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(open) there's got to be a morning after;

Who: Leo Fitz and anyone else who really needs a beer right now
Where: The bar
When: August 9th, during that very still period between the end of the event and the return of everyone's powers.
Rating: PG-13, will note if anything escalates
Summary: Everyone got to live different lives and be different people! And then they woke up with the realization that they might have said or done some things that maybe shouldn't have happened. Beer is the solution to this problem. Come commiserate.
The Story:

[People talked about it, of course. They mentioned that events could change more than just parts of the mansion. But this was the first time Fitz had the chance to experience it. He'd lived an entirely different life, and it was... Pathetic. He'd become a person so steeped in published dogma that he lost track of common sense and self-awareness. He let people perform atrocities on him, all because he "knew" he was adhering to science.

And ever since waking up with his true memories restored, he's felt absolutely sick about it.

He settles down at the bar at just before noon, nursing a beer and brooding. He's not an expert drinker, and lets the beverage sit long enough for condensation to bead along the exterior of the glass between sips. But the sips do come eventually. How else is he going to wash away an alternate lifetime's worth of horrible choices?

Occasionally, he'll glance to whomever's settled down nearby, seeking comfort in shared misery.]

If I never hear the word "mutant" again it'll be too soon, yeah?

[This might be the most social he's been in the four months since his arrival.]
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[That beer you're nursing, Fitz? It's not enough. Instead Len puts a small shot glass with a clear liquid inside in front of him as he sits down, Fitz's drink wisely not on the rocks, while his own has a lot of liquid, but also a lot of ice. He likes it cold, even without being a mutant.]

To that shit being over.
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[Not too surprisingly, Len has a bottle. A bottle he gladly uses to fill Fitz's glass back up.]

Let's get the worst out of the way, kid. You knew Sno-- Caitlin before this?
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If I'm any judge and, granted, I don't know her that well, just well enough, she's probably hiding out somewhere.

She ain't a lot like the ice queen you met. Bit uptight, mostly.

[He hasn't really decides how he feels about it all, because during those few days, despite their different philosophies? Len had felt close to Caitlin. It's a strange situation to be in.]
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There's some similarities. I liked my place, very cosy.

[But then, he hasn't been a slave voluntarily sitting in the corner, he suspects he'd take that very badly indeed.]

Makes you wonder who's to blame for this and how you can kick their ass.
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Then they're not really the ones responsible anyway, are they?

Higher up.

But I get your point, I'd not wanna be from a world like that. On any side.
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I'd imagine so and I'm pretty new here.

[Len fills his own glass back up, still filled with only slowly melting ice cubes, even if he keeps one hand around it. He runs pretty cold.]

But does any ever happen?
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That's what my friend says.

[Or, more accurately, Ray seems to have felt sheepish over not having found it, while also admitting that others than him have tried and failed.]

So, let me guess, you're still a scientist, at least that much was true?
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It's Wonderland, whatever that's supposed to mean. If it's anything like in the books, there might just not be a way out. At least not one that makes any sense. Certainly doesn't make any that we ended up here. Makes you wonder if there's some purpose, apart from reenacting disturbing dystopia.

[With that he lifts his glass again, a wordless "Cheers." as he catches Fitz's eyes.]
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Fair enough.

[Silent for a while, because Leonard is good at being quiet at the right times, especially when he has something to drink. However, eventually he figures he might as well...]

I'm going to check in on Caitlin. You're coming.
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Best while you're too drunk to protest much. If you're lucky, you won't even remember in the morning.

[That said, he pours them another two shots first, simply thrusting the glass into Fitz's hand.]

For courage.
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In vino veritas, Fitz. Fitzgerald? What the hell's your name, anyway?

[Not that he seems very concerned with getting an answer, merely rising to his feet and waiting for Fitz to join him.]

Grab the bottle. She can use some too.
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Sorry about that.

[About the name, obviously, not about making him tag along on this expedition.]

Leonard Snart. I know. It's worse.
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My father did have it in for me. Though his name was Lewis, so maybe that's the root for it.

[Which reaffirms why he never got children of his own. It occurs to Leonard that he's not strictly speaking sure where Caitlin lives, but maybe he can just text and ask. No need to inform Fitz.]

I went by Leo when I was little.

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