Mar. 14th, 2017

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Who: Sam Winchester and YOU, if YOU are a Mirror
Where: His room/the surface of a mirror
When: 3/15
Rating: PG-13, probably, because Mirrors
Summary: Sam is up to something, as usual, and it involves some Mirror communication this time.
The Story: i work from nine to five; hey hell, i pay the price )
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who | elena gilbert & other bonnie bennett lovers.
where | the mansion.
when | march 12 - 14th. shoot me a pm if you want something, too!
rating | nothing scandalous.
summary | a bennett witch is gone, and those left behind will feel her loss deeply.
the story | hold on, i still need you. )
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Who: Kon and YOU
Where: creepy clone lab
When: over the course of the event
Rating: PG probably
Summary: Kon's a clone! And also... a clone of a clone. This is getting weird.
The Story: and by all accounts you really should have died )


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