May. 12th, 2017

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Who: Cisco + Various; m!Cisco + Various
Where: Physics Lab floor 4/room 052; various
When: Now
Rating: PG-13ish {language, possible vague hints at dark themes, hints/various degrees of humiliation/dehumanization/treating a person as a literal pet, drugs, various shades of violence, pushy sexual advances}
Summary: Science + metahuman powers = ?????? ; AKA: Fitz and Cisco try to break a hole through Wonderland's barriers in their attempts to reach another dimension, but the experiment has gone sideways! Mirror Cisco is on the loose in the mansion and he's determined to wreck his Real's life in the most disastrous ways possible and will be trying to fool people when and where he can. WHO will discover this slippery switch?! How much chaos will M!Cisco leave behind?!
The Story: Headers in comments, links to specific things under here. )
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Who: Henry Mills, Regina Mills, and Aunt Zelena
Where: 8th floor tea room
When: Sunday May 14th
Rating: G unless someone blows something up, idk.
Summary: Henry planned a brunch for his mom and aunt because he's a GOOD BOY.
The Story: everything i am, you helped me to be. )


May. 12th, 2017 11:25 pm
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Who: Chronos (Mirror!Mick) and you
Where: Various places of Wonderland
When: 14th-15th
Rating: PG-13 - may change
Summary: A certain science experiment on the fourth floor didn't go exactly as planned, and now Mirror Mick is on the loose on the Real side
The Story: Chronos in the houuuuse )


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