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+ Not an Early Riser +

Who: The Garden and you!
Where: Everywhere!
When: March 2 - March 6
Rating: PG maybe?
Summary: The Garden is making friends!
The Story:
There is a thread for each of the Garden NPCs, even those whose interactions can be hand-waved (just in case!). Their effects are also there, as a reminder.

Anyone can respond to any of the NPCs here, even if you did not sign up on the request thread. Their effects and demands are described in event announcement post. In the subject of the tag, indicate when during the event the interaction takes place, and where if possible. This will serve as a point of reference. Both prose and action-style tags are welcome!

If you want the interaction to go in a specific direction, you can always IM me at MadMadPhineas or PM this account!

Have fun! ♥
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3/04, indoors

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Alex doesn't have allergies. Sure, he gets the occasional cold or whatever, but he doesn't get itching-sweating-sneezing reactions to things.


The Larkspurs may occasionally hear him sneeze from a ways off. These aren't little prim sneezes. They're loud, obnoxious, foghorn sneezes, probably because of all the pollen that definitely wasn't around here before and oh my god is the garden inside the mansion now?

Alex eyes the purplish flowers nearest to him suspiciously, as though they're singlehandedly to blame from the influx of itching in his nose. He squints.

"Asshole," he grumbles, to no one in particular. Or so he thinks.
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Oh jesus god mary mother of dick why is it talking.

On second thought, yeah, maybe he should've expected this, this is Wonderland and Wonderland is like that, right? The whole story read like it was written on acid, which it probably was, but the thought does nothing for Alex's nerves as he yelps in alarm.

"Wh - seriously?" He recovers eventually, his surprise resolving into a hard glare. "What's the deal here, man?"
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Bro. Wow.

"Look, pal. You wanna take it personally, that's your problem." Just look at Alex. Alex gets called an asshole all the time, and does he throw a bitch-fit about it? Hell no. Not where anyone can see, anyway.

"What's going on here, anyway?" Forget debating the semantics of insults, Alex needs to know what's what here. "You're a flower, you tell me why there's stuff growing inside the mansion of all a sudden."

Stereotyping does no one any favors, Alex.
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"Favor" is a deceptively vague word, and one that Alex never likes to take at face value. He regards the larkspur skeptically, and folds his arms across his chest.

"What's in it for me?" Because, frankly, a flower's forgiveness isn't really up there on the list of things he wants from the universe. Is he walking on thin ice? Probably, yeah. Does he give a shit? Not really, no.
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"You wanna drink?" Alex's eyebrows go up. Not like he's judging, no. I mean, who's he to judge? He drinks way too much for a guy in his twenties. It's more just the fact that...they're flowers.

He snorts. "Yeah, sure. Nice one. What're you gonna do with it, dump it in a pretty little watering can?"
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Like hell he's gonna get admonished by a flower.

"You know what I'm thinking I'll bring you? A nice set of pruning shears." Rude. He mimes snipping bits of larkspur off all over the place. "Garden's looking a bit overgrown to me. You like that, huh?"

This boy just doesn't learn.
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"That right?"

Alex has half a mind to yank this bigger-than-its-britches flower up by the roots right here and now, but...nah, probably not worth it. Knowing Wonderland, it might give him a rash or something. Instead, he snorts, and saunters off like he isn't about to be hit with the worst hangover of his career.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to keep that in mind, cupcake," he says with a careless wave.
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Alex casually tosses them the finger on his way out. Because he's petty.

God, but he's so going to regret this.