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dress for the au you want

who | iris + various special guest stars.
where | e v e r y w h e r e
when | october + november catch-all
warning | no walls will be safe in this log.
summary | iris is a busy bee. if you'd like a starter, pls hit me up at [ profile] moonbows!
the story |
c l e m e n t i n e & b a r r y

[ iris west never breaks a promise.

she especially never breaks a promise to younger girls she decides to look out for. clementine can more than take care of herself, iris now knows, and it makes but little difference. there's an unspoken bond that comes with their lived experiences, and the event only strengthened her protective instincts. iris goes out of her way to check in.

it's why she now strolls down a hallway with clementine in tow, going through several color swatches.

How do you feel about blue?

[ blue is soothing. ]

l e o n a r d

[ meeting georgia mason reminded iris that she has a responsibility. the responsibility itself doesn't change regardless of where she is, here or central city — uncover the truth, and share it with the world. you can take the girl out of her town, but you can't take the reporter out of the girl. she's been investigating wonderland from day one. she's been keeping copious notes for just as long. she'd be lying if she said she hadn't considered a blog of her own, but if she does this ... then she finally accepts there is no way back home. at least, not one they know of yet.

it requires a certain degree of resignation iris had not been ready for, not until now. she's found a quiet table at a bar on the fifth floor, folders and an assortment of pens scattered around her. it's late into the night, but that's no surprise: ever since the sleeping curse, iris doesn't go to bed without a fight.

a glass of wine has been placed next to her laptop. hello, leonard snart.

m a s o n s

[ iris suggested the coffee shop on the first floor.

george said they could meet within the hour, and iris knows for a fact the coffee shop experiences a lull during that time. she's grown fond of the place and the beverages it supplies, though nothing will beat cc jitters in her heart. iris misses central city, and she doesn't want to give up on finding a way back to her dad and her brother, but she's been slacking for too long. her job is the pursuit of truth, wherever she is.

and so she waits for the mason siblings, her hands cupping a warm mug of coffee.

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[When he spots her, there's not even any hesitation. He walks over, pulls a chair out, gives it a little turn and ends up sitting in it, straddling the backrest between his legs so he can fold his arms on top of it, chin propped on them. He inspects the material on the table, worrying his bottom lip silently before finally speaking up.]

Hard at work?
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How diligent. [He reaches for one page of her notes as if he has every right to, trying to pull it close enough to be able to read it. Thief and all that.]

You plan on publishing any?
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[He hums as he reads over her notes, his eyes skimming the page quickly. It doesn't seem to keep him from focusing on their conversation either, so he continues talking to her.]

Make sure Wonderland wonders no more.

[What a tagline. He lifts his eyes back up at her with the hint of a smile.]

What will you call it?
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Question is why and what for and given this place, there might not even be a reason. Likely not.

[Because the other option would be that they are used or needed for something. A resource of whatever kind. Which would bring up a lot more options.]

Something even weirder happens every few weeks. Seems to tie into things from places people were pulled from. When is it going to be our turn? [He shrugs, his eyes still scanning the page, but just as he finishes, he lifts his eyes to look up at her. It's a dramatic look, he's good at those.]

I vote for Big Belly Burger.
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Sure. Probably.

[He puts down the paper, tilting his head to the side.]

It's interesting. You, exploring the why. Barry, just looking for a way to break out.

[What can he say? He just observes and comments.]

Wonder what memories are worth.
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Barry mentions a lot of things, all the time, to everyone.

[To explain what he means he moves his hand next to his head, fingers opening and closing rapidly to demonstrate Barry running his mouth.]

But yes.
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He makes assumptions about what people want or need and imposes it on them, yes.

[He likes Barry, but he can't ignore the inherent selfishness to his hero's goodness.]

As you say.
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Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

[He lifts his shoulders in a shrug and looks at the table, as if seeing about reading anything else she may have written.]

Has Barry asked what you want?
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Cause life's a picnic for the rest of us, yeah?

[He doesn't put more salt into that wound, since he figure he's made his point sufficiently and he doesn't actually plan on telling on Barry. Not really his style.]

What do you want, Iris?
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You feel like you're falling? [He looks down at his hands, fingers folded into each other. He can relate with a lot of her sentiment. He thinks about Lisa, hopes that when Ray comes back this time, he will be further down along the timeline again. Able to tell him how the team is doing. How Mick is doing.

Not like he'll find out any other way.]

Problem with that is, you gotta find a way to break the fall. Can be painful.
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I want to steal from the Queen of Hearts.

[Hey, it's true.

Also, a lot less emotional than talking about wanting to keep people safe and about how he's already stopped falling.

It had been painful.]
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You usually are. Never get tired of that?

[He flashes her a smile and tilts his head to the side. Lifting his foot up he props it on his seat and wraps one arm around his leg, more concerned with comfort than propriety.]