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You're a what? Tin roof.

Who: Sarah Weller + You!
Where: Massage therapy room, bar, diner, training facility
When: Throughout the month
Rating: PG? Will update if needed
Summary: Sarah's happy, doing her thing, being gross with Ray sometimes. Also, brackets or prose - I'll match!
The Story:

Massage therapy

[ Feel free to come in with either an appointment or as a walk-in. There's a nice waiting area if she's currently with someone with all sorts of amenities - coffee, tea, water. There are cookies and magazines, too. She can work out those muscles, help with any injuries, or simply provide a massage for the sake of treating oneself. Request hot stones if that's your thing! ]


[ Sarah Weller is the woman always with good beer in the corner of the bar, easily picking conversations with anyone who looks amiable. She's not at the bar to get drunk (glad those days are behind her) and is instead there to have fun, sometimes with family or friends in tow, sometimes solo. Always smiling, though. If you sit next to her, prepare to have her at least try to have a conversation even if you've never met. Can't make friends in Wonderland if you sulk by yourself, guys. ]

[ Look, delicious food isn't going to just eat itself, and there's nothing she loves more than a full on breakfast at any time of the day. Hashbrowns, an omelet with a lot of cheese and bell peppers, bacon or sausage depending on how she's feeling, a healthy smear of cream cheese on top of the eggs with a small stack of pancakes? It's heaven. And she gladly digs in for breakfast, but also sometimes dinner. Brinner, if you will. No one can ever tell her there's anything wrong with that. If the diner seems particularly full and she's alone, there's always the seat across from her if no one minds her hoard of food. ]

Regular people gym (lol)
[ And all that eating of delicious carbs and syrup comes with a price. That price is a treadmill. She likes it better than running outside because sometimes the mansion is so far away when she runs out of steam, and it seems like it'd be easier to toss herself into the ocean so she can reappear in the pool or something. (She's heard stories.) Working out is always better and easier with a friend or someone willing to yell at her until she does at least ten pull-ups. Encouragement strongly needed to keep up with her unfairly toned boyfriend who should just eat a greasy burger already to make her feel better. ]
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[It's not too surprising that Leonard frequents the bar, usually getting a couple beers or some drinks that are very heavy on the ice. It's what he's carrying now, clear liquid and a lot of ice in his glass, putting it down on the bar before helping himself to the stool next to her. He sits down, fingers turning the glass in his hand and one leg across the other, allowing him to lean back comfortably as he looks at her.]

I'd say next round's on me, but that's a pointless gesture here.
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Then: Next round's on me.

[Making it official he lifts his glass with a slight nod, then takes a sip and sets it back down, the ice cubes clinking against the rim.]

It's been up and down for me. [Which might actually be an understatement.] You?
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You noticed, yeah? There's been a couple.

[He looks down at his glass. It's not that long ago. About a month. And since then, a lot has happened, with the event Wonderland threw at him actually being the least of the surprises.]

Raymond doing well?
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Rip Hunter. [It's a ridiculous name, but who is he to talk?

Although his name is the one he was born with, which isn't true of Rip.]
He's not my boss. He was the captain of the ship we were on and he's the one who recruited us for the mission.

[With a quick movement he snatches a bottle from behind the counter, giving himself a refill. All free anyway. He takes another sip and then nods.]

Good luck with that. Sounds like something you'd need good nerves for.
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[As a general rule, Leonard doesn't have a boss. He is the boss.]

I don't think you have any reason to be nervous. Before he went dancing with you he modelled about twenty different outfits for a friend and me. Mostly awful. I recommended he skip the shirt.

[There's something here he can relate to.]

A lot of brothers are protective. Not always a bad thing. My sister just got here.
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It's been good to see her again.

[He's not so sure about helping with everything. Telling his little sister that he'd never see her again outside of here, that he is dead, it hasn't exactly been a highlight. But there's no need to get into that.]

Good to have your brother around, even if he's being overprotective? He shouldn't worry. From what I've seen, Ray's a good boyfriend. Just be sure to speak slowly and clearly, don't know how good he is at picking up hints.
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I thought that one would need no explanation.

[Leonard assumes it would be self-explanatory to everyone who has ever met Ray, really. But he can tell stories. Ohhh, he can tell stories.]

He tell you about his ex? Kendra? Hawkgirl?
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You can take that literally. She sprouted wings sometimes.

[Some things don't need jokes, they are ridiculously enough as it stands.]

Reincarnated hawk goddess from ancient Egypt, technically. This lifetime, she was a barista.
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Wouldn't worry about it. The coffee she made wasn't any good.

[Which seems like a shortcoming for anyone who used to be a barista. Not that Leonard didn't drink it anyway.]

She also has a literal soulmate who isn't Ray, so it was a doomed thing from the start.
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Wasn't a surprise for either of them. That's pretty much why we all teamed up in the first place.

[Why exactly Ray and Kendra thought it's a good idea to get together, Leonard doesn't know. Lonely in the Fifties, if he is to make a guess.]

You don't have any soulmate running around, do you?
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Yeah, don't have one of those either.


Least nothing mystical about it. But yeah, sorry. I don't got that many insights into Raymond's... [He makes a vague gesture with his hand.] thought process.
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Nah. Though I reckon we all still got more than he does.

[Considerably less love and affection here, but perhaps there is some.]

Sure thing. Next time I can share how he creeped out a woman and I had to interfere.
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[Honestly, Leonard's more marvelling at how Ray manages to not creep out every woman he tries to flirt with, but he supposes he doesn't need to share that thought.]

It was for a mission. He tried to flirt with her. I think. Hard to tell, honestly. Really didn't work.

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