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Who: sylar & you
Where: in this alexandria clusterfuck
When: july 14-17
Rating: idek son
Summary: sylar's having a great time y'all. it's awesome. everything is fine.

The Story:

day 1-2

[ sylar is SO DONE with this zombie apocalypse business. waking up in a completely different place is one thing, but zombies on top of that? oh hell no. he quickly realizes his powers are dampened — which sucks, but they're still effective enough that he's not too concerned with arming up (possibly because he's an idiot). he takes his stockpile of snacks and works on making the house where he's camped out the safest place ever. it'll stay safe … as long as he never sleeps. so. maybe that's a thing he'll try. because, once again. he's an idiot.]

day 3

[okay fine, he'll emerge out of his cocoon to find peter, claire, and regina. JUST TO FIND HIS BAES. and maybe fry zombies with electricity and telekinesis on the way. if u need him to kick ass for u just say something. by say something i mean scream real loud. but he's mostly looking for his baes.]

day 4

[what's sylar up to now? still looking for his baes probably.]

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