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[closed] new vibe

Who: Leonard Snart & Cisco Ramon, eventually Ray Palmer and probably Barry Allen
Where: Cisco's room and then Len's room
When: October 6´9th
Rating: Len kidnapping Cisco, so there's that.
Summary: Len needs his gun, Cisco can help him build it.
The Story:

Since he knows what floor and room Cisco Ramon lives, he really isn't that difficult to track down. Leonard doesn't waste much time, just makes his way up to said room, listens at the door to make sure he's alone and eventually knocks, while leaning against the door frame. One hand is casually resting against the front of his jacket, which is - less casually - close to the gun he carries. Just in case.

He waits for Cisco to open the door. Just a friendly visit.
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Cisco isn't exactly expecting anyone just now, but he does kind of have a few people in his group of friends that are the random drop by type so he doesn't think much of the sudden surprise knock. He just crosses the room to answer, swinging the door open, "You know, a courtesy text wouldn't be so--"

His eyes land on one Leonard Snart and widen slightly at that realization. This was not at all one of tbe people he expected to find on the other side kf the door. "...hi?"
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Cisco's eyes follow to the gun resting on his hip and he isn't sure what's worse, the almost cordial greeting or the quiet threat. Nevermind, he lied, the threat is worse.

"Yeah," he mumbles with a quick nod, already moving out of tbe room and into the hallway. "walks aren't terrible." Especially if they kept him, like, alive and stuff. He casts a wary sideways glance at Snart, "Where are we going?"
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"Since I value my current lack of bruises, I'm not going to make any of the number of jokes that are in that statement." Because, honestly, there were so many.

"For real, though-- no hints? Not even one?" He really wants to know, Leonard. Curiosity didn't just kill the cat, okay.
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"Okay, that seems fair," he says with a facial shrug.

"Good to know." Now, hopefully he can just...get to the point of this mystery walk and Cisco can find his exit plan. That would be good. Really good. Brilliant, even.
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He shoots a sideways glance when Leonard holds the door open, but he goes inside without much fuss, glancing around for a moment. Sparsely decorated, not surprising. The glitter, though...that's curious. "Didn't take you for a glitter lover." he says, indicating that strange phenomena going on in the other corner of the room.

There's a certain urgency that strikes him with those words, that tone. Something that says he should probably listen. Then again, that might just be because he is who he is. "Okay..." He shoots anothrr glance over at him as he sits down, wary and uncertain, but knowing he works probably be getting to the real point of this soon now. ... hopefully. The anticipation was killer.
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Cisco perks a brow as he starts grabbing things out of the desk and it quickly dawns on him what this is about once he takes in what the blueprints are of. "Uhh--" he glances up at Leonard, then back down to the desk, there's an obvious hint of how impressed he is with how far he'd gotten in his build on his face. "Do you mean, like, right this second, because I kinda need...some things." Which he could rattle off in a list if Snart wanted one.
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He shoots him a sideways glance that isn't quite a glare, but close. "I'm still in the 'adjusting to all this' phase." But his tone is more huffy than actually annoyed and a thoughtful frown creases his forehead as he looks at the half-built gun again. Finding a pen and scrap of paper, he scribbles some things down because physical lists are superior to mental ones and he can make sure they get everything they need from the closets that he still can't quite wrap his mind around.

"We collect this stuff and we can do this." He might be a little giddy about basically getting to play teacher, here. Sorry not sorry, Leonard. "You're not gonna do anything stupid with it, are you?" He squints in his direction.
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Did someone mention doing stupid things? For that is how the tiny blunder is summoned!

Ray seemingly appears, near where Cisco had marked the little pile of glitter. Almost immediately afterward, a cart with a variety of mechanical parts appears beside him.

"...So I've been thinking, you know about--" He starts, and then stops as he turns to see that they've got company. His face lights up under the visor of the ATOM suit, and Ray clomp-clomps over to give Cisco a welcome hug.

"Cisco! Hey! When did you get here?"
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Suddenly, Ray just practically materializes in the room and okay, maybe he'll get used to that eventually one day, but today is not that day. Cisco whips his head around toward the other. Barely even has time to process before he's being swept up into a hug, which really just has him laughing and hugging him back, "Hey, Ray. I just got here a couple of days ago, actually."
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"Don't mind him," Ray says as he pulls out of the hug, and reaches up to lift the helmet off. He starts to speak again, to joke and offer Cisco some measure of greeting other than the Hug of Profound Broship, but instead Ray processes the sight around him.

He frowns, confused.

"So, what are you doing here? You know... in Len's bedroom?" If Ray wasn't so enamored with Cisco's genius himself, he might worry that Snart was cheating on Ray with another nerd.
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He pulls away as Ray loosens his grip around him. He casts Leonard an eyebrow-perked-glance. He's like...eighty-seven percent positive he doesn't mean that the way it sounded, but--

His attention snaps back to Ray with that question. "Len," another pointed glance at him, "was just asking for my hell with the rebuild of my gun." Yeah, my, because regardless of the thievery that landed it in Snart's hands, he would forever claim it as his own. Because it was his own design, through and through.
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The saying goes three's a party, but four's when the fun really starts.

The door slams open and anything that isn't weighted down goes flying. A gust of wind envelopes the room, blinding bright yellow electricity crackles in every corner it can possible reach. When it disappears, it reveals everyone's favourite speedster who's forgotten how to knock.

Barry's dressed in his Barry Allen wear, jeans and converse shoes that don't smoke. Righting himself, he looks around, as though he hadn't purposefully run to Leonard Snart's room on the second floor.

He looks at Cisco, then realises that he's not alone. Peering around, his eyes land on a sparkle of glitter near the wall he stands in front of. Looking up at Leonard, his brows furrow together. "Why do you have glitter in your room?"