Feb. 5th, 2017

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Who: Anders ([personal profile] circlejerked) and you!
Where: Around the mansion.
When: Feb. 5th.
Rating: No more than PG-13? Probably?
Summary: Join Anders and his furry companions in the joy of surviving a flooded mansion to the tune of .
The Story:

drowning to breathe )
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Who: Damon Salvatore & Caroline Forbes. And then Lucifer.
Where: Going up through the flooded mansion
When: Feb. 4th.
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: While Damon tries to get to Elena, he runs into some people along the way. If you want to run into Damon too, let me know.
The Story:

Read more... )
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Who: Shaun and Georgia Mason and YOU???
Where: Sealed rooms, then water-filled corridors, then their room
When: During the event!
Rating: PG-13, character death, language
Summary: Shaun and George die and prove that every event can be a zombie event when they're around. And then afterward they hate everything.
The Story: Come away little lamb; come away to the slaughter )


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