Jun. 7th, 2017

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Who: The Inu no Taishou
Where: All around Wonderland
When: The day he shows up so basically 6/5. Yeh, I'm slow...
Rating: PG
Summary: Dog Dad wants to get to know how Wonderland works, how technology works, and also be a dog.
The Story: So how about some new allies? )
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Who: Turing and Wheatley
Where: Their room in the Ski Lodge
When: Backdated to June 2nd
Rating: I'm gonna say PG, these stories can't be too scary, right? ...right??
Summary: What's a good way to pass the time in the lodge on a snowy night? Swapping scary stories, of course! Robot scary stories!
The Story: It was a dark and stormy night... )
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Who: Angus McDonald and YOU or YOUR MIRROR
Where: Hallways, either through mirrors or in person
When: 6/7
Rating: PG probably, will warn if it goes higher
Summary: Angus can't overlook his curiosity anymore.
The Story: just follow my yellow light and ignore all those big warning signs )
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Who: Josuke Higashikata + Jolyne Kujo
Where: The Ski Lodge
When: June 2nd
Rating: G
Summary: The Jojos have been in Wonderland for a year, with a few days change. May as well make the most of the latest event and celebrate.
The Story: and all your demons inside come crashing through )


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