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open | and you're back again only different than before

Who: Ray Palmer
Where: Checkerboard hills; your choice of Grounds locale; Mansion Roof
When: 2-July
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ray isn't tiny anymore. But he's not normal-sized, either...
The Story:

checkerboard hills
[ oh thank god it's working! he's not three inches tall anymore, he's-- what. no, stop growing! he's only supposed to be six feet tall this is way too many more feet than that! six feet! not six stories! ]

Oh, crap!

[ by the time he stops growing, ray is 6 stories tall. it's early in the morning that his giant body is sprawled across the checkerboard hills, dwarfing the scenery around him to look like a pretty cozy little picnic patch. the red and blue of the suit glint in the sun and there ray sits. for awhile. trying to come to terms with what he's just done. ]
grounds, your choice!
I'm so sorry! Was that your ball?

[ if so, it's long-squished beneath a large robot-foot. despite the way the earth rumbles under his feet, ray is not actually a scary giant come to steal your livestock. but it's also very disorienting being this big and trying to not squish the little folk. ]

I'll replace it, uhh-- well, once I'm back to normal, I mean...

[ oh man he's so loud this is so embarrassing ]
mansion rooftop
[ look, it was weird just roaming about the outside of the mansion. ray's lonely, and kinda sad and embarrassed so yes. he is going to sit on top of the mansion and mope in hopes that someone will stumble up here and take pity on him. (sorry if he shook the building when he landed on top of it, though. his bad.)

also he's really hungry. but also not hungry enough to stop moping and swallow his pride to use the network and ask for help...
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[Of course he's noticed what's happening. For one thing, Ray's always about as subtle as he is now, giant red and blue, for another, he's been close and keeping an eye on him. Something that has suddenly become a lot easier and also more difficult, because - sure, hard to miss now, but there was so much more of him to see.

He climbs the mansion easily enough. Scaling buildings came with the territory, practically part of his job description. He ends up crouching in front of Ray, looking up at him thoughtfully.]

You really are the biggest pain in the ass I've ever met.
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I thought you already clocked out as an Eagle Scout.

[His eyes inspect Ray's uniform, for all that his worth. He can't see what is wrong with it and even if his knowledge is more than enough to surprise someone like Ray, he's not an engineer, tech genius or any of the things that might come in handy here.]

You're like a reverse Goldilocks. When are you going to be just right?
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Either that or you'll have to eat a lot of finger food.

[Granted, he suspects the mansion might or he'd potentially be more concerned over his current state.

It's not as if he expected dealing with Ray to be easy, but damn.]

If I can find a stoned caterpillar I'll ask about mushrooms.
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Were you?

That's not unsettling at all.

[Except it is, especially when he's using that tone.]

What were you thinking?
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My cold gun. Yeah, it did.

[What's more to say on that, with his dry tone implying a sarcastic 'good on you for noticing and then stating the obvious'. But of course, there is more to it, because even if Ray doesn't know the circumstances, Leonard had chosen to leave his gun behind, although he would have never imagined ending up here.]

Don't have it on me 24/7, didn't have it on me when this place decided to pick me up.
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True. Whatever will I do without your invaluable help?

[Sarcasm is all he needs to reply to that particular worry Ray apparently has. But even if he doesn't think much of Ray's help, Ray's point in this case is another one and one that he has been considering.]

I can get weapons from the closets. Just not my weapon. I'll see about getting it built. Draw up schematics.
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I know everything about my gun, Raymond.

[There it is, in his actual tone. Of course only after sending him a rather cold look.

But it's true, he does. Just not quite enough to build one.]

Riht now you couldn't exactly build anything my size.
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I can put it together when I have the parts. I don't know how Ramon achieved absolute zero, but if you reckon you can talk me through that, go ahead, see where it takes us.

[The best day.

What is his life?]
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So you're of no use.

[The 'as per usual' is implied, if not outright stated.]

I'm going to draw up the schematics anyway. Worth a try. If you're ever the right size again. Until then, it's not as if I'm unarmed.