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Event Catchall [Open]

Who: Kiyotaka Ishimaru and you!
Where: Ishimaru's new suburban home and around town
When: Throughout the event!
Rating PG+ for zombies, likely violence and possible talk of death/murder
Summary: Event catch-all for Ishimaru!

The Story: A. The Slice-of-Life Before the Storm [Day One]

[At first, Ishimaru is lost in the novelty of the setting. It's a Western-a yes suburban home. How quaint!

One can find him outside his house, trying out a number of chores. At different times of the day, he waters the plants, mows the lawn, checks the mail, and one may even catch him trying on a sweater vest over his school uniform!

Eventually he'll think to check his communicator, and his newfound life of suburban bliss will start to come to an end. But until then, he'll assume this is another kind event like the ski lodge was. And so as he carries out his chores, he will call out to anyone he sees with a cheery and enthusiastic greeting! Hi diddly ho neighborinos!]

B. In Your Heeaaad [Day Three]

[Of course, that feeling can't last. The situation turns out to be much more dire, and Ishimaru is soon on the run for his life, armed only with a club.

You can find Ishimaru trying desperately to flee from some walkers! He could probably use some help escaping this alive - or maybe someone else might need his help eluding the zombies!

Or someone can find him hiding in an alley or someplace out of the way, breathing heavily as he hopes to not be caught by any of them!]

C. Not so Funded [Day Three]

[Ishimaru could also be found at a less hectic time, after finding shelter in one of the houses. He works dutifully on boarding everything up and fortifying the house.

Perhaps someone else made it in with him and is helping him prepare the shelter. Or maybe someone is on the outside, hoping to seek sanctuary with him?]

D. Wildcard

[Have something else in mind? Feel free to come up with a different prompt and/or hit me up if you’d like to plot further!]

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