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in the aching night under satellites i was not received

Who: Ray Palmer and friends (that means you, sorry!)
Where: Anywhere you'd like!
When: 1-Aug
Rating: PG-13
Summary: After returning from home, Ray re-adjusts to Wonderland from a "normal" perspective.
The Story:


[ ray misjudges everything, now. descending the stairs tends to send him flying in a tumble a few floors past where he'd wanted to stop off. he keeps forgetting that he definitely can drink an entire latte. there's this ongoing issue he has with the height of doors that requires quick resolution lest his forehead bear a permanent bruise for the rest of his days…

so when he bumps into you, it may seem like it's with malicious intent or the result of willful oblivion but immediately, he jumps to apologize:

Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! [ did he just say gosh? who is this guy, jimmy fallon? ] Are you OK?
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Oh, no.

[ eyes as wide as saucers here. ]

No, no, no, no, no.

[ oh, jeez. she never thought ray's face could look so terrifying. iris attempts to grab him by the sleeve and steer him toward the bed. ] You — sit. [ god, she can't believe that leonard snart is the first name she thinks of, but it ... sure is the first name she thinks of. time to give len a call. ring ring. ]
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[Inspired greeting, but it gets the point across. He usually only gets calls or texts out of the blue when something is wrong around here, so he's already apprehensive.]
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[ right. ]

I need your help. [ words she never thought she would say, but she doubts she can help ray get to his room safely on his own. not to mention the ... wooh. ] Think you can meet me in [ insert unoccupied room number right here. on the second floor, not too far from the dining room ] ?
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I can.

[He hasn't said that he will, but he definitely can. Especially since he lives on the second floor.

The problem is less getting Ray to his room and more fitting him into it.]

Tell me what's up.
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[ omg snart must you be so snarty. (don't answer that question). ]

Ray had some kind of allergy attack. We might've overdone it with the Benadryl.

[ 'might've.' ]
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[There is no further answer, there's just a click as Leonard hangs up. However, a minute later the door opens and he's there, although he stops in the doorframe for now, fixing Ray with the most unimpressed stare of them all.]

It's a good thing you're not a scientist or anything else that needs at least two brain-cells to rub together.

[That said he turns to Iris, that look softening somewhat.]


[Yes, that's how responsible he feels.]
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[ oh, ray.

paul anka?

iris sends len a grimaced smile. she feels bad for poor ray. if only she'd been a whole foot taller, iris could've put a stop to this benadryl madness ...
] Do you know where he's rooming? [ maybe he just needs to sleep this off, eh? ]
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You can't sing. Shocker.

[He sighs and continues to watch Ray, wondering if there really is that much of a difference between him being drugged or not. Mostly he seems to just be even louder. Whether he is more or less annoying is really a matter of interpretation more than anything.

He turns to Iris and offers a shrug.]

He's right, just tone-deaf. I can take him to my bed.
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[ does she want to ask why ray won't fit inside his own room??? ]

I'll help.

[ her tone is firm, if not compassionate, and leaves little room for argument. this is mostly for ray's benefit, as iris is not sure he believes that he needs the help in the first place. ] Come on, we'll each take a side. [ iris is already reaching for your arm, raymond. ]
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Trust me, this would be a lot easier if you just let me punch him.

[He knows what he's talking about, at least judging by his long-suffering tone.]

Raymond, stop moving before you hurt someone or I swear I'll make sure it'll be yourself.
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[ sneaks this tag in bc i'm a rebel. ]

No one is punching anyone. [ she hopes. more firmly: ] Ray!
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How cannibalistic. Charming.

[Leonard rolled his eyes and caught Ray's other arm, even if there's some reluctance over getting that close. He wonders if he can suggest just locking him in here until this wears off, but he doubts that will be welcomed more than his punching suggestion has been.]
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[ i mean. she'd consider it a little right now, ngl.

but look at this adorable golden retriever talking about human sugar cubes. iris gives a soft snort, looping ray's arm around her own shoulders to sustain some of his weight.
] Has this ever happened to him before? [ er. the question is for leonard. ]
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That's racist, Raymond. Shut up.

[That dealt with as much as he's willing to, Leonard looks back at Iris and considers how to even answer that question. It's not as if he knows Ray well enough to be an authority on this.




Honestly? I always suspected he must be popping happy pills constantly.
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[ groan. ]

So not what I meant.

[ another long-suffering sigh, because leonard snart will always be leonard snart, and then iris is following along, as well. she helps shoulder ray's weight as much as possible, but len is the one steering this ship. now that she thinks of it, though ... ]

Room 27, right?

[ don't ask how she knows that, ray. ]
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Are you stalking me, Miss West? That's flattering.

[He could just ignore Ray, but he won't waste the chance to look at him, catch his dark eyes with his own steel blue gaze, and tell him, with a lot of emphasis.]


[To everything.]
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[ g l a r e s at you, mr. snart. ]

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