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we were born to break the doors down

Who: Josuke Higashikata & You
Where: Alexandria
When: July 14th - 17th
Rating: PGish
Summary: Crazy Diamond being weakened instead of completely gone is a new experience, but it's not gonna stop Josuke from helping as much as he can.
The Story:

Day 1 / Day 2 »

[Josuke doesn't even notice that Crazy Diamond isn't as strong as usual until he tries to fix a broken board in the house he claimed. What would normally be an almost instantaneous process instead takes several minutes and more noticeable, several attempts.

Cue Josuke breaking everything in the house to fix it and try to learn how to adapt to Crazy Diamond's current power level. The sounds are definitely loud enough to be heard outside the house itself.

On the second day, he begins patrolling the perimeter once it's been revealed that zombies have been spotted and are getting closer. Sure, the zombies can get punched to death if they break through, but making sure they don't get through is more important. So he focuses on repairing the fortifications, and when he can, adding more to them. It's likely quite a sight, with broken pieces appearing to repair themselves while Josuke stands nearby.]

Day 3 »

[Josuke's still working on repairing the fortifications when they break through, something he continues trying to do for as long as he can and as long as it's feasible.

Any zombies who come near, though, appear to be punched by thin air (and for all intents and purposes, unless the viewer has a Stand or Persona of their own, they are, otherwise you get to enjoy the pink sight of Crazy Diamond) hard enough for their skulls to shatter. The downside to Crazy Diamond's range is that he needs to put himself uncomfortably close to the zombies to stop them.]

-- Hey, are you hurt?

[He stops everything he's doing when he catches sight of someone injured.]
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Day 3 ♥

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[Was she just seeing things? Or were the zombies being punched by thin air? Sayaka's looking at him in shock and awe as she watches Josuke take on the zombies with ease. What kind of powers did he have? Never before had she seen anything like this!

At the sound of his voice and his question, she immediately snaps out of it.]


[She looks relieved to see him. At some point during this event, Sayaka got into a quick scuffle with a zombie. Luckily for her, she was able to escape without getting biten, but she still managed to get a pretty nasty looking scratch on her right arm from the fight.]

I-I'm okay, I have a scratch but I don't think it's anything too serious.
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Of course!

[She extends her arm out, letting him get a closer look at the wound. Just as soon as she moves her arm, she could feel a sharp stinging pain and it causes her to flinch a little.

That definitely hurt a lot more than she thought it did.]
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[The pink glow causes her to let out a gasp and she's even more shocked when the scratch vanished. It takes her a minute to process, but she definitely didn't feel anymore pain. To confirm this, she even begins to move her arm around and not once did it hurt.]

That's... amazing! My arm feels perfectly fine.

[She looks at Josuke in complete and total awe. Now there was a question running through her mind...]

Thank you so much! How did you do that?
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You're so sweet, Higashikata-kun. I can't thank you enough! Please let me cook something for you as soon as we get home. I must repay you for everthing you've done for me.

[Even if cooking compared nothing to healing her arm, she still wanted to repay him for his kindness. Not just for this, but also for when he saved her during that terrifying invisible creatures event.]

A stand...? [She repeats those words to herself, while looking in awe.] What an amazing power! I also noticed it look like you were punching the zombies in thin air? Was that the power of your stand too?
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[His grin causes her to smile right back at him. He was endearing.]

Please, I insist! You've been so kind to me.

[At his explanation, she only continues to look even more amazed by him. She glances at her arm that was completely healed.]

Wow, the power of your stand sounds so magnificent! You can do so much to help out others with it and you're really strong, too. [Hearing the name causes her to go dead silent. At first she was wondering if she even heard it correctly.] Excuse me, but did you say it was called... [She pauses.] C-Crazy Diamond?
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I'll do my best to make you something nice.

[Now she's just got to think of what to prepare! Cooking was a hobby of her's so thinking about that was the fun part.

At first, Sayaka's quiet, the similarities were uncanny. She recalled how she almost confused Josuke for her classmate when they first spoke with each other. However, Josuke was much more nicer than Mondo.]

This is probably going to sound silly but do you happen to know a guy named Mondo Oowada? [She pauses, wondering if they were even from the same time period.] He's a classmate of mine from back home and he's the leader of a bike gang called "Crazy Diamond". Your hairstyle is even similiar to his!
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Day 1

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[Ishimaru was marching through the neighborhood, trying to act as an efficient neighborhood watch. So when he hears loud noises coming from a nearby house, he knows that he has to investigate!

He runs up to the front door and quickly begins to hammer at it!][]

Excuse me!! Is there a crisis unfolding within this home?!
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[The answer is unexpected but still alarming! Ishimaru gasps.]

Higashikata-kun!! B-breaking things?! But, why would you do something so destructive??
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Your powers?! That sounds serious! Especially if it is causing unwanted property damage!
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[He gasps.]

That... that sounds like an utterly remarkable and fascinating ability, Higashikata-kun!

[But then, Ishimaru jabs a finger in Josuke's direction and speaks sternly.]

However, that is no use to cause such reckless property damage! Whether you own the house or not, it's simply disrespectful!