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Who: Nora, Elizabeth, Makoto, and OPEN
Where: Alexandria
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG to start
Summary: Catch-all for my characters for the event
The Story: Starters are in the comments. If you'd prefer a different starter for your character, poke me and I'll put one up for you!
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Day 3 - My Little Pony, Friendship is Mercy Killing

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If there is any advantage to Wonderland's cruel games, then it is knowing that they can always play for time. If they outlast the enemy, they win. Cullen intends to do that fighting.

The right technique for that is only a matter of some practice. A swing to sever the head, a thrust into the living skull on the ground. A thrust through the head, if the angle permits. By the third day it comes naturally, and the first of four falls to his blade. He can see how the other three will go down in a moment-- Or could, before a cracking sound makes his head turn, just in time to see wooden boards splinter, a poorly barricaded shed burst, and two more zombies spill forth, stumbling too fast to dodge.

Cullen pushes the first aside, but another latches on, teeth buried in mercifully thick leather, heavy enough to pull him down. He meets a patch of concrete, fall unbroken. His own scream does not register, and Cullen already reaches for his dagger. A quick stab, enough to stop the one that tore him down, a poor match for the others descending--

--until a voice catches their attention. Cullen seizes the opportunity, and pushes the now once again properly dead weight off of his sword. Hastily he rises to his feet, and gain's a step's distance. Just in time for half the zombies to pay him mind again. He swings his sword, and another head rolls.

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"I am now."

A pair of them stumbles closer, the cloying stench of decay now enough to freeze his blood. Cullen swallows bile, but the opportunity doesn't escape him: He kicks the one closest, the one far more rot than man, and its brittle bone gives. One-legged now it stumbles and falls, and Cullen is free to dispatch the second of the pair.

Free to finally get a better look at his timely rescue, too.

"--Thanks to your intervention."
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Cullen shakes his head. He didn't walk the streets by chance in the first place.

"I'm staying. There might be others out there who still need help."

Others who are actively fighting, too. He hopes to run into a group of living soon enough.
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He wonders if he ought to question her choice, given that it was not her first. But the creatures outnumber them staggeringly, and he could use a hand. As could others struggling out there, less capable than she's proven herself to be. He gives her an appreciative nod, in the end.

"I was headed for the streets near the southern wall. The buildings there should hold up well, if we can clear access for people to reach them."

He starts to move at once, briskly, and only slows at the afterthought:

"...I'm Commander Cullen. Thank you for your assistance."
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Day 2!!

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It's as she's making her way outside the gates, skewering erstwhile people, that she sees a curious sight. A pink, black and grey humanoid figure, walking cool as can be through the walkers congregated outside the community. If she makes her way closer at all she can figure out who, exactly, it is. Though if she didn't recognize it, the figure sees her rather quickly and perks up visibly, starting to make its way to her.

"Nora! Hello-!"

He stops when he realizes the sounds he is making are stirring up the Walkers and he quiets down, opting instead to wave at her excitedly. When he goes quiet the Walkers return to aimlessly shambling around, paying him absolutely no mind.
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day 3, I hope you don't mind the late tag-in!!!

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Shepard has been trying to keep her distance; she's a sniper, gun-trained more than anything, and being without her full armor set she needs to be careful. As it stands, she's trying to use her tactical cloak to get around this hoard, but nothing's been working perfectly right, and of course it drops out mid-hoarde.

She's swapped over to her omni-tool, slashing through things, and the yell is more of a frustrated distraction-- but goodness, is that distraction needed. As soon as the zombie swivels it's head away from her, Shepard lands a hard kick in it's stomach, landing it on the floor as she scrambles to her feet and jams the glowing omni-blade directly through it's face.

Shepard looks up towards the other woman, pushing the sweat-slicked hair off her forehead. "Thanks. Don't think we're done yet, though." Her eyes drift to the side, where more begin to shamble forward. "You ready?"
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Day 1
She's never been so thankful for anything as she is for the present Dr Pines had given to her at Christmas - the stockpile which would get her through the next few days. Elizabeth keeps to the upper floor of the house she'd woken in, keeping a watch out of the window and shouting out from it to people she recognises in the street, beckoning for people to come up and while away some time with her in the hope of distracting them both from the dismal town and its impending threat.

Day 3
She'd woken to the sound of floorboards creaking downstairs, and she'd stupidly called out, thinking it was someone coming to rouse her from sleep. Instead the only response is the low, inhuman groan of the walkers, making their way upstairs now they know there's fresh meat for them to tear into.

Running is out of the question. She shouts for help, hoping desperately that someone will hear her, that they aren't in too much danger themselves to come and rescue her. Then she swings the rapier at the first of the wave of zombies, sticking the blade right between its eyes, hoping to buy herself as much time as she can.
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i got u // day 3

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This is probably the worst thing that could happen. Not only was the place crawling with zombies, but he was having to rely on human weapons to keep himself even the slightest bit into safe that he could manage. Someone knew where Aziraphale might be, and staying in one place became impossible as the walkers started to move further into the pleasant little suburb that had been constructed for them.

It was never going to be easy, was it.

Luckily enough, Crowley is also very good at being quiet. Something that does not seem to be shared by the majority of the mansion residents. He hears the shout for help and almost rolls his eyes, before he realises - with a drop in the pit of his stomach - that he knows the voice. The demon hesitates, painfully aware of his current state of mortality, but something in him kicks him into gear and it's with a hiss under his breath that he begins running towards the house.

It's luck alone that he finds a ladder in the garden, long enough to prop up against the side of the house and reach up to an upstairs window. It's luck, too, that he finds it open. He slips inside and follows the noises, immediately locating his target, swiping at the horde pushing their way up the stairs with a-- what is that. A rapier?

No time.


He swings. Two walkers go tumbling over the banister and down to the room below. Crowley grabs her by the hand.

"Now would be an excellent time to start running."
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Elizabeth doesn't realise her saviour is Crowley until she hears him speak, which snaps her out of her some of the fear she feels, as does the feel of his hand in hers. Relief rushes through her, as well as an overwhelming sense of guilt that she may have put him in danger. No, it's all right, she reminds herself - he's a demon, he'll be fine in the face of the undead.

"Mr Crowley! I'm not sure where there is to run to. The whole town is like this."

She leans forward, swiping at a nearby walker with her sword to keep it from grabbing at them.
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As a demon, he would have had no problem with these things at all. Had he been a demon, they'd be out of here already. Right now, though, Crowley is not a demon, has none of his associated abilities. That is most of the reason why he's tugging very insistently at her hand and backing up towards the door to the room he came in through.

"Leave that part to me. Right now, my only priority is not becoming one of them."

There's a kind of urgency in his voice that isn't often heard, and he jabs with the end of the bat at one of the walkers who gets too close.

"Elizabeth. Come on."
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She's certain there's no escape, but she knows that they need to at least try. A memory rises unbidden - Booker DeWitt grabbing her hand and dragging her through the tower as it collapsed around them - and she knows she must trust Crowley now in the face of similar uncertainty.

She nods decisively, moving after him, keeping as close as she can to Crowley and as far away from the walkers, which logistically is a little difficult to arrange.
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Why is he doing this. Why is he doing this? This is stupid. It's so stupid, and he should have just let her die. Death isn't permanent here and she would have never known--

He pulls her into the room and shuts the door, putting his back against it. Immediately, it begins to rattle as the creatures behind it attempt to push it open. Once or twice, a hand comes through. It won't hold for long.

"Down the ladder. There, at the window."
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Day 1
Making sure her friends are safe is her first priority. Makoto goes from house to house, searching for the rest of the Phantom Thieves as well as the people she's met in her short time at Wonderland. It's her first event, and she's not entirely certain of what to expect, so she decides to plan for every eventuality.

First of all, that means setting up a central point where people could exchange information or receive medical care. She'd promised Mikan the latter, and was glad she was able to deliver, making an informal waystation on the porch of the house she'd woken in and staying there late into the night.

Day 3
She wasn't used to fighting so many enemies at once, but the principle wasn't that much different to fighting shadows. She'd grabbed a pair of tekko from the closet at first, but had quickly realised that she didn't want to have to be in such close proximity to the walkers when she attacked them, knowing they could bite her hand as she tried to punch them. She'd settled instead for an axe, quite a bit lighter than the one she'd seen Haru use, perfect for chopping into zombies.

She's found summoning Johanna takes a great deal more effort here than it does in the cognitive world or even in the mansion, and had resolved to try to get through the event without her. That thought goes out the window, however, when she spots someone surrounded by walkers, far too many for her to hack her way through. She summons her Persona, feeling the bike roar to life beneath her, and crashes through the crowd of walkers, crushing many under the wheels as she speeds toward the person needing assistance.
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Day 3

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Someone is indeed surrounded by walkers, and it's a familiar face. Kiyotaka Ishimaru is armed only with a club that he is just barely using to fend them off. But he cannot hold them off for much longer. Any moment now, one of their strikes could slip through and get him. The end seems inevitable.

But then, he hears a noise and looks over in time to see a motorcylce roaring towards him - and over walkers.

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Makoto heads straight for him, walkers knocked aside or ground under the wheels as she draws closer. She finds they're drawn to the sound of the engine revving, staggering toward her to investigate as she runs them down.

When she reaches Ishimaru, she breaks very suddenly, tyres squealing.

"Get on!"
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Ishimaru was almost frozen with fear, but he looks hopeful as he sees the motorcycle approaching. And he quickly recognizes the rider!

"N- Nijima-san?!"

He did not expect her to rescue him on a motorcyle armed with an axe, but he knows that he shouldn't underestimate the abilities of a student council president.

Without wasting a moment, he leaps onto the motorcycle! Although in his rush, he ends up sitting backwards.
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Day 1

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Ann has seen other events in her short time here, but this is the first truly dangerous one aside from the crossing over of the Mirrors. She's never had to deal with extreme conditions like this before, but her survival instinct still kicks itself into overdrive- first order of business is locating everyone else, then making sure they're armed with not only weapons, but whatever food and water they can scrounge up. If what she's learned about Wonderland holds true, this is going to be a rough few days.

She happens to be rummaging through the pantry of the house she'd awakened in when Makoto arrives, her search momentarily forgotten when she catches a glimpse of her friend through her peripheral vision, relief washing over her.

"Makoto!" Thank goodness. If anyone is organized enough to get them through all of this, it's her. Ann is quick to get to her feet, a few cans of beans scattered behind her on the floor. "I was about to head out to look for you and the others, but I wanted to check this place for supplies first-- just in case someone else came and cleaned them out while I was gone."
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Makoto breathes out a sigh of relief when she sees Ann. While she knows her friend can handle herself, she's also certain that they're far stronger as a team than they are apart.

"That was the right call." She glances at the cans of beans, hopeful that they'll last them a couple of meals. "I haven't found any food at all so far, or any of the others either."
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There's absolutely strength in numbers, now more than ever.

"We'll have to ration it carefully-- it usually lasts a few days when Wonderland changes like this, but hopefully we can find more." There's still plenty of places to search in this particular house, and no telling what the others might have found. She sighs, worriedly biting at her lower lip.

"You're the first one I've found, too. Here's hoping the others aren't far behind. We should stock up on weapons, too. I know you only need your fists, but it might not be a good idea to get that close to zombies if you can help it."

Bites, and all.