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all the gold on earth

Who: Garrett Hawke & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th-17th
Rating: PG likely.
Summary: Hawke is really sick of zombies and zombie-like creatures.
The Story:

Day 1/Day 2/Day 3 »

[The first two days, Hawke spends a lot of time just... walking around. It's his first real look at 'modern' life that so many in Wonderland are used to. He can sort of see the appeal, sure. It's nice. Rundown, but it's clear that's not the state of things usually. He even inspects a few of the houses entirely, after making sure they're not occupied.

It isn't until the horde breaks through that he feels comfortable here. It reminds him of the Blight, though he actually stands a chance of being able to help people this time. His magic is weaker here, some machination of Wonderland designed to make their situation harder, no doubt but it'll do.

Without the Mabari to worry about, Hawke throws himself completely into trying to rout the horde and help the people who can't protect themselves. Instead of wasting his mana trying to incinerate crowds at a time, he uses his brute strength and bladed staff to cut them down at the knees before going for the head. It works, most of the time.]

-- You okay?

[It's shouted over the roar of the horde, of battle, of death. Here in the thick of it, sound doesn't matter anymore.]

Day 4 »

[When it ends, it ends and Hawke doesn't feel right just leaving the corpses where they fell. Sure, they're (likely) some creation of Wonderland but, they deserve something better, sure. Like the victims of the Blight do, he thinks to himself, as he drags one corpse to the pile and then another, and another, and another. Creating a large enough fire to burn them takes time, but he manages it.

Then he repeats it with the next pile.

He's no Chantry sister, but he can offer them this much.]
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day 3 because I need more tag-teams w these two

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[Shepard's been taking as many as possible as she can from a distance; she's got her sniper rifle and as many heat sinks as she can carry at any given time. Unfortunately, even as an infiltrator with a silencer, her gun is loud, and she's been moving a lot. Her tac cloak is useful, but it doesn't block smells, and there's very little avoiding getting into close-combat scraps.

Thankfully, there's someone else this time, as she's groundside heading to another roof or tree.]

Kind of! -- Hawke, that you?

[She's cursing herself for not picking up sword training sooner, and while she's got a blade not quite as long, she's obviously messy with it, doing a lot to avoid shooting them at close range and getting jumped.]
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fingerguns at

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Your world smells like this?

[God, that's the one thing about the future. If something's this bad she can just toss it out the airlock.]

That sucks more than anything else you've ever told me about your home, honestly!
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[She laughs, maybe a little louder than she needs to, but fuck it, they're already under attack.]

It's less sparkling clean, and just more space. Nothing gets rid of stink like blowing it into the void.
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Alright, now I fully understand why people call the past ‘barbaric’.

[She needs her shower. Neeeeeeeds that shower.]

Does it feel good to be back? With all the uh, smells and viscera?
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day 4

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[As Hawke pulls corpses into a pile, there's an armored man lingering nearby. He watches quietly for a long moment before speaking.]

Are you sure it's okay to set them on fire like that? That's not gonna mess with how they come back?

[They're coming back, right? There are so many dead bodies everywhere.]
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[Jason doesn't think to explain it. He mostly figures that some garish metal plating is hardly the weirdest thing people wear around here. As long as it does the job, right?]

"Too fresh"? You can stand to look at them long enough to figure out how long they've been like that?

[The idea makes him a little queasy, but so does most of this event.]
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You got zombies where you come from too?

[He shifts his weight from one foot to the other.]

Just... Looking at the network, it seems like that's happening where a lot of people come from.

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day 4 sure 8D

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Hope no one you recognise is on those pyres.

[Because a dead body is as good a combustible material as any, and this guy looks like he has a little help. Some people have all the luck. The man watching him is notably pale, his expression near-permanently pinched, and he.. appears to be missing his right hand. Recently, too, from the looks of the dried blood on the cloth wrapped tightly around it.

He doesn't stand upright after his comment, but gingerly leans against a nearby telegraph pole. This... is not his best day.

How much longer do you suppose this is going to last?
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Ah.. good.

[Hard to say, really, if the 'good' is directed at the fact Hawke hasn't burned anyone who might want to come back, or that this won't last much longer.

He closes his eyes for a moment, takes a couple of deep breaths, then stalls mid-attempt to straighten himself up against the telegraph pole.

If you happen to see me later, just pull me under a tree so I don't start putrefying. It's impossible to get the smell out of a good suit.
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Aha... hah. No. I'm... no.

[He could sugar coat it. He could pour an entire bucket of salt over the entire situation. He could layer it in sarcasm. But...

Crowley is tired.

I think... and-- I'm no expert here. But I think I may be about to pass out from blood loss.

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[Ben smells the first pile before he sees it, he knows the sickly scent of burning flesh. He covers his mouth lightly with the side of his hand as he approaches. The sight reminds him of scenes in his distant past where the plague spread so widely that even mass graves were too much for the towns and cities it decimated. He himself is no stranger to the rot of flesh, but it's not exactly a good smell either.

There's something primal about funeral pyres, something that unsettles him, but he approaches further because he can't simply let these unknown bodies be without some kind of burial.

This was Ben's first event and he is numb. It was rough, and he looks it, but he survived and hadn't become infected. He can understand truly now why so many refer to this place as a prison, and he hates feeling both trapped and like a toy for some unseen watcher to observe.

He appreciates Hawke's efforts, and he silently joins him by grasping the other end of a corpse Hawke was about to drag into the next pile.

Ben pauses though, and speaks:]

... May I be of assistance? If we both lift, it will go much faster.

[He'll be alright. He'd be lying if he said the rush of fighting wasn't slightly enjoyable, but by no means did he take pleasure in killing--especially those wretched souls who were already dead.]
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[Though he wasn't raised around such horror, he's received a baptism by fire, figuratively speaking. The memory of his fellow soldiers lying scattered in a wood, with him the lone survivor, flashes before his eyes.]

... I've been better. [He mentally shakes it off and helps hoist the corpse up. He's not as strong as Hawke of course, but still capable and made of sturdy stuff. It's a casual answer but really, what should he say?]

The living dead aren't a common occurrence at home. In fact, this event was downright apocalyptic in my eyes. I hope you fared better.
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[Alcohol would be very welcome once this grizzly work is finished.]

My God, really? [As they go to fetch another body, Ben rolls up his sleeves and tries not to ponder too much on what Hawke's world must be like with its abundance of magic and things that are worse than the undead.]

May I ask what Thedas is like? Aside from the worse things, of course.

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