regina spends the final hours of the event alternating between being glued to Henry's side and trying to get zombie guts out of her hair and clothes. This is her personal hell, honestly.]

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