Jun. 3rd, 2017

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Who: Sans, Mettaton, Alphys
Where: Their room at the ski resort
When: The event 6/2 - 6/5
Rating: PG - PG-13 for discussions of death, mental illness, abusive relationships, etc
Summary: Sans is slowly dying, Mettaton is in an abusive relationship with his Mirror, and Alphys is the glue that holds everyone together even if she doesn't know it. Three monsters get stuck together and try to save each other with the power of friendship.
The Story: in your warmth i forget how cold it can be )
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Who: Cissie King-Jones and YOU
Where: All around the ski lodge (inside and out), and out in the snow
When: Duration of the event
Rating: G? Will change if necessary
Summary: Come play in the snow, or drink hot chocolate in the lodge after Cissie's pelted you with snow.
The Story: Cissie's out and about, enjoying the snow and the lodge for the first two days of the event. Come chat by the fire with her, or get pelted by snowballs! Or try to teach her how to ski. Day 3 will find Cissie preoccupied with arguing with Tim and getting lost in the snow with Kon.

Hang onto your hopes, my friend. That's an easy thing to say, but if your hopes should pass away, simply pretend that you can build them again )
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Who: Peridot, Lapis, and you!
Where: Out in the snow
When: Snow time like the present
Rating: Don't see why this would go above PG
Summary: snow sculptures snow sculptures snow sculptures snow scu

Well, winter Wonderland, are you enjoying the snow? It looks like your local gay space rock population is. To wit, one corner of the resort has become a gradually-expanding snow-sculpture garden as Peridot and Lapis practice their artistry meep-morpistry in a new medium. Since they don't get cold or even need to come in for dinner, they're free to get carried away!

Most of the sculptures are awkward, lumpy shapes that started out meant to look like things but embraced abstraction out of pragmaticism and/or sour grapes. You may be able to guess that these are Peridot's by the fact that one of them has her hairdo. Less common are simple shapes and swirls, smoothly formed except for the ones that broke under their own weight and were left in ruins. Also, one massive, perfectly rendered statue of a nose. Don't ask whose.

Someone could feasibly wander into this strange realm without even sighting the girls right away. Or join in, of course. On the other hand, with the wars raging around, one might see an opportunity to throw some snow and wreak some havoc. Whatever the case, the important thing is they're having fun, right?

((Both Peridot and Lapis are available for this post, together or individually! Please specify if you want one or the other.))
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Who: Kimberly Hart + YOU
Where: All over the Ski Resort
When: Ski resort event
Rating: PG-13 at most
Summary: It's not a Power Rangers movie without some kind of extreme sports montage/cut scene.
The Story: i'm so darn glad he let me try it again )
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Who: Rachel Gardner and [insert name here].
Where: Winter Vacation Land Lodge.
Rating: PG-13+ because probable language and dark themes.
Summary: Ray hasn't had a fun winter in years, so get that cute snow stuff in here.
The Story: pack all swaddled in their coats. )
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Who: Chiaki Nanami + you!
Where: Inside the ski lodge
When: Throughout the event
Rating: like maybe a PG. maybe.
Summary: Chiaki is staying indoors and out of the snow mostly and is instead doing her part to keep people relatively warm. Relatively.
The Story: i'd be safe and warm if i was in la . . . )
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Who: Frisk and a closed thread but also YOU
Where: Snowed Inn Ski Resort
When: 6/02 - 6/04
Rating: PG probably, unless shit gets serious
Summary: It's not Snowdin, but it'll do in a pinch.
The Story: i wanna share )
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Who: Kanji Tatsumi, Ann Takamaki & you!
Where: The Ski Lodge
When: 6/02 - 6/04
Rating: PG
Summary: Snow day fun-- for the most part. Ann is enjoying herself, while Kanji sorts through the memories that revisiting the ski lodge brings back.
The Story: I still remember it with you, like I'm stuck in mixed realities. )
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Who: Asriel and open!
Where: The Ski Resort
When: 06/02-06/03
Rating: Probably just PG
Summary: Asriel tries snowboarding!! And has hot chocolate!!
The Story: Don't let this kid try snowboarding )


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