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[OPEN] He's searched the surface for an exit.

Who: Cullen Rutherford & YOU
Where: The Deep Roads
When: 5/5 to 5/9
Rating: up to R for violence
Summary: Cullen is a loyal collector of the Worst Things in Thedas series, but for over ten years the Blight has steadily eluded him. Now Wonderland is finally giving him a chance to complete his ensemble.
The Story:

5/5 - ( Closed to Anders )

The day is a nightmare long before Cullen hears the news. Shards of glass in his veins, where the lyrium ought to be. He doesn't rise from his bed before noon, before the living cards' strange appearance makes sense. Then he laboriously packs supplies, because all he knows is this: Something rose from the ground last time, something rises from it now. If the surface doesn't hold answers to their prison, then perhaps the space below will.

And he knows he can't do it alone. Couldn't, not on his better days. Not even when he's halfway out of pain's grip by the afternoon. Cullen makes a point of standing up straighter when he walks up to the fourth floor. He knows exactly which group of people he must ask, but the specifics make him question his own choice. There are others, he reminds himself, even as he stops in front of the mage's room.

Is saving room on torches really worth this? he asks again, but his hand is already a fist, and makes three sharp knocks against the door. Cullen swallows down the urge to announce himself. He'd rather see that door open once, before it gets slammed in his face again.

A) 5/7 - Tunnels

His steps sound remarkably small on the smooth floors of those massive roads, until a cave-in blocks the path ahead. With no way through the rubble he takes to a side passage, narrow tunnels dug through the rock. He barely rounds the first corner, when he hears the sound of a fighter - and sees the number of darkspawn no man ought to fight alone.

The leeway for strategy is narrow. Cullen charges ahead with a booming outcry, and lets his sword and shield clash together challengingly. "Over here!"

He sees the spawn turn his way, some more readily than others. The strategy, apparently, is this: Divert their attention, and hope that two of them will be enough to stand against the group.

B) 5/8 - Camp

Alone the campside brings neither rest nor relief, but needs must as much as they can. He risks a small fire, and tends to his wounds. Negligible, save for his arm, where an emissary's lightning seared its mark into his flesh. He slathers on some of the ointment he brought, and wraps it in what little clean cloth he has left. Good enough.

Cullen breathes a quiet sigh, and leans back against cold stone. Eyes and ears focused intently on the darkness he reaches for the rations in his pack.

C) 5/? - ???

[ Prompt me! Cullen will be down and available in the Deep Roads from 5/6 to the very end of the event, so encounter him wherever and however you like! Prose or brackets are fine, contact me if you'd like me to set up a starter for you. ]
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late 5/8

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Alex stumps through the bleak dark, his prize clutched in hand. He'd happened upon the glinting treasure in the midst of some kind of empty battlefield, ghostly and corpse-less and giving him the chills like nothing else. So he promptly snatched the fancy necklace up and got the hell out.

There's a guttering light up ahead, and Alex shifts his grip on his newfound talisman to bring up the rifle he's been carrying throughout the entirety of his trip below, bracing the stock against his shoulder. The breath hitches in his throat. He got something nice and fancy out of his trip down here, and now he wants to go home.

"Who's there?" he fires out sharply.

And then that goddamn rock topples neatly from the ceiling and bonks him on the head, immediately ruining the moment.
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"That was a rock fact."

Ha-ha, wow, hilarious. Alex rubs the sore spot on his head, scowling, and lowers his rifle. Commander Cullen. Sounds like this is either a futuristic captain-y sort or someone stuck firmly in the past. Damn but Wonderland's gotta make timelines confusing.

But he sighs, and steps into the light obligingly. The guy looks human, at least. That's a step up from most of the shit he's found down here. He kicks the stupid rock angrily, watching it roll off into the shadows. It'll be back. It always is. Yay.

"Alex," he says shortly. Based on this guy's attire and the sword in his hand - yep, he's gonna have to go with someone who's very in tune with his Tolkien bullshit. "Been down here a while. Just trying to head out."
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"Can't?" He caught that odd phraseology too, don't think he didn't. Alex frowns at him as he shuffles closer, rubbing his hands together to warm them over Cullen's fire regardless of the lack of direct invitation.

"Great. This place is worse than a goddamn maze." He twists around to glare daggers at the surrounding walls, as if that might be enough to intimidate the Deep Roads into being less in-navigable. "You got a death wish or something, pal?"
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Oh, good, another quest-hunter or whatever. Not like Alex has any room to talk, having hunted down his weird-ass necklace and his whatever-the-hell rock.

" this whole deal from your world, or something?" The network's been pretty dead, and he's deep enough down it that the signal has definitely been wavering anyway, so he hasn't gotten nearly enough news about the state of this place than he would've otherwise - or that he's used to getting. Usually someone throws up a video or a warning or two when shit like this happens, but that's what he gets for relying on other people to do the warning for him.
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"Oh, so you got zombies down here too?" Alex just sounds really jazzed about that, his tone overly bright and just south of scathing. "Real nice world you got there, huh?"

He hunkers down into a crouch, rifle laid out across his knees. Not putting that down now that he knows there's a potential for more than just an utterly painful death. Now there's the potential for an utterly painful death plus infection. Oh goody!

But he taps the rifle he has in hand without looking up, choosing not to raise a fuss. "Nothing I can't handle."
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The...Chant. Okay. He's officially lost Alex, but the long and the sort of it seems to be that: zombies. They're basically zombies and they spread their shit onto other people and make them zombies too. Which is just. Great.

"I'm good. I'm - oh goddamnit." He utters a low groan and puts his head in his hands. The rock's showed up again, nestled next to the fire, staring up at him soppily with those absurd googly-eyes. "Back again, huh? Fuck you."

He knocks it into the fire with the toe of his shoe and turns back to...Commander Cullen. Wow, what a title.

"A way out would be pretty great, I won't lie."
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"Ugh. God." He shuts his eyes, kneads the bridge of his nose with pinched thumb and forefinger. "So I found this creepy old battlefield, right? Scored this weird-ass necklace and then this - this rock. And it won't quit following me arou - Jesus."

The last word is directed at the rock in question, which has reappeared and perched itself right beside him, regarding him balefully.

Alex thrusts out a hand to gesture at it furiously, as if to say, see what I mean?
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"What a fucking pain," Alex grouses as he digs the amulet-thingy out of his pocket obligingly. He hesitates, eyeing Cullen suspiciously, but - the guy does come from a world like this. He'd know better than anyone.

So he sighs, and offers it out.

"Here. Any idea what this thing does? 'Cause I don't."
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"So a...get out of jail free card." He tilts his head to one side as he considers. Okay, considering the shit he manages to get himself into in the mansion, that does sound pretty handy. He pockets it when Cullen returns it to him, pausing to dart his rock another pointed glare.

"Huh. Guess that is useful. Thanks." He sounds genuinely surprised that Wonderland would cough up anything of use to him, but hell, maybe he's been kicked in the teeth enough to have some good karma owed his way.

He waves a hand vaguely in Cullen's direction. "So what're you, then? Some kinda...wizard-knight Gandalf type?"
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"That sounds like a lotta fancy doublespeak for 'yep, I'm totally wizard,' so I'm gonna go with 'yep, you're totally a wizard'." Sorry, Cullen. Universe-specific nuance is going to be lost on Mr. Kralie here. He's already thinking how he can work this guy's mojo to his advantage.

Alex stretches, rolling one of his shoulders with a flippant disregard for whatever jargon Cullen just carefully explained.

"So what's a wizard like you doing down here then, huh? Got some kinda fancy quest item to grab or something? Did an elderly woman give you a mysterious prophecy or something?"