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Please take the ghosts from my heart

Who: Raleigh & you!
Where: Outside in the freezing cold. Naturally.
When: January 4th
Rating: *finger guns*
Summary: Someone come save this lost n00b.
The Story:

He wakes with a gasp. A gasp and a shiver and the grasp of his copilot around his shoulders. She’s hugging him so tightly he can’t breathe. He can smell the scent of her hair. Of her drivesuit. Of the metallic grind from Gipsy core as she detonated. But Raleigh never woke to find Mako shaking the life back into him. He remembers falling. He remembers strange forms and faces as Gipsy fell through the rift and into the Antiverse before exploding. He remembers the rush and whir of his escape pod and his vision black around the edges from giving up his oxygen line. He remembers jetting back through to the other side and—

-and he feels like somewhere Mako is holding him but when he opens his eyes that certainly isn’t the case.

Rals, hey Rals- His brother’s voice.

It’s over, Yancy. You can sleep now. It’s over, I’ll be there soon.

But he opens his eyes and squints through his visor and all he sees is white. Raleigh remembers capsule release by his right hand and groans as he pulls it up and over to the left. The glass ejects from over him with a loud hiss and lands three meters to the right with a splash.

Water. Huh. Okay, that’s something at least. It’s with another groan that he hauls himself up to sitting and slowly takes in his setting. A lake he thinks, or close enough to some shore that he’s not sure. But he can see the pebbled bottom of the icy water and rolls himself unceremoniously over the edge to make his way towards shore. The water’s edge is gentle but freezing. The bright sky is as white as the snowfields around him. The air is bleak and bites with every breath he takes and it feels like he’s stealing them. It feels like a dream, he feels like he’s drifting. This isn’t Hong Kong, this can’t be real. But this isn’t death. Not yet. This isn’t the end. Not for him. That would be too kind.

Curling his hand into a fist he finds the sudden appearance of a device. It’s unfamiliar but he knows what a communicator looks like and flips it open. It wasn’t there a second ago but logic was never his strong suit and nor was the divide between reality and..something else.

“Mako,” he whispers and looks up to the icy sky, then towards the looming presence of a grand estate – the likes of which he hasn’t seen since he was a child. He turns towards it, then, trudging through the snowbanks, a figure in black against the bleak horizon brave.

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What's Alex doing? Alex is being lamentably stupid with a side of asking for it. After running into the flesh-eating wood-beast from hell, he hasn't been one for venturing outside of the mansion. But with the end of the holiday parade came the promise that freakish things like that have since faded into the ether, and that's just fine by him.

He checks the dark lines in pen on his hand. January...fourth. January fourth. Everything here feels way too goddamn impermanent for him to keep track on anything as common as paper, so he's taken to marking the date on his skin. Better to keep track. Harder to lose everything that way.

Alex shivers, drawing himself deeper into his coat. Dumb fucking idea, coming out here. Except, wait a minute - someone else is out here too. Well thank fuck for dumbasses. They're like a multiversal constant, who knew?

And this is a someone who landed in some kind of - freaky futuristic escape pod deal. Well, shit, did they get an astronaut landing here recently? He certainly looks the part.

"Hey!" Alex calls at the guy cutting a slow steady path toward the mansion, his breath misting thick and gray against the cold. "Last I checked, Mars is that way!"
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Ohhhhh shit, here Alex thought he'd better start with something indirect and low-key, and this guy's starting to look a little punch-drunk around the edges. He probably shouldn't even be in the cold like this.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Alex advances, still keeping a fair distance because he has no idea where this guy came from, what if he did come from space and has his fair share of moon viruses or something like that, it's a valid worry considering the kind of shit they deal with here on the regular, but he eyes the other guy a little warily and tries to piece together what the hell kind of world he came from.

"You're in Wonderland, pal. Get it together." Maybe a little on the harsh side, but until they can get something established by the way of communication, that's all Alex is giving him for now.
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Alex scrutinizes him skeptically. Well, shit, he's not equipped for this. One-liners and vague advice is like, his thing here (does it count as his thing when he's only done it to one or two people?) but this guy's clearly not in a good state of mind to take stuff like that in stride.

"You, uh, you should probably sit down or something." Yes, truly the pinnacle of doctor's advice. Alex makes an equivocal hand gesture toward the side of his head. "Look a little rough there. Hit your head or something?"

Does Alex have sympathy for the brain-damaged? Yes, possibly, but don't you dare try to get him to admit it. While he might not know what to do here exactly, he's not about to leave this guy completely in the lurch. Alex doesn't do that. They're all in the same shitty boat here.
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"Uh-huh." Alex feels like an absolute dick for it, but he's not about to help the guy hands-on if he's still got no idea where he came from. Moon viruses, man. He's seen the B-movies, all right, he knows how the sci-fi horror films go down. "Wonderland. I'm being legit here. You're stuck here now, no way back, watch yourself, etc. It's less fun than it sounds."

Looks like Astro-Boy here has already picked up one of those communication doodads. Well, good. Means he's not totally helpless, and Alex can wash his hands of this whole obligation real damn soon. He's not cut out to play tour guide, all right? "Where'd you come from, anyway? Space?"

He's only being partially sarcastic.
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Oh, good, you hear that everyone, it's military. That little bit of snark takes Alex off-guard, considering he was all ready to assume that Spaceman was suffering from some post-concussive disorientation or something. But hey, the man's got some bite left in him. That means Alex can get out of here even quicker than he'd originally thought, right?

"No shit." Alex narrows his eyes. He's not one of those unlucky suckers who's forgotten everything of home. Not yet, anyway. "Not everyone here's from the same damn planet, all right? I figured I should ask."

No actual confirmation on that statement yet, but he's met witches and skeletons and shit like that just doesn't come from the Earth he remembers.

"You gonna be good to go, or should I call someone to get you outta here?" Because if it's all the same to him, Alex is in no way prepared to take responsibility for newbies. At all.
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Alex tosses him a lazy thumbs-up. "Got it in one."

Look, he's gotta nip stuff like this in the bud. Can't get a reputation for being helpful or something, god. That would just ruin everything.

He almost makes those his parting words, but halts with a sigh because, c'mon, even he's not that heartless. He swipes a hand through his hair and points wearily in the same direction. He can sum up a basic tutorial, right? Can't just leave the poor bastard to freeze.

"Big mansion. Can't miss it. Got all sorts of rooms inside, food, clothes, whatever you need. Pick a room and if it's not taken it's yours. And, uh, don't freeze to death. Got it?"

Nailed it.
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Let's be real, Alex makes a habit of being That One Guy to people. It's kind of a personal goal of his, at least until it starts making him enemies.

"No problem." And with that, he's off.

What's that? Introductions? Pshh, who's got time for those. As far as Alex is concerned, this guy can just be Spaceman in his head. He's got places to go. Forests to, potentially, skirt around and avoid exploring.

And frankly, Spaceman is probably safer not knowing anything about Alex Kralie.