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+ Trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright! | OPEN +

Who: EVERYONE (if they want to live)
Where: EVERYWHERE (inside the mansion, knocking on doors)
When: 6/24 - 6/27
Rating: PG-13?
Summary: The Summerween Trickster has made his decree - Trick or treat...or die! This is a mingle log for Trick-or-Treating!
The Story:

On the morning of the 24th, everyone will find that the mansion was inexplicably decorated for Halloween...sort of. The idea behind the decorations is mostly the same, except that every jack-o-lantern is made out of a watermelon instead of a pumpkin. No, this is SUMMERWEEN.

For the first day it will be harmless enough, just a change in décor and a little spooky summer fun. However, by the second day there will be sightings of the Summerween Trickster, a creepy fellow made entirely out of unpopular loser candy, and he is not happy. In the entrance hall, there will be a giant jack-o-melon container with a counter and a count-down clock ticking away to the end of the event.

Your job, Wonderland, is to trick-or-treat for your lives. You have until the end of the event to deliver one million pieces of candy to the jack-o-melon before the end of the event, to appease the Summerween Trickster.

What was that? You'll just sit this out and wait for the event to end? I wouldn't do that if I were you. You see, the Summerween Trickster could be lurking around any corner. If he catches someone not fully embracing the spirit of Summerween (refusing to trick or treat, not wearing a costume, etc), they will not survive the experience. The Trickster will kill them and swallow them whole, making them part of his horrible loser candy body.

More details about trick or treating can be found here. This is a mingle post for trick-or-treating, if you'd rather use this than make a post! [Brackets] or prose are both welcome.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-06-30 12:41 am (UTC)(link)
"Go on a tour through a chocolate factory."

Is that reference really behind the times already? Leonard was aware of how hold he was getting, but Willy Wonka, seriously?

Not that that is really the important thing to focus on here. This was Iris West and of course he recognised her. He might have only met her once, but he'd obviously found out all he needed about Barry Allen. Obviously he also knew her father, so really. Like meeting a friend of the family.

A friend of the family wearing a costume, although he'd taken the helmet off in favour of carrying it under his arm.
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-06-30 06:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, look.

It's the man who threatened her with his cold gun and took the time to compliment her prose style, all in one breath. She recognizes him just as easily, had all but expected to run into him once she was made aware of his arrival.

"Pretty sure Wonderland doesn't have one of those."
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-01 09:32 pm (UTC)(link)
What could he say? He had always been good at multitasking and threatening just came with the territory. But her articles made for a nice read, not just because her topic of choice was often also his focus of interest.

"No? Where's the wonder then?" Leonard looked over her costume for just a moment, tilting his head to the side. "Does the penchant for tight leather run in the family?"

There was nothing really sleazy about the way he had glanced at her, he wasn't the type for that. Not exactly the kind of man that would have trouble remembering that her eyes were up there. "How's trick or treating going?"
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-02 05:18 am (UTC)(link)
They'll be sure to have marshmallows for you next time, Lenny. 💋

And no, he never struck her as the type. Regardless of type, Iris West is a woman who can hold her own. Despite evidence to the contrary, she doesn't need someone to rush in and save her. Not to mention, Wonderland makes things strange. It's not just the whole timeline discrepancy. It's that, for once, they all seem to share similar questions and goals. They're all stuck here against their will.

"It could be going worse. More treats than tricks." She lifts up her reasonably full candy bucket. "You have impeccable timing."

He arrives smack dab in the middle of an 'event.'
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-02 07:08 am (UTC)(link)
"Always had that." For better or worse. Apparently worse in this case, though dressing up and asking people for candy was fairly low down on the list of horrible things he's had to do in his like. He let out a low whistle as he checked her candy bucket and resisted the urge to nab himself a piece. What could he say? He had a sweet tooth.

No, he didn't think of her as an enemy, even less so than Barry. That sort of thing was fun and games and what he'd been up to recently mostly hadn't been. He missed playing, but all good things had to come to an end and if nothing else, at least Wonderland is offering an extension.

"What's next, Christmas in July?"
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-05 08:12 pm (UTC)(link)
Iris smirked sort of helplessly.

Whatever she could say about Snart — and oh, there was plenty that could be said — there's no mistaking he has a biting sense of humor. It didn't surprise her he was adapting well to the madness. "I wouldn't get too comfortable," she admitted, falling into step beside him. There was no reason they couldn't banter and knock on doors. Iris really had no desire to be swallowed up whole by a Trickster.

"Everything I've heard points to events like these being an exception, and not the norm."
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-05 08:24 pm (UTC)(link)
"Then what is the norm?" Seemed like a valid question. Based on this exchange so far he could already assume that she hadn't been here all that long yet herself, information he tucked away. It was probably unnecessary to do any reconnaissance in this case, given she seemed friendly enough and might have just volunteered, but he's never liked asking questions when he can just conclude.

"But don't worry about me. I never get too comfortable. Gets you dead."

He stepped back as they reached the next door, gesturing to her so she could knock. Ladies first. Also, honestly, she was going to get them more candy than he was.
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-05 11:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Eobard Thawne was in Wonderland. Leonard Snart could cause trouble if he wanted to, but Eobard was inarguably worse. Most of her energy was directed toward trying to keep the situation as stable as possible. In comparison, Snart was all but an ally. Again, when he wanted. "One of the most recent events consisted of flesh-eating zombies," Iris answered, perfectly aware of how it sounded.

Then again, if Barry Allen had taught her anything, it was to believe in the impossible.

She needed little encouragement. Shaking her head, Iris stepped forward and knocked on the door without flinching. She did brace herself a bit, but thankfully, all they will be handed is a bag of marshmallows. Yes, the mansion really was sentient, apparently.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-06 01:01 am (UTC)(link)
"Yeah? I only heard about the giants." The words 'flesh-eating' and 'zombies' didn't seem to faze him overly, but on the other hand? With him it was hard to tell. He watched her, eyes narrowing just a tad when she braced herself. Interesting. Noting that as well as the relief when all they received was a bag of marshmallows, he couldn't help but ask.

"Are we expecting the door to attack?" It was hard to tell, once more, how serious he was about that question, sounding mocking more than anything. Nonetheless, at the next door he was the one knocking and, as an astute observer might note, he even moved just a little, so that he came to stand between her and any potential danger coming from the door.
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-08 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
"I was told to take the 'trick' part of the equation seriously!"

It was hard to gauge meaning with Snart. He was an enigma wrapped in an ice-cold riddle. Ah, but there was always a key. It was just a matter of who ended up with it, and Iris would be interested to see that happen.

To her credit, she wasn't wrong, b-t-w. The door opened and suddenly there was pie being thrown in their direction.

Of course, the mansion wasn't counting on Captain Cold's mad reflexes.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-08 06:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Mad reflexes that not only had him sidestep it, but also had him push Iris to the side in a bit of reflexive gentlemanly manner. He arched his eyebrows when he looked at the projectile that had been thrown, tilting his head to the side as if debating something. "Has to be trick, not treat. Now, if it had been cherry pie..."

He turned a step to the side so he could lean back against the wall, looking at Iris. "This is not the worst first date I've been on."
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-12 12:58 am (UTC)(link)
Iris gave a small yelp, but she didn't fight the pull. She moved to where he pushed her, shoulder bumping with his as she remained several steps behind him. The pie was sliding down the wall instead of their faces, so Iris allowed herself to breathe a sight of relief.

An eyebrow arch. "Do I want to know what our worst first date looks like?"
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-13 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
"Our or mine? Because unless I'm forgetting some shared history, this is still our first." Leonard tilted his head to the side, considering her in a way that really isn't that serious, as his next words and the - at least for him - obvious tease in them evidences clearly. "Was it good for you too?"

That said he pushed away from the wall, falling into step next to her again.
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-14 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
"Your," Iris corrected herself firmly, her eyes narrowing into a half-hearted glare. Half-hearted because she can tell it was playful and harmless. Even when he wasn't doing the villain-y thing though, Leonard was still pretty talented at the comebacks. "I meant your first date. I don't classify something as a date unless someone's buying me dinner."

See? She could do the snarky thing, too.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-14 07:06 am (UTC)(link)
"If we're actually discussing experiences here, I don't think I've ever been on a date. For one thing, no one has bought me dinner." Which seemed a shame, in all honesty. He had his hands by his side and stopped at the next door, eyeing it suspiciously. Looking back at her, he made sure she was out of the line of potential attacks. "Men just never know how to treat me right."

That said he knocked on the door, not even surprised when instead of any treat, it simply turned upside down in its hinges, so it would have hit him had he not moved back in time. "...much like this door. How did you get this much candy?"
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-15 08:31 pm (UTC)(link)
Iris could certainly understand that sentiment, despite the fact the men in her life have been very loving, her father included. They just also keep secrets under the guise of protecting her, and while that was thankfully changing, she was kept in the dark for too long. Iris West could handle any truth sent her way. She could not handle people thinking so little of her.

"I wasn't on Santa's naughty list ?" she suggested, not without a wryness to her tone of voice.

Then again, those diamonds really were shiny.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-17 12:49 pm (UTC)(link)
"Touché." Couldn't argue with that one. "I always preferred earning my own gifts over getting presents anyway. I know much better what I want."

Also, growing up Santa hadn't exactly done much for him. They might both be the children of cops here, but their lives still went very differently. Everyone had their own story, he supposed. "Try knocking the next one, just stay out of the way."
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-07-25 06:46 am (UTC)(link)
Iris tips her head to the side with blatant curiosity.

"Before I do that, mind telling me what's going on with you?" she asks. The question itself is not argumentative or confrontational. Iris doesn't go around picking fights for no reason. But she does seem to be regarding him thoughtfully. "You seem ... different."

Than when she last saw him.
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-07-28 03:16 pm (UTC)(link)
"Different than what exactly?" After all, the one and only time they'd really met had been a while ago, had been with hot chocolate and a disturbing lack of marshmallows and, yes, things had changed since then and he has changed a lot. He's somehow still changing, against all odds. So it's not as if he can entirely disagree, he's just unsure how good a judge on his changes she can really be.

"I know I'm going grey. I think it suits me. Maybe people will finally believe my age."
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-08-02 01:34 am (UTC)(link)
Iris merely looked at him.

There may have only been only one incident, but she was a reporter. It was her job to know everything. Kind of laughable, really, considering just how much was kept from her but shhh. Let's not discuss that.

A smirk curved on her lips instead. She refused to agree that grey suited him, however accurate the statement was. He likely didn't need the ego boost. "Just how old are you?"
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-08-02 11:38 am (UTC)(link)
"Time went a bit dodgy on me for a while." Hard to really keep track of things when literally time-travelling, but Leonard was and always had been immaculate with his inner clock, so he still had a pretty good grasp on it in spite of that. "But I'm forty-four." Even if he looked as if time had gone dodgy on him there for quite a bit longer.

What could he say? "Ironically, I seem to have good genes."
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-08-04 09:11 pm (UTC)(link)
"I could think of several people who'd be interested in your skin care regimen."

But okay, wow. She was not expecting forty-four. He looked closer to her age than her father's. It was almost impossible to quell those reporter instincts of hers. Once she caught wind of a good story, she had to chase after it, and whatever she might've thought about Leonard Snart previously, he'd always struck her as someone who had more than one story to tell.

"Time went dodgy on you how?"
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-08-04 11:15 pm (UTC)(link)
"By me going on a space ship that could travel through time." His answer to how time went dodgy, not his skin care regime. He's not sure what the secret to that is, but he's guessing it lies within his mother's genetics. He might be several shades lighter than her, but he's obviously gotten something good from that side.

Nothing as exciting as time travel, however. He's not sure why he answers to freely, but then, what does it matter? No need to be vague and he can just about feel her curiosity. "I can recommend the Seventies. The Fifties, not so much."
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[personal profile] demonstrate 2016-08-04 11:24 pm (UTC)(link)
S n o r t.

"Think I'll just stay in this decade, if it's all the same." He's right, though: Iris West would never, ever want to go back to the fifties, not even for aesthetic purposes. Or almost any decade, really, for reasons she likely doesn't have to outline. She does tip her head to the side thoughtfully. There's no judgment in her curiosity, honestly. "It sounds like you've been through a lot since we last saw you."
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[personal profile] catchacold 2016-08-05 12:00 am (UTC)(link)
"Advisable. The future never looked that rosy either." Apparently they are discussing his adventures now rather than trick or treating and he can't say he minds. There's a limit to how many doors he wants to get attacked by in a day and that's zero. Easy stat to remember. "I've been busy. But from what I gather, so have you."

He's put a lot of thing together by now. "I'm not the only one messing with time."

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