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[Open | Closed] All we wanna do is eat your brains

Who: Asriel Dreemurr + open (with one closed prompt)
Where: Alexandria
When: Throughout the event
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Asriel tries to survive zombies!
The Story:

[Days 1-2 | ota]

[When Asriel wakes up in a completely unfamiliar room, that's his first clue that something's up. His second clue is that he's in one of many similar-looking houses, instead of a huge mansion. Huh, okay. So this must be kind of like when Wonderland suddenly turned into a ski resort.

The whole place is kind of quiet, but Asriel hasn't been exposed to how harsh Wonderland can actually be. There's nothing for him to fear. Yet.

Opening the closet causes a bunch of bats, swords, and other various weaponry tumble.]

Whoa... cool!

[And Asriel picks up the neatest-looking sword in the pile before going to explore. He swings it around a little while he's outside, accidentally getting the blade stuck in a fence. Passerbys can see a small monster grunting and struggling to yank out a sword currently embedded in a fence.

Danger, what danger?]

[Day 3 | ota]

[The fun of playing around in a mostly empty, suburban neighborhood with unlimited weaponry comes to end shortly. Asriel's been scraping around for food and water, and not finding much else. But it's when the zombies break through is when the chaos really starts. Gunfire, people fighting off creatures that seem only focused on ripping apart whatever's in their path.

Asriel opts to hide in the nearest house he can find when he gets surrounded by one too many undead. But as he tries to bolt inside, a decaying hand snags his leg before he can close the door. It's strong, and he's having trouble shaking them off as they try to drag him back out. There's groans from the undead right outside.]

Stop!! Let go!

[Day 3 - Closed to Frisk, Mettaton, and Zack.]

[After meeting up with Frisk, it becomes clear that just going from house to house isn't really going to work. While looking for a good place to take shelter, they get cornered by a horde of undead that's unfortunately piled up right outside a nearby house.

The only shelter they can take is a nearby car, the door slightly opened and a streak of blood on the pavement. It kind of looks like someone was trying to get away and didn't quite make it. But after climbing inside, all they can do is hope that zombies can't break windows.]
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day 3!

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[That's not going well, by the by. One of the windows has already caved in to the pressure of the rotting flesh outside, and Frisk hastens to power their shield up to ram it up against the opening, effectively stopping the gap.]

We can't stay here. [All things considered, they're remarkably calm about their impending doom - it's Asriel's fate that's most concerning.]

We have to draw them away, and run.
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[Mettaton has essentially been running wild and free this entire event. It doesn't matter where he goes or even really what he does, it's clear these zombies do not care about his existence whatsoever. This is too much power.

It's a good power to have when you can see your friend and their friend? Brother? Clamber into a car as a hungry hoard begins to wreak havoc on the metal to get at them.

The biggest problem with this hoard is how, despite them not paying attention to him at all, they have a spectacular ability to get in the way. So he shoves through the mass of dead bodies until he gets to the car and casually leans against one of the windows, effectively blocking a few zombies from getting past.]

Hi there, darlings! You seem to be in a spot of trouble.
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[It's not so much their own personal safety that concerns them compared to Asriel's. This is his first really, really dangerous event, and the mansion has left him woefully underprepared for an instance of zombies.

Frisk winces when the walkers continue to batter at the shield, counting the moments before it loses power and they lose that impromptu barrier. But they brighten up nonetheless when Mettaton waltzes for them, the relief breaking the tight, slightly pinched flatness to their expression.

Of course. He's made of metal. Why would zombies want anything to do with that?]

We're a little, um...surrounded?

[Hi, hello, help?]
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[Asriel looks terrified and then confused upon seeing him and Frisk looks relieved. Mettaton smiles broadly as the undead try to reach around him.]

Surrounded almost feels like an understatement when you look at this lot.

[He shoves one particularly eager zombie back. While they have no interest in eating him, the heavy mass of bodies pressing on him will cause some problems if he doesn't do anything about it soon.]

There is no way I'll be able to get you out of this safely by getting you out of the car... hm.

[He thinks about it for another moment and looks to the front of the car. Most of the zombies have congregated along the side of the vehicle, not the front, leaving the road mostly open in front. It gives him an idea.]

But! Perhaps the solution is moving the car instead!

[He pushes back against the bodies behind him, ignoring their groans as he quickly pulls the driver's side door open and slips inside, slamming the door shut before any unwanted hands creep in.]

Now let me see, how do you do this again...?

[He leans down and begins messing with some wires in the steering column.]
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[That sounds like both the best idea they have on hand and the worst one possible. Frisk's brow knits down as they eye Mettaton warily, watching him picking at the wires in the car. Is there even any gas in the tank?

And more importantly...]

Do you know how to drive at all?
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[Is there time to check for gas in the tank? No. Not really. Should he have before he got in the car? Probably. Mettaton is not the best in this forward thinking right now. So he focuses on the one thing he does know, which is getting this car going through his little odd means.

In all honesty it is a lot easier to do than it was on the Citadel. The car revs to life and Mettaton grins wildly, turning to look at Frisk and Asriel.]

Oh absolutely not! I've only driven once before and I crashed that car directly into the Presidium lawn!

[Now to see if everything else is working like it should...

And he better get going soon. The sound of a car starting up is like catnip to zombies.]
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[That is, somehow, not the least bit surprising to a child who would not have anticipated a robot to have gotten a driver's license, particularly where cars in a hypothetical future, post-apocalyptic of science fiction, are concerned.

Crashing is not the priority here. The priority is that their shield has begun to flicker, its integrity failing at the next score of claws across its yellow fizz of energy. The vibrations chase up to their bones, jarring the teeth in their skull.

The motor begins to purr, the rank scent of gasoline clogging their nostrils.]


[And then, to Asriel:] Get down.
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[The engine makes that oh so lovely and familiar noise and Mettaton is filled with that reckless glee that has lead to some of his best episodes in Monster history. The Zombie Race, starring Mettaton! Guest starring Frisk!

Oh. And Asriel too, he supposes.

He presses that gas pedal and for a moment the car doesn't move, merely screeching a bit as all the metal sets to working in place and the weight of the bodies begins to grow- but then the car surges forward and Mettaton lets out a whoop of delight and they're off!]

Oh yes!
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[That slasher's grin snapping up across Mettaton's features isn't necessarily a herald of anything good, but eventually the car beings to trundle along. Several of the slavering things clawing at the front vanish beneath the tires with a series of high, bright crunches.]

[The faint dimpling of their forehead is the only indication of Frisk's wince.]

[The shield retracts once they start picking up speed, but Frisk immediately begins casting about in search of something to cover up the shattered windows.]

Can you steer?

[And get onto the road?]
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[He's still a bit wrapped up in his own head about how utterly fabulous this must look right now. Oh goodness, he should have grabbed some sunglasses to really sell this...

Oh, Frisk said something!]

Steer? Of course I can dear! Any particular direction you want me to go?

[He decides to demonstrate his total ability to steer by veering the car around wildly as he spins the wheel, throwing off any unwanted stragglers that managed to cling to the metal of the car.]
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[They're patient, if nothing else. And perhaps alarmingly calm as they instruct Asriel without notable deviation in tone:]

Lie down. [Then, to Mettaton:] On the road. That'll take us faster. [And it will take them away from the worst of the horde; even if it makes noise as it goes, a car is far faster than any zombie.]
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The road! Got it.

[With a goal set in mind he yanks the wheel again, sending a nearby walker flying backwards as he attempts to line the car on the road. He can see various other zombies making their way towards them but there's no way they will catch up. They're in a car! He drums his fingers on the wheels, completely at ease with his horrible driving skills.]

Any particular destination in mind? I'm no GPS but I can get us there!
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Wonderland's already done zombies.

[Multiple times, in fact. And Frisk is nothing if unshakable in the face of seeming mortal peril. No big deal, right? None whatsoever.]

We have to find someplace quiet. They're drawn to noise.
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Wonderland has already done zombies AND I am completely immune to them so for me, this is a cake walk!

[Quiet, quiet... hm. Where is someplace quiet?]

This entire place seems rather quiet, other than the shambling undead. I'd suggest something outside of this neighborhood, but I don't know how far this Wonderland event actually extends.

[The car keeps lurching from side to side as he finally finds purchase on the road.]
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[Asriel reacts with the sort of annoyance they'd anticipate from someone who's never encountered zombies before - but at least he's not screaming in terror. If he's got enough wherewithal to comment sarcastically on the proceedings, that probably means he's doing all right.]

It's still Wonderland. It just looks different for a few days.

[And the car is still making noise, jolting about across a road dotted with corpses and pocked with potholes. Frisk peers out the window.]

If we can keep the car running and get out, it might make enough noise to draw them.
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Like Frisk said. Sometimes Wonderland can extend itself into an entire other world so you have a lot of places to roam, sometimes it is very restricted in how far you can go. I haven't been able to figure out the limitations of this event so far.

[Mettaton pauses for a moment, mulling over Frisk's plan in his mind.]

Gracious darling, doesn't that seem a bit dangerous?

[Says the robot driving a car with no license.]
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The sound is attracting them.

[They point, indicating the horde that's still shambling defiantly along in pursuit of the rumbling vehicle, regardless of how much faster it's going compared to them. And sure enough, there's the odd gray pinprick of yet another zombie that's chosen to totter in the direction of the disturbance.]

We need someplace quiet.