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Who: Leonard Snart and Bartholomew Allen.
Where: Outside the mansion.
When: After Hot Stuff arrives in Wonderland.
Rating: PG probably.
Summary: Leonard Snart gets his ass handed to him by someone who's hot af and also by the tardiest man alive. One of them is completely by accident.
The Story:

[ losing iris and gaining thawne's set barry into motion. it's the type of motion no one would think is healthy, but what those who care for him most don't know won't see them sitting him down for an intervention. (can they even catch him? he has no time to sit.) ]

[ he's spent a good portion of his time in wonderland running at the speed of light. with attempts to try and break the barrier and find his way back into the speed force, he's always ended up in the pool on the second floor. it's the only time he's never been able to tap into his speed, immersed in water and looking very much like a drowned rat. he's forgotten how to move his legs at a normal pace. ]

[ jogging like a normal person is hard, but he's slowed down after losing one of his shoes. the disadvantages of running at the speed of the flash is that the converse shoes he hasn't asked to be speed force-proof tend to combust. ]

[ running unevenly, with one shoe on and the other currently off and missing, barry's looking for it high and low. the one thing he's not used to is moving at this speed — and looking where he's going. ]

[ as he nears the steps of the mansion (where his shoe is tucked underneath a shrubbery, by the way), he looks to his right and smacks right into a hard, bony body. ]

[ he goes down and doesn't quite yell timber. ]
Oh my god!
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What the--!

[Leonard is still down, in so many meanings of the word, and anyone crashing into him right now wouldn't have helped the situation. The Flash isn't exactly the solution to his problems either, but at least he won't have to deal with a total stranger.

On the other hand, he suddenly has Barry Allen on top of him and strangely enough there is very little about this situation that is desirable, not least of all because he's already hurting all over.]

Get off me. [He moves his arm to actually look at Barry. It's not a friendly look.] Fast.
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[He doesn't take the hand, but he does sit up. His arms are crossed instead, which allows him to feel his ribs and decide that they just feel broken, but aren't actually.]

Nothing. Just enjoying the season.

[Actually, the cold is really appreciated right this moment. It's what kept him from passing out too.]

I'm in agreement with someone.

[Which somehow resulted in this.]
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[There doesn't seem to be much benefit to sitting up, so Leonard lies back down again, moving one leg to cross the other at the thigh to end up looking more like this is a conscious choice. Chilling instead of being knocked down. He raises his eyebrow at Barry.]

What are you going to do, go after the bully?

[There's a sense of entertainment to this. Gallows' humour, largely.]

Have you ever made a mistake that messed up someone's life?
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Figures you would.

[There's a lot to that, but it's not as if he really needs to clarify why Barry Allen thinking he knows what's best for people - good for people (good in someone) - doesn't come as a surprise. There's no judgement in his tone, however. Maybe he gets it.]

Happened to me. A lot, really. Downside of making the plans. Thinking I'm the only one who can figure it all out.

[Not as if he hasn't mostly been right about that all his life. But 'mostly' doesn't matter, because he doesn't care about a thousand successes in light of this one failure.]

You remember Mick? Tried to burn you. Nothing personal, he tries to burn most everything. Anyway. He's here, he's not happy with me and he's right not to be.

[What else to even add?]

He doesn't know I'm dead. Don't tell him.
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You are a genius. Don't get all flustered, Barry, I let him.

[Because apparently he has to stop the Flash from running for his rescue or - he supposes - his revenge, since somehow that is his life. Leonard turns his head to actually look at Barry as he keeps talking.]

Happened before, he just didn't get there yet. Timelines. He's behind.

[There's more to say, however...]

Why have you only got one shoe?
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[It's not as if that should surprise him and he stomps down on the voice wanting to tell Barry to get in before he catches a cold. He clearly spends too much time with actual kids around here.]

Happens. [To one and only.] I got a question. You're keeping, you kept things from your friends. About the future. Why'd you do that? Cause I'm trying to figure out if it's the right thing or selfish in this case.
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But that ain't how it works here. You can't affect shit. Ray was here from earlier on, he left for a while and came back. Suddenly he knew I didn't make it, but while he was there he didn't remember this whole trippy place.

[Leonard has a good understanding of timelines. He's not stupid and he's travelled through time. He's planned, keeping timelines in mind. This place is different.]

The problem is that he's gonna live it and there's nothing I can do about it. There hasn't even been anything I could do about it when I was on a ship that could travel through time. He's not gonna have a choice, because my choices screwed him over.

[Doesn't matter that he thought he was doing that's best for everyone, because he failed. All there is.]

Do you think you're not telling them just because of what you said or because you don't wanna face consequences early?
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[Since he can't read Barry's thoughts, he doesn't know all he's thinking and so instead he simply shrugs.]

What part? [Does it even matter? For his particular situation? Mick will be found. He'll be tortured, he'll be brainwashed, he'll become someone else and run on revenge.

They'll work through it and he'll not make it, because that part's set in stone. He couldn't find a way out of it and he's tried. He hasn't made it, because if he had, he'd have helped Mick. Inescapable loop.]
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Mick's not a sheep. But he ain't gonna be okay either. [He listens to Barry, not really needing any board drawings of helpful arrows and lines to follow along. His mind is good at things like this and it helps that he has some experience in these matters.]

Reverse-Flash. Guy that runs really slow or another speedy one? [With a shake of his head he decides it has to be the latter one, just given the facts he knows.]

We set out on a mission to change the course of history, so no. Not so much. Vandal Savage was meant to rule, according to the Time Masters. They set things up so it'd happen. Played us like puppets.

[There are no strings on me.]

I blew them up with me.
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Nah. I know that part wasn't. Everything up to that... I don't know. Might've been. But as someone wise pointed out to me, my choices are still my choices. And doing what I did in the end may not have been fated. Ray was supposed to be the one not making it. But my choices were always gonna lead up to that. I know myself. Nothing to wonder about there.

[It's those choices that have him trapped, that trapped Mick. No way to change that. He wouldn't want to change those principles anyway.]

Easier to do this thing when you know what you're doing. As with most things.

[He might not know time wraiths, but the time masters have given him a good idea on how these things work anyway.]

He probably had more of an eye on possible repercussions.
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Wasn't planning on putting an ad out. [But he's definitely taking note.] How do I recognise him? What's he do, wear your suit with the colours flipped?

[He has no idea that he's even anywhere near the truth here, he's just making an off-hand joke, as per usual.]

He got another name?

[For just a moment he pauses, then with a shrug, he goes for it.]

Being outsmarted doesn't make you stupid, Barry. That's not about intelligence. It's just easier to con someone whose principles you got figured out.
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It's very Back to the Future. Good movie. Bad situation to be stuck in. [Maybe if he hadn't gone through all he'd gone through, this would be more difficult for him to wrap his mind around. But he has a pretty good idea of time lines and time travel. It helps.]

Eddie Thawne. I remember, Little Mister Sunshine. [Not a hard one to remember, as cops go. Most of them don't have that smile.]

So you got some man from the future obsessed with you and he goes through increasingly great length to destroy you? [He whistles below his breath, a mirthless smile on his lips.] How am I ever gonna be that special to you, Barry?

[He holds the fabric of his jacket between two fingers, thinking as he moves them.] I talked to him, recently. After he just got here.
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[He looks at Barry, watches him pretty much fall apart in front of him and not for the first time, his hero looks even younger than he is. The urge to send him to bed at a reasonable hour might never die down completely.]

Barry. I've told you before, I ain't on the rescue list. I know I'm lovely, but I'm not a damsel in distress and I ain't in need of any white knight either. That's the problem with you hero types. Don't you got enough guilt to carry just worrying about the mistakes you've actively and intentionally made? Let go of this one.

[Finally sitting up again, Leonard leans back on one hand, the other gesturing down himself.] I bring danger on myself, Barry. Don't feel responsible for me. Just makes it easier for him to get to you.

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