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you're on your own, in a world you've grown [open]

Who: Alex Kralie and you!
Where: Fourth floor, and later outside
When: 4/16 - 4/20
Rating: PG-13 for gore and unpleasantness
Summary: Zombie apocalypse. Alex is prepared. And for once, he's not about to die.
The Story:

4/16; so show me why you're strong
By the time Max's post went up, Alex already knew something was off, because he nearly got attacked as well. He barricaded himself in his room immediately and waited for the incessant pounding to fade away. These things are smart and sensitive, and what's more, they're hungry.

He spends the first day in his room. If he hears any human-sounding shouts, he'll only sit tight for a moment before tearing the door open and trying to snatch whoever might be out there to safety with him. It's for self-preservation, he tells himself, and no other reason. The more people that get infected, the more monstrous zombie-things he'll have to worry about.

He doesn't care otherwise. He really doesn't.
4/17; ignore everybody else, we're alone now
For once, he's actually remembered the gun Rocket gave him. It's a powerful laser-shooting thing, but loud, and he's not entirely certain how to reload it, so he's vowed to only use it when necessary. It took the entire day to get himself a gas mask from his closet, which means the mansion is not going to be forthcoming with supplies in the future. Time to move on.

He pulls the gas mask on and zips up his jacket, the one from home, yanking the hood low over his head. Gloves on his hands. Not an inch of flesh showing. Can't give these sons of bitches any flesh to feast on. Blue stripes aren't great for blending into his surroundings, but it's the only jacket he's got, so he creeps along the fourth floor, hyperalert, waiting for the inevitable inhuman sound of an approaching undead ambush.
4/18 - 4/20; and your friends are gone, and your friends won't come
Thick greenish clouds have begun to creep from under doors and into the hallway. Alex has abandoned his room entirely and set off into the outside, shouldering his backpack with its scanty supplies, creeping cautiously along with his futuristic laser-gun thing in hand. He hasn't got a lot of food, or even a lot of water, but luckily he's used to running on fumes. Turns out his gun doesn't need to be reloaded. Lasers don't have mags, who knew? He's even adapted to the kickback, but the angry roar of the thing charging and then firing tends to attract lots of unpleasant noise, so he's also armed himself with a rusted shovel he located out in the garden. It's flimsy, looks like it'll fall apart any second, but it also makes much less noise.

Speaking of noise.

Someone's screaming somewhere. He's not a savior of anyone's skin, the last few events taught him that much, but the yelling will attract more packs of the things, and they're close enough to him to pose a legitimate threat. Unfortunately, the thing about gas masks is that they're awful hard to see out of at the best of times, and Alex had to discard his glasses just to get the thing on in the first place. He's half-blind and mostly operating on sound. Just like. Hah. Just like the monsters after his blood.

Luckily, screams are easy to pinpoint. He tears toward the source of the commotion, whips up his laser rifle, and braces the stock against his shoulder.

"Get down!" he yells, the warning muffled by the gas mask but hopefully coherent nonetheless.

Then he fires.

[ooc: anyone who wants to be rescued or had the situation well in hand, thank you very much, in the last prompt is more than welcome to jump in! Prose or brackets are fine, I'll match either one!]
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4/16 I'm so sorry >.>

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[ Natasha's been fine. She's been handling it. She's fought Chitauri, she's fought endless waves of Ultron's robotic minions. While these things are considerably uglier (which is an impressive feat in itself, let her tell you) so far they haven't started swarming quite as badly in scale as New York and Sokovia.

She's been taking it in stride. At least until a hand appears out of nowhere behind her to yank her out of the hallway and into a room and it's her instincts that are reacting before her common sense kicks in.

Which is why she spins around in a movement almost too fast to follow and pins the owner of said offensive hand to the wall, a dagger pressed to his throat. ]

Don't sneak up on me. It's unhealthy.
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[ She holds him there a moment longer, gaze narrowed on his face in suspicion before she lowers the knife. ]

Didn't anyone ever warn you not to grab a woman when she's fighting zombies with sharp objects?

[ Her words are utterly dry as she gives him a mildly exasperated look and sheathes the knife once more, releasing him entirely and checking the corridor outside to make sure everything was quiet again before shutting the door firmly. ]
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Not with zombies.

[ Her answer is brusque and to the point but she takes his words as an apology whether he meant it to be or not. Aren't you lucky?

She lets her gaze scan her new surroundings, the room he'd been holed up in. ]

I take it you haven't?

[ No offense, you just seem a little jumpy. ]
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[ One eyebrow wings upwards as she saunters over to take a look, impressed. She studies the feed for a moment, curious, her mind already working over how this could be useful. ]

If you had the supplies, could you rig up more of these? Something where we could start to monitor wider areas?
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How 1980's of you. [ Her tone is still dry, but she's still eyeing his setup with interest. ] It's a good idea, though. We might need it before this event is out. Having eyes on the corridors without having to be in them might be a lot safer for a lot of people. And also tell us where we might be needed, other than just guessing.

...Remind me to shove the two engineers I know at you after all this mess is over. Maybe we can be more prepared for next time.

[ Because from what she's learned so far about this place? There's always a next time.

She glances up at him then, straightening as she gives him a once-over. ]
I'm Natasha.

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[River sat in the diner for like three seconds before she decided the crowded area was the last place she wanted to be, okay. Too many people, too many half-coherent thoughts, too much noise, too many eyes on her. Just. Too many. The zombies are quieter, she can duck from room to room, and if she finds someone, they're usually willing to put up with her until they can drop her off someplace safe so she doesn't get in the way.

And then she wanders. She tends to wander.

And that's exactly what happened a few moments before she gets cornered -- and are the zombies getting meaner? -- by a Clicker that had heard her combat boots shuffling around, and she screams, backing away, golf club in her hands largely forgotten... Until someone yells at her to get down and she ducks down as she's told, covering her head.

The infected never stood a chance. Its body crumbles to the ground, smoking, and River slowly looks back up.

To see Alex gorramn Kralie packing a laser gun.

They've only spoken over text, never shown each other their faces, never heard each other's voices, but she could still pick him out of a crowd.

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Apparently safe enough right here. [She nods at his fucking laser gun, because that's still a thing.

She doesn't address the fact that he's right. She doesn't like the diner right now, okay. It's too much.

Distant clicking interrupts her thoughts. She suddenly jerks her head down the hallway.

More coming.

[They must have heard her scream. She nods at him again. After you.

There are people she'd pick before Alex Kralie as someone to follow around in a zombie apocalypse situation. But she's got Alex Kralie.
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[She follows him.]

Safest place ain't a place. 'S people.

[And River is a prime example of being able to survive on people alone without a gas mask or a proper weapon. She hasn't even properly used her golf club yet. She's too scared to. She wants to keep her humanity, and when she's killing she loses it. She's recognized the pattern. She hugs the golf club to her chest.

She laughs to herself at the image of a raccoon dressed as Santa giving out guns, but she doesn't verbally address it. Just hugs that driver.

Do you? [Have a place to hide, that is. She can't help but notice that he's alone, alive, and not in one of the guarded safe spaces. He's not exactly some kind of badass like most of the people she's attached herself to these past few days. Smart, maybe. Maybe that's enough.]
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[She wrinkles her face up at that. She likes the idea about as much as he does. But it's true she'd do better with him than alone. Even if he isn't quite safe.]

Safer than them. You might burn me, leave me, you can still decide. They can't. Spreading. Species' success relies on spread. Reproduction. That's all they think about.

[When there's so many people thinking the same thing, it gets so much easier to ignore. Even if sometimes their goal sounds almost harmless, coming directly from them.

When he mentions the mask, she shrugs.
] Haven't been able to find one. [So she just avoids the clouds of spores. Avoids breathing in the stench of the infected. It makes some areas inaccessible, but she's lucky the spores are so visible.]

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[As something reaches out and grabs her, dragging her out of the hallway, Beatrice flails and hits whoever it was with the rock clutched tightly in her hand.]

Let go you undead creep!

[Sorry Alex.....]
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[Beatrice backs away, looking at him suspiciously. She doesn't think the zombies are particularly inclined to actual coherent words, but she's still not willing to trust him immediately.]

Have you been bitten?
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If I had I'd have a better way to attack you than with a rock.
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Did you have a plan for if I was a zombie? [She lowers her rock, but she still looks a little suspicious.]
Edited 2016-05-01 00:56 (UTC)

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