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Tavern Mingle (INSIDE) | OPEN

Where: The Dark Lantern Tavern!
When: 1/15/16 -1/18/16 - The duration of the event!
Rating: Probably PG-13, will vary by thread.
Summary: Let's go to this creepy tavern and ask for some directions! A log for staying nice and dry inside.
The Story:

For the duration of the event, the mansion has become a dingy tavern. It has two floors, the bottom being the main tavern and the upper floor has six bedrooms with one bed and one magic closet in each room for everyone to fight over, unless they don't mind sleeping on the floor or in the tavern somewhere. With the amount of people in Wonderland, everyone is cramped together and it will be very crowded. The closets will work, however they will only provide clothing and items from time periods long gone (though they do not seem to be bound to any particular time period). There are no employees to be found in the Tavern, but there's a working kitchen with a wood fire stove and enough food and drink for everyone to last the entire event comfortably. There's even a stage with musical instruments to entertain yourselves with! There's no electricity, but plenty of candles and lanterns around.

For the entire length of the event, it will be dark outside. In addition to the never-ending night, it will pour for four days straight, and it will all seem rather ominous once it becomes apparent the sun isn't coming out. Pretty much all signs will suggest that everyone should stay in the tavern and eat, drink, and be merry with their stupid new names. But it really is tight quarters, and some might be curious to see what else is out there. Maybe there's another place to stay out there, or something. Maybe the Beast Alice spoke of is out there.

(Lost? Perhaps you're looking for the outside log or the event information.)
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SO i don't know if u know this but alex has Associations with the title "operator"

[personal profile] rosswood 2016-01-20 06:53 am (UTC)(link)
[Goddddd this whole thing blows. He's got the worst name (maybe not the worst name, he'll concede he's heard worse and he's definitely heard weirder) and the place is utterly crowded and he hates it, he hates all of it. The Puppet is so done with this place.

He wants beer.

Give him the beer.

And in his haste to cloud his mind in an alcoholic haze (this is not a good coping mechanism, Mr. Kralie) he bangs straight into a dude he's pretty sure he's never seen before.]

Woah. Shit. Sorry, man.
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Nope, not a clue!

[personal profile] voiceinthedark 2016-01-21 01:53 am (UTC)(link)
[There is beer. Not just beer, actual good beer. Like, the kind that the hipster guys with beards at university would rave about in the very specific set of pubs they'd visit. Of course, they were all dead now. Except Eugene. Eugene would probably love this and Sam was mostly certain that Eugene was alive. Probably.

Oh god. That was the trouble with the apocalypse. You let people out of your sight and they could easily be dead next time you saw them.

He grabs his mug of beer only for someone to bump into him, spilling a good bit of it across the bar. He frowns and turns around at the hurried apology. He doesn't recognise the guy so he's probably new.]

Uh, no worries. It's all free and there's plenty more right?
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[Shhhhhiiiiiit there it goes. Some of it gets all on his shirt and he backs away, scrubbing ineffectually at the wet fabric with his hands.

This is just greeeeat. Way to make a good first impression: by stumbling haphazardly into someone else when he doesn't even have the excuse of being drunk. A+, Kralie. Good job.]

Guess it is free, yeah. Sorry about, uh. [Whatever, he's apologized already.] 'M the Puppet. I mean - shit.

[He forgot he can't use his actual name for this goddamn event, and his expression screws up in distaste.]
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[Ugh, the smell of beer is gross when it gets stale too. He gives the man an apologetic look.]

It's okay. It happens. It's pretty crowded in here after all.

[The Puppet seems an odd sort of title, but he can't question it much.]

Nice to meet you. I'm- I'm The Operator. And... I guess I'll tell you my actual name when this place goes back to normal.
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[He's all good and willing to skate right past the socially-expected introductions and get on with his beer-getting, but the other man's title causes the Puppet to go abruptly rigid, eyes darting up toward his face and away again.

He begins edging back, his jaw locked, all pretense of friendliness dropping.]

That's your name? The -

[No. Fuck. He can't say it.

He can't say it because it's shrilling in his brain to the key of high-pitched static and he wants to cover his ears but he can't
manage it.]
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[Uh... okay, that is not the reaction that he'd expected. It jerks him out of the cosy lull he's settled into, and for a moment with the look on the man's face, he half expects to hear the groaning of the undead. He checks over his shoulder to check.]

Um... yeah? I mean, it's what I am, back home. The Operator.
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[Maybe not the undead, but the unsettled? Hell yes. It's gotta be coincidence. Please let it be coincidence.

Goddamnit but his hands are shaking.]

That's, uh. Really. Really.

[His jaw clenches so hard his teeth hurt.





[He grinds out the word coldly, immediately eyeing the guy with a dark sort of suspicion, like he's expecting him to abruptly change his tune any second now. Paranoid, him? Why, never.]
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[This is really getting a little worrying now. Sam frowns, folds his arms over his chest.]

Is there a problem?
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Problem? Nah. 'Course not. Why would there be a problem.

[The fact that he can't really bring himself to temper his tone into something level-sounding speaks volumes to the contrary. He starts backing away, either unwilling or unable to meet the other man's eyes.]

Just find it really suspicious, you know, just kinda sounds like you're the guy in charge or something.

[A Puppet needs, after all, a Puppeteer.

What, so this guy isn't allowed to come from a different world? How's the Puppet supposed to know if that thing that stalked him all his life isn't a multiversal constant?]
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Because you look like you just saw a horde of zombies for the first time.

[Had to be the first time. By the point Sam's got to they've more of an annoying part of the scenery than anything. The explanation doesn't really help things either.]

Well, kind of. At home. I'm the main Radio Operator for my settlement. I control missions for the runners.
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[FUCKING SHIT. He just meant radio operator holy fucking shit now Alex feels like a goddamn asshole and he sighs, relief beyond palpable. He runs his hands through his hair and shakes his head as though trying to jar himself back to reality. Holy shit.]

God. Okay. Look, I - sorry about that, I just, uh - I thought you meant something else.


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[Ooookay then. Misunderstanding. But that was weird. Like, really weird. And Sam has seen plenty of weird things.]

Well, i'm not going to be doing surgery on anyone and we don't have much heavy machinery so... Radios it is.

[He nods, settling down a little now the guy doesn't look like Sam is about to eat him.]

I come from the zombie apocalypse. I mean, we're talking a couple of years post-outbreak, not the immediate aftermath thank god. That was a fucking mess.
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[Surgery. He shudders. God. He needs to learn to keep his fucking mouth shut when it counts.]

Holy shit, dude. I thought my life sucked.

[Though he's pretty sure he'd take a zombie apocalypse over what he was stuck dealing with at home, weird synchronicity with titles notwithstanding. Time to skaaaaaate on past his little freak-out there and pretend it never happened!!!!! ha!!! haha!!!!!!]
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[There's a flicker of guilt on Sam's face because yeah, people always say that. And yet...]

Well, it's not ideal. And to be honest, if I could bring everyone I know to Wonderland I would do it, crazy events are still better than the constant threat of human extinction.

[Except Moonchild. She can burn. And Van Ark. And those creepy zombie cultists Okay, there are plenty of people he wouldn't care about saving.]
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I hear you there.

[Frankly he prefers this place to his life back home, even if it doesn't sound half as wild as a lot of the stories he's been hearing about other people's homes.]

Free food, and death is an inconvenience. I mean, that's not a shitty deal, you know?
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Free food. Hot showers. Electricity that isn't rationed. People not dying of exposure in winter. games.
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Hell yeah.

[RIGHT time to get that beer, which he promptly retrieves and starts chugging because he frankly doesn't feel like he's quite lived down the embarrassment of almost biting off this random dude's head over a name???]

So what year is it, where you're from?
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[Sam grabs his own beer and takes a much slower sip.]

2015? Maybe 2016? Not been keeping track as close as I should have.
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[Alex whistles.]


[If that's what he's got to look forward to, he's definitely glad he's here now.]

Only 2009 where I was. Maybe we come from the same place, huh.

[That's probably a tasteless joke. Whatever.]
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Maybe. It's possible.

Have you ever heard of a big tech company called Comansys? Or Pandora Haze?

[Comansys was still a pretty big deal in 2009 he thinks, even if he'd been more occupied with university.]
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Uhhh, no?

[He frowns as he tries to remember, but neither of those names ring a bell. Then again, he's not really the best judge for this sort of thing. He doesn't generally pay attention to shit like that.]

Man, I dunno. Were they big in Alabama?
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[personal profile] voiceinthedark 2016-01-25 01:12 am (UTC)(link)
I dunno. I'm English.

Haven't had much news from America. Bits and pieces, and I mean, we did speak to Margaret Atwood in Toronto but she'd gone a bit... well, completely insane.
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-01-25 01:14 am (UTC)(link)

No surprise there. Pretty much everyone in Alabama is.

[With the exception of himself, of course. HAAAAAA.]

Well, who knows. Never paid attention to that stuff. I'm into film.
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[personal profile] voiceinthedark 2016-01-25 01:16 am (UTC)(link)
It's an understandably prolific problem in the zombie apocalypse.

[No-one was surprised.]

Film is good. I always liked the radio. I mean, I like video games too, and D&D.
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[personal profile] rosswood 2016-01-25 01:18 am (UTC)(link)
Hell yeah.

[He can dig that.]

Guess an apocalypse would help you appreciate that stuff more.

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