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When: THREE WHOLE DAYS - 12/17-12/19
Rating: PG-13 (or higher depending how rowdy you guys get)
Summary: IO, SATURNALIA! The party has arrived and it is here to stay for 72 hours straight of good food, gambling, dancing, drinking, singing, and so on and so forth!
The Story:

A few days into Ewaymas, on December 15th, everyone will wake up to a scroll outside their door. This scroll is an invitation to a Saturnalia celebration in two days, and everyone is welcome! If asked for clothing for the party, the closets will provide synthesis – brightly colored Roman robes – for the occasion, but the dress code is mostly just colorful and fun, if you choose to abide by it.

Starting on the 17th there will be a lavish feast in the ballroom, and food and drink are never in short supply. Drunkenness is encouraged, but there will be non-alcoholic beverages as well. There will be tables set up for gambling and dice games, music from a wide variety of worlds (specifically to encourage loud singing along and dancing all night - some are holiday remixes but others aren't), and areas for dancing and playing other games. The decorations are all in a rainbow of bright colors like the synthesis, with suns hanging up and candles floating in the air. Laurels and pileus will be available at the party for everyone to wear on their heads.

It's the kind of party that will get increasingly louder and rowdier...and it literally won't end for three whole days. Those prone to gluttony, greed, or even just escapism will find themselves not wanting to leave the party at all. There's always something to do and you can always just pass out of the floor when you're tired, right? Right! No one knows how to party like the Romans did. At the end of the day on the 19th though, all of the decorations and food will vanish and the party will abruptly come to an end.

Prose or [Action Brackets] are more than welcome, and if you have any questions please send them over to the FAQ thread for the event!
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[personal profile] rosswood 2015-12-18 08:41 am (UTC)(link)
[This place is just full of kids. Great. So now Alex has to watch his language on top of everything else. Doesn't help that he's more than a little inebriated at this point, but now there's a loudly dressed, loudly singing girl trying tooooooo get him to dance?

Oh no. Alex Kralie does not dance. Socializing, sure. Drinking, definitely. But dancing? No. Nope. Not happening.

He tries to wave her off as best as he can but he's got all the coordination of someone who's definitely had way past his limit.]

Mm-mm. No, uh, no thanks. I'm good.
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-18 06:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Mabel is twelve and her knowledge of inebriated adults is pretty much limited to what she's seen on basic cable. Also she doesn't take no for an answer.]

The gods demand a sacrifice! [so insistent] Move those feet, mister!
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Gods? [Do they have those here too!? Maybe he's drunk enough to believe it and get appropriately nervous about it.] Wh - I don't, I don't dance. Really, I've never -

[He is a cool guy who has never danced.]
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-21 09:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Maybe not literal gods... Or possibly literal gods. I dunno, but my brother went off on some nerd rant about this whole party being a thing in old-timey Rome, and all I paid attention to was the part about colorful clothes.

[shrugs] And what kind of person doesn't dance? That's just a tragedy!

[That's preposterous!]
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[Old-timey, huh? That would explain the clothes...and the scroll...and the crown of flowers Alex managed to obtain, whose origin he's still fuzzy on.

All right what level of plausible deniability does he have here exactly.]

I'd love to, really, but I broke my, um. [Leg? Toe? Foot?] ...spirit. My, my holiday spirit.

[Nailed it.]
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-22 12:59 am (UTC)(link)




Mabel's eyes widen with preteen horror as she reaches out to grab a handful of his clothes as if he's a dying man and she's desperately hoping to keep him clinging to life.]
What? You know the only cure for that is more holiday cheer, man. D'you wanna become like that guy who lives in the mountains hating all the Whats down in Whatville?

[Gravity Falls and it's creative way to deal with licensing.]
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[Wait what is she doaaaaAAAAAAHHH

Oh geez, he's stumbled upon a real holidays lunatic, hasn't he. She is surprisingly strong for her size. How does he fend off this assault.]

I'm good, really. I'm just, uh. [He swirls his drink hopefully.] Drinking fixes everything, right? Just need a lie-down. Away from, uh, everything.
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Drinking eggnog, maybe. [that's probably not eggnog. she's just saying.] What're you even doing here if you're so... anti-party?

[she narrows her eyes suspiciously, still not letting go of his shirt. He's so jumpy. It reminds her of Wirt, only... older. With fewer excuses, probably.]
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Free booze and zero laws on drinking. [It's a little scary how quickly he's able to rattle that off. Is she old enough to know what "booze" is? Well, it's not like there's any party moderation here. She's gonna learn some time or another.

He shrugs, half sheepish and half sincere.]

I figured I should get to know people, all right? Seeing as I guess I'm not going anywhere.
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-22 01:26 am (UTC)(link)
Aww. You can't get to know anyone being all awkward all the time. Unless you're Wirt, and he's so hopeless about it, it's endearing. Also I don't know if he knows anyone besides me, Dipper, and his bird friend. [she plants her hands on her hips. she's an expert on social niceties in Wonderland.]
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Dipper? [Hang a minute.] Kid with the cap and the detective feti - um, interest in spooky stuff, right?

[Hey, look at that. He's already got a mutual acquaintance with someone. And unless he's mistaken, he thinks he knows Wirt and the bird too.

Huh. Small world.

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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-22 01:31 am (UTC)(link)
Yeah, he's my twin brother.

[she grins.] I'm not apologizing for him.

[because he's probably said something or done something and her brother has gotta... do his thing.]
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You two are...related. [Okay, he can believe it.] Yeah, he kinda poked around my room a bit.

[He doesn't sound fussed about it, for what it's worth. It's hardly this kid's fault her brother's a mini-Jay wannabe investigator.]

Look at that, we already got mutual acquaintances.
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Well, between me and Dipper, we probably know most of the mansion, honestly. [she sticks a hand out.] I'm Mabel.
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Alex. [He takes her hand and shakes it once, as firm as he can despite his slight tipsiness.] Real social kids, aren't you?
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Dipper's just trying to figure out everything about Wonderland, and I just want the full Wonderland experience. [she spins around gracelessly, her tulled skirts twirling about her ankles.]
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Parties and all, huh? [Well, it hasn't been so bad. Granted, he'll probably change his mind about that soon. Parties and drinking and the occasional wendigo can't be all there is to this Winter Wonderhell.] So how long've you been here?
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-22 04:29 am (UTC)(link)
Um... [she tries to count on her fingers.] Maybe about six months, I guess. It was before our birthday, but after summer started. Plus we went home for a few weeks somewhere in there.
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So people come and go. [He says it mostly to himself, vaguely unsettled. It's really just proof of what has already been implied, but this more or less confirms that.


And, lemme guess, you don't remember a lot of it?
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[personal profile] powerofmabel 2015-12-28 09:52 pm (UTC)(link)
I remember being home, but when we got there, it was like... Wonderland never even happened, and then we came back, we remembered everything. Weird, huh?

[pretty sneaky, wonderland]
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Yeah. Really. [He says it kind of darkly, and nods to himself. Hmm. Time to file that one away along with 'things to be investigated later'.]

Thanks. [He turns to go because, well, he's pried all the information he wants to out of this kid, which means that now it's time to make his stealthy escape before any dancing resumes.]
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[Mabel beams and waves after him.] Bye! Nice meeting you! Don't forget to have fun!
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[personal profile] rosswood 2015-12-29 10:57 pm (UTC)(link)
Yeah, you, uh, you too, champ. [He waves with markedly less enthusiasm, but can't help the vague half-smile. She's just so genuine.]

See ya. [A. Kralie OUT.]