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[closed] a long time ago, we used to be friends

Who: Ray Palmer and Rip Hunter
Where: The fifth floor bar / Ray's workshop
When: July 12th (prior to the event)
Rating: R probably? Character suffering and death
Summary: Ray has refused to give up his belief that Rip can be saved. That faith comes with a high price.
The Story:

[I just want to talk, Rip. You pick the place. I won't even bring my suit.

So the message had gone. Honestly, he's tempted to ignore it regardless, to chalk it up to Ray's usual attempts to push him towards some ridiculous notion of friendship or camaraderie--but Rip's a bit too careful for that. While this could easily turn out to be more of Dr. Palmer's antics, a direct to recipient cereal delivery or lord only knows what else, there could be something more. Perhaps Raymond has put together what he considers a plan--and if so, then Rip should take the opportunity to discover just what he (and the others, potentially), have plotted.

He's in the fifth floor bar before he sends the reply to tell Raymond to meet him there. It's less used these days to be sure, which suits his purposes well enough. Moreover, he can see the single entrance clearly from the table he's seated at, meaning any element of surprise the Legends might attempt to gain is hindered from the start.

Not that he knows if they're coming; Rip simply understands the importance of planning for it. After everything, he can't accept on good faith that they'll simply leave him alone, no matter how much sense it makes.

He doesn't drink. Merely waits quietly, biding his time by glancing over the network until Ray arrives.]
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[ for a man who struggles so consistently with his own identity, ray sure is eager to jam his ideas of it down his former captain's throat, huh?

but it's obvious that he's sleep deprived and was in the middle of building or repairing something when his gangly form hangs in the doorway to the bar. dressed for the heat of welding, he accessorizes with an apologetic smile.

Hey, Rip. This seat taken?

[ ha ha. despite being naturally cheesy, his usual cheer is forced-- which is a heck of a lot harder in person when you're sleep-deprived and overworked. when he moves closer, the bags under his eyes are more obvious. even as he sits, ray's leg bounces almost of its own accord. he's learned not to work from the coffee shop anymore for fear of darcy's locking him out of his own systems again. ]
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[ ray's always been just this side of too big for the world. but he had the choice to either let his discomfort ruin his day, or take life as it came and shove himself squarely into this chair and smile like it's not totally inconvenient and annoying.

his knees only bump into it twice before he gets them corralled.

I just wanted to see how you're doing. I know how it can be, going home and coming back. Minus the-- [ brainwashing ] --adjustments. I've been home like three times, now? It's kind of a rush.
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Has it? Technically there's no way to prove that time exists here at all, especially with the whole nobody ages thing. Which is pretty cool when you think about it, you know? You perceive time as moving based on maybe how many nights you sleep or events that pass, sure, but aging's inhibited and biological cycles cease...

[ is it, ray? must be, considering how he's ramping up on a ramble... ]

Not to mention I'm never sure what to tell people about how long I've been in Wonderland. Do I add cumulative "time" spent here based on the cycles I can count so it's just one year, three months, eight days or do I also add time I spent at home since it adds a year or so on the Waverider not to mention those months I was alone in the Cretaceous after you saved my life.

[ ray doesn't do nonchalance but he does do poorly acted nonchalance. these are his innocent eyes. let him bat them at you, cap. er. ex-cap. ]
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[ yeeeah. he doesn't look too ashamed about being caught. in fact, ray smiles at that and tries a little backtracking. ]

So that probably means you have some theories on time in Wonderland yourself, right? The idea of normal being a pretense itself, here?
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Well. [ ray shrugs, that smile lingering beneath an unflinching stare. ] By your account, we'll never be friends. So ... what do you have to lose?
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And you can't lose something you never had. [ only ray can put that much shine on something that sounds so awful. ] C'mon, you want to get out still, right?
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[ he nods. ray has been here before, sort of. and if he could find even the barest of faith in the motivations of someone like thawne... how could he deny that trust from rip and still look him in the face as a friend? he's talked about the way they barely support each other on the waverider before. he wants to be better, he's said as much.

it was the argument he hadn't been able to articulate to sarah when she suggested asking the mightiest of the mansion bear down on rip en masse.

if he doesn't exercise compassion and faith against the odds now, he's just agreeing with rip that they lack value. maybe he's just got a point to make now. maybe this is just another hill for his ego to die on, but he can't see it that way. what if they could avoid another chronos?

When it comes to time, there's not really a better expert in Wonderland that I trust than you.
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[ the silence feels different than it usually does. ray had learned (albeit slowly) that rip could make silence a tool. eventually, he had even found comfort in it. he could find the spaces between the loud clanging of metal that followed him around, and that sounded like music coming from jax. spaces that sara and kendra filled with the staccato of sparring or that the rogues filled with the clink of glass and slap of cards.

and there was rip. an oasis of sorts, once ray learned how to get there. his office would offer companionable quiet once ray reached his rare threshold of sensory input and he needed a break. sure, more often than not rip was brooding or otherwise losing himself in his thoughts. and yes more than half the time ray would be stared down until he left but--

this. this just feels like an abyss.

What-- now? [ ray blurts it out against the pit in his gut and then trips over himself to course-correct. ] I mean, yeah. Yeah. I'm kind of working on a bunch of projects, and I'm not Stein levels of theory loving, but--

[ he forces himself to shut the hell up, and just nods. ]

I'm ready when you are.
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[ it's an awkward trek to the workshop which means that while it's actually short, it feels nearly endless to ray.

inside the large room are sections devoted to different projects. a transparent digital bulletin board in one corner takes copious cues from the design on the waverider, various dummies in scaling levels of completeness in another corner. worktables in different states of disarray are covered in parts and gadgets and devices. another clear indicator that ray burns the candle at both ends, and isn't quite as tidy as he usually is about it all. ray dives right in, for fear of losing rip's interest.

I'm still getting things back together after Chronos' little hissy fit, so-- sorry for the mess. [ he cuts past a few work tables toward a station with more hefty systems attached. on this table is the making of nanotech-- and if rip pays closer attention it's likely obvious that gideon has been working on it too. ] After my design of the Kord quantum manifold didn't work correctly, I spent a lot of time figuring out where I went wrong. As it turns out, I didn't. It was perfect.

[ he pulls up files and schematics and too much information to show that he'd been collecting data on everything since then. ]

And once I started looking into everything else, it seemed perfectly normal. Like-- too normal. There's no evidence of any kind of deviation, even where you'd expect there to be. And as far as the existence of time goes, I've observed what seems to be all the usual markers of time in our world here.
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[ he's rambling away still, over-caffeinated and nervous. he starts to talk about running basic experiments and their mixed results-- photons and chromatographs and quartz crystals, oh my!

and he would keep right on going if rip's tone didn't shift so drastically. the anxious grin on his face remains but quickly begins to fade as he turns and registers what rip's got in his hand. he swallows hard, realizing he'd forgotten they were assessing the reliability of the rescue bracelets within the parameters of wonderland. he'd shrunk the machine itself and tucked it away.

It's not what you think.
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[ the saddest thing is that ray had actually started to throw his hands up before he hit the floor. he'd bought his own pitch.

an arrow to the chest-- well, he can't say that had been painless. but it hadn't hurt immediately, and it'd sent him into unconsciousness astoundingly quickly. these days, he so often tromps around with indestructible armor strapped to his body that maybe he'd just forgotten he wasn't quite so indestructible. now the only thought for the suit he has is gratitude that it's currently hanging around sarah's neck.

it takes him awhile to speak, pushing up to his elbows and holding his stomach and breathing too heavily.

Rip... you don't want to do this. Think about it, it's not like home.
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[ the adrenaline's only going to last so long. ray tries to brace against the pain and scramble toward one of the workstations before rip's footsteps bring him into view. ]

Ah, that. Sure, yeah it's uhh, oh man. [ he grits his teeth and scoots under a desk, burning ripping through his abdomen. contrasting his casual words, he can't hide the straining in his voice. ] Where did I put that thing? Darn this mess...
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[ the door to the room ray shares with sarah slams shut, thick hunks of metal thudding into place and locking. ]

Funny thing about that, actually.

[ he can't help the fear and pain in his labored voice, but he can still sound like an absolute dickhead. the burning sensation in his belly has been intensifying, and he's started to lose feeling in his arm -- he's pretty sure shock is going to set in at any minute. but he'd spent a long time in a world where 'little shit' was a native tongue. ]

You're kinda predictable. She's already sure you'll kill me. Guess I owe her dinner, now.
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[ the keyboard he'd used slides off of ray's lap, his only intention for it now complete. he tries not to panic, but the adrenaline's wearing off and he's got no more plan. he'd hoped to strike something good left in rip.

maybe he'd just been going about it the wrong way.

You know what? Go ahead and do your best Savage impression. But I think you'll find Sarah actually fights back.
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[ he'd hoped for the miranda slight to land harder, and he can't help but flinch at rip's guess. he has no response to it, only a sullen glare that turns into a pained snarl when anna's name comes out of his mouth. ]

Shut up.

[ his vision blurs, and ray blinks hard against it. ]

You're not that stupid. Kill me, the mansion won't blink. You so much as look at her wrong...

[ ray's not the only one who loves her. ]
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[ he's so angry, but ray can't tell if he's shaking from blood loss or emotion. he reminds himself: sarah's surrounded by her family. she's friends with vampires, and devils, and mages. she's argued with mad scientists and none of it comes close to the childhood she'd endured.

he coughs and tastes blood, the sharp tear of pain making him clutch his stomach again.

Fine. [ he breathes heavy, and coughs again. his voice drops out for a moment, as he tries to say the location. ] ...underneath.
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[ he doesn't have the energy to flinch from the touch. ray does stumble over his words a little more, struggling to find the right one. ]

It's below-- [ he shakes his head and finally seems to find rip's eyes. ] You know. Where the sun don't shine.
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[ he can't yelp anymore, and so just groans in pain. it hurts. everything hurts. well, except for his numbed arm. that just feels cold, now.

in spite of the pain and the lack of feeling, ray starts to chuckle. the blood backing up into his body gurgles as he's tipped unceremoniously over. he never liked jackson pollock much. he spits, and keeps laughing as shock starts to take him over.

Guess Thawne removed your sense of humor too, huh?
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Well I got-- [ he chuckles again until he starts to cough. he keeps getting quieter. quieter, still. ] --got you to hope.