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[Open] I'll put my armor on

Who: Cissie King-Jones and YOU
Where: Alexandria
When: Throughout the event
Rating: ...Z for zombies? There's gonna be death and angst in here.
Summary: Catch-all for the event; Cissie's here to kick some zombie ass... and lose some friends. This shouldn't be a problem, right? (Spoiler: it's going to be a problem.)
The Story: Cissie's a retired superhero, but zombies don't care about retirement.

[Days 1-2]

[The first thing Cissie does is find her friends. She's going to stick close to Tim and Kon, but there are other friends she needs to find and check in on. She's full of nervous energy, and she's not at all sure if she can do what she's afraid she'll need to do before this is all over. All she knows is that this is not a fight she's going to be able to avoid, and so she needs to steel herself and get prepared. Which means finding her people, and offering her help however she can.]

[Day 3]

[Zombies are exactly as disgusting and awful and horrible as Cissie's always imagined. Even the Black Lanterns weren't anything like this. There's no amount of preparing Cissie could have had for this. She's got her arrows, and a head is a big target. She doesn't miss. She's better at a distance, but she's got enough training that close combat is... uncomfortably familiar. At least fighting the horde leaves little time for thinking.]

[Day 4]

[The perpetual adrenaline rush is wearing off rapidly in the light of day, and in the face of bodies. Bodies everywhere. Cissie's running on autopilot, doing what she can to help. Now that the fighting is over, her field medic training kicks in. If she's helping and doing and not sitting still, she doesn't have to think about what she's seen. What she's done.]

[ooc] Feel free to run into Cissie anywhere at any time! Will match formats.
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day 3

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[You'd think Kon would know better.

He's been a superhero all his life, even if that's just a few years. He knows it's not all fun and games. He knows you can get seriously hurt if you're not careful, that people die.

But zombies are kind of fun in that you can just go all out and not really worry about hurting anyone since they're already dead. He was doing his hero thing, fighting, saving people, and... ow.

Apparently his invulnerability is as on the fritz as the rest of his powers. And now he has a zombie bite on his shoulder. Right where it can't actually be amputated.

And it hurts. That's the weird thing. It's not like he's never been hurt before, but it's rare enough that the novelty of it is as weird as anything else. He keeps poking the bandaged wound and wincing. Because ow. But weird.]

Maybe... maybe my Kryptonian biology means I'm immune? It's possible, right?
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[Tim is worried. If the bite got through his TTK and past any invulnerability he might ave beyond that, he's not sure Kon's immune system is going to fare much better.]

It's possible.

[He hopes so, anyway. He doesn't even want to think about if it's not. Even after the advice he got from George.

And the other thing.]
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[ kara, who is resting nearby with her own shoulder and collarbone bite bandaged, snorts. ]

Something tells me we're not that lucky.

[ it's the same something that has her feeling exhausted. it's left her sweaty, pale, and drawn. even in the shade. ]

But at least we know this isn't going to last.
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Right. Cause people come back from the dead, right? [He isn't feeling so good. He's pretty sure he's not immune. He swallows.] Like, really fast. So it's barely even dying at all, just a really extended, painful nap.

[Oh god, he's going to die.]
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[It probably won't last much longer, but Tim has a feeling it's going to last long enough for things to get really, really difficult. Something Georgia had told him early in the event sticks out in his mind, though, and he looks between Kara and Kon.]

What do you want?
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Day 3, if this is okay?

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[Zombies. Of all the motherfucking cognitions to happen--

The heavy, studded bat he's been bashing skulls with for the better part of the morning connects with a zombie's head. The reverberation travels all the way up his arms into his shoulders.

--this is all Tweedledumb and dumbers' fault--

With a sick squelch, the zombie slumps against a wall of the narrow alley Ryuji's navigating, and he stops to catch his breath, sweat sticking his mask to his face, the black of his phantom thief outfit shiny with stray drops of blood.

He shouldn't be out here; even he's not stupid enough to think so. But it had felt even more wrong to cozy up inside while living people flee for cover outside. Coming out to help clear the street is the least he can do--people as fast on their feet as Ryuji make good distractions.

And thank god he is fast, because it only takes seconds before the mouth of the alley is filling up with zombies following the sound of his swing. Turning to retreat the other way, another of the disfigured dead lurches into view and for one dismaying second he thinks he's going to have to play linebacker to shove his way out. Risky, to get close--

An arrow decides his escape route for him, lodging in the center of the zombie's face.

... Well, that was easy.]