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(mostly open) All revelations come to us in recovery...

Who: Ruby 2.0 + you! (plus starters for Sam and Bobby)
Where: Starting outside and then moving into the mansion
When: January 4th
Rating: UUUUUH at least PG-13 because somebody's getting stabbed with a fork at some point :<
Summary: Ruby 2.0's here and there's nothing to fear

The Story:

Beach »

[There had been pain, mindblowing pain pulling her back down from that sweet high of a job well done. She'd almost had Sam on board, too... But Dean just had to have perfect frickin' timing - that dickwad. She'd managed to do the impossible and how was she rewarded? Death. A permanent death, not an exorcism, not sending her plummeting back to Hell. Death on the tip of her own knife. She'd expected to feel nothing when it was all done, but it seems nothing in life is ever that simple. Instead, there's a spray of cold water on her face and a sound most people might find relaxing - similar to a heartbeat. Heartbeats often reminded people of a warmth, a chance to bask in the love of another. Those things did not belong in her life - weaknesses to be exploited.

Fingers rest over her abdomen, toying with the tear in her shirt from the knife as she works up the steam to actually get up. What was it with the Winchester clan actively trying to ruin her wardrobe? Ruby finally pushes herself upward, dusting the snow and sand off of herself and actually bothering to look around.]

Well, this isn't Kansas.

[This wasn't at all what she was expecting. Like, maybe Purgatory at best... But last she'd heard Purgatory didn't have a huge ass mansion. A mansion that looked warmer than where she currently was, not that the cold actually bothered her. But, she'd rather not draw too much attention to herself right off the bat. As she moves, she tests her powers to see just how messed up this whole situation is - eyes flooding to black as she rolls her shoulders. She still had it, at least this was good news although if anyone saw that the whole 'don't draw attention to yourself shtick was going right out the window. Next step, though? Figuring out just where she was... And maybe finding some food.

Dying is hungry work.]

Library and Wandering »

[She'd started heading towards the kitchen before her brain caught up with her and reason set in. She'd just come back from literally helping to raise Hell on Earth. Might not be a bad idea to make sure she was the only one to slip through whatever crack in time she'd apparently found. Maybe do a little research to see if this was tied with breaking the Seals.

Ruby starts to wander up the stairs, pamphlet still in hand as she makes her way to the place that hopefully held the answers for her. If the piece of paper wasn't lying, there should be a library in here somewhere. It just might take some serious searching, which is fine with her. She's got nothing but time right now. When she finds it, she's anything but disappointed - gawking like a kid in FAO Schwarz.]

Holy shit.

[She's beauty, she's grace - truest class act. The shiny wears off a little as she sets to work trying to find her answers - piling up as many books as she could find on rips in time, reincarnation, a potent spell book, even String Theory just in case. And of course, the Bible. Might as well cover all her bases. Pay no attention to brunette with a hole in her shirt and the crazy assortment of books in front of her.]

Closed to Bobby »

[After grabbing one of the pamphlets from the entrance hall and accepting the fact that maybe she needed to prioritize a little beyond food. Like, survival. Ruby finally let her stomach lead her where it may - which in this case meant in the direction of the kitchen back down on the first floor. It doesn't take her long to completely and totally make herself at home there, unphased by the magic of the cabinets.

Honestly, why hadn't she thought of finding enough juice to do this first?

If only she'd actually had the downtime to think about it, but she'd been anything but bored over the past 600 plus years. There's a wide assortment of food on one of the tables as she finally settles in to do a little more homework and read up on who all was here. She doesn't even notice anyone else walk into the kitchen, too engrossed in watching recent network posts - specifically Sam's mentioning Dean was gone. It was like Christmas, really. And that might have just been showing on her face as she popped a fry into her mouth.

Fingers deftly move over the device to keep scrolling through - focusing on the responses and making note of just how deeply Sam had worked his way into the hearts of some of these people. Cyber-stalking at its finest.]

Closed to Sam »

[Ruby should go to her own room and chill out, calm herself down after she just exerted so much control to not snap Bobby's neck where he stood. Yes, okay, it's safe to assume that people are gonna be pissed about what happened back home but she was just doing her job. Did everyone forget about her base nature? What lurked beneath the surface? Yes, deep down somewhere she maybe just had a little humanity left.


And she'd had another priority back home and that priority was here. Sam. She'd seen his network post and could almost taste his sadness from the loss of his brother. Sure, she couldn't stand Dean. Without him, she might've gotten through to Sam to see the final piece of her plan come to fruition. But he was still Sam's brother - she'd seen what that loss had done to him previously. Might as well check up on him, say hello, and maybe just bitch a little about Bobby.

She makes her way to his room, not sure what she might come across that could hinder her steps. There's a soft knock on the door, running a hand through her hair as she waited for him to open it. As soon as the door does open, the words are flying out of her mouth, clearly still irritated.]

You need to keep a tight leash on your freakin' grandpa dog, Sam. I mean I bite a hell of a lot harder than him, coming after me with a fork like that's gonna do anything...

[Hi, Sam. Did you miss her?]

Bar »

[Alright, you know what? Screw it. She was done trying to play nice, lay low and be a quiet little demonic mouse. She was here, she was alive and who cared if no one else wanted her here. She was used to being alone, being hated and never being quite enough. So, she goes off to claim a room, hops in the shower and finally plays with her closet.

She cranks the music and eventually settles on a look - attractive yet casual. Jeans, heeled boots, a lower-cut top that was hole-free, and a splash of make-up. If no one else was gonna celebrate her being alive, she'd take care of it on her own. She was good at that. No reason to stop now.

Making her way up to the bar from the 2nd floor, eyes scan the ceiling before coming in - not wanting to get caught by a stray Devil's Trap. Wouldn't that just be the cherry on the sundae called her life? She eventually settles into a barstool a little away from everyone else, debating the biggest question right now...

Whiskey or Tequila?]
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[Alex comes in from the cold, blowing on his lamentably gloveless hands in an effort to thaw them into something other than the stiff matchsticks they're starting to resemble, to no avail. He shakes a dusting of snow from his hair and shoulders without much regard for his surroundings - it'll melt pretty soon anyway, won't it?

He scrubs hands over his arms for a minute before deciding, fuck it, he'll take the illusion of warmth over the real thing. He takes the first cheap generic beer he finds and has almost finished dumping a good third of it into a glass when he notices some chick chilling on the far end of the bar. He's not what he'd call a regular here and he's hardly gotten to know everyone around the place, but he doesn't recognize her.

Looks like she's in the mood for the drink. What the hell. He raises his bottle in a mock toast.]

Want some? Still got like half a bottle in here.
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[Well hey, look at that. See, Alex can totally be nice when he wants to be. The last person he met wasn't nearly so receptive, or even coherent, which was about enough to make him swear off greeting newbies for forever, thank you very much.

He manages half a grin as he pushes the bottle over to her.]
Alex. You new here, or what? Haven't seen you around.

[Small talk. Easy. He'd almost forgotten what something like that felt like.]
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Eh, I like to think I'm pretty good at telling who's just arrived.

[That, of course, is a complete lie. On a good day he's about as observant as a brick wall with a very singular goal in mind, which is usually to get certain people to leave him the hell alone.]

Wasn't that long ago for me, either. Couple weeks. You people seem to show up in clumps.

[He frowns thoughtfully for a moment.] Umm - take everything in stride? Get used to seeing weird shit? Man, I dunno.
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no prob bud

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[Oh, good, another person from one of those bizarro worlds, huh.]

We talking zombie apocalypse weird shit, or Carebears have hijacked a plane weird shit? There are lots of different flavors out there, see. Gonna have to be more specific than that.